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Industrial saws for efficiently cutting veneers
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SCHEER FM 3 3000 Veneer Saw
Germany, 04895 Falkenberg
SCHEER FM 3 3000 Veneer Saw
MAYER Veneer Saw
Germany, 75385 Bad Teinach - Sommenhardt
MAYER Veneer Saw

Veneer saws offer the highest precision with their narrow saw blade so that the sensitive material does not tear out and no unnecessary waste occurs. Already the manually guided veneer saw, the veneer knife, allows the exact cutting of the veneer strips. Industrial veneer saws are CNC controlled, have linear guides and precision stops. The feed occurs by means of an electric motor. Trimming units smooth the edges of the cut. Two well-known manufacturers of veneer saws are HÖFER in Austria and SCHEER in Germany. Surplex might also auction used veneer saws with a suitable cutting length at a location near you. Used, but in top condition!


Veneer is an extremely thin wood panel. It is used for the coating of floors and furniture made out of pressboard. Veneer enables the production of high quality surfaces. Veneer coating is the most effective way to refine low cost wood products. Because of its minimal material strength, veneer is quite technologically demanding in regards to its production, especially when sawing veneer.
  • Veneer is used to coat floors and furniture
  • Cutting of veneer panels with minimal waste
  • Allows for economical operation
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In order to be able to effectively saw veneer during production, a special machine is required. Conventional circular saws and bandsaws create too many chippings when used on veneer. For this reason, the veneer saw was developed. They are specially constructed to process thinner, more brittle and fibrous panels.

Veneer saws are built to be particularly economical. For this reason, veneer saws can process several panels at once. Clamping beams that are either pneumatically, mechanically or hydraulically operated are fixed onto the veneer saw. A stop is used to precisely set up the desired width of the veneer panel. The sawing blade of a veneer saw is extremely thin to prevent any undesired cuts. With a powerful veneer saw, large amounts of high quality veneer panels can be quickly produced. The week point of the veneer saw is the guide for the sawing blade. This requires regular cleaning and maintenance and should be regularly checked for smooth running. The clamping beams also have to work evenly and without loosing pressure. The adjustment of the cutting width of a veneer saw is very easy. It is either done through the use of a hand wheel or digital control.

Working with a veneer saw does not require any kind of specific qualification, but just requires basic training and a bit of practice. However, a veneer saw does have a clamping and cutting risk associated with it due to the clamping beam, the sharp edges of the veneer and the sawing blade. Operators of a veneer saw should be aware of the safety and quality regulations. Assistants can also work with a veneer saw. The results should be regularly monitored.

Recommended suppliers of veneers saws are MAYER, FSP, LANGZAUNER, SCHEER and HÖFER.