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HYMMEN AS 360 Veneer Cutting Machine
G. JOSTING QFS 800 Veneer Cutting Machine
KUPER FWM 630 Zig-zag veneer splicing machine
CASATI Z1000 Veneer Stitching Machine
Romania, 400394 Cluj Napoca
CASATI Z1000 Veneer Stitching Machine

The generic term veneer technology covers various machines for the production of veneer, including the veneer press, veneer saw, veneer cutting machine, veneer splicing machine, etc. Veneers - strips of high-quality wood - are the most important coating material for inexpensive board materials. A veneer surface enhances the appearance of chipboard and fibreboard to such an extent that they are in very high demand and very versatile in use, especially in the furniture industry. Used veneer technology provided by Surplex is also in great demand. Here you will find veneer presses and other used machinery from KUPER, JOSTING, SCHEER, etc. - even their recent models!

Veneering is the process of fixing two layers of a substance — usually wood — together. This process is done either to make a surface more attractive or to make it stronger. A valuable, attractive wood is often fixed to cheaper wood, or wood composite using veneer technology to improve the overall aesthetic whilst minimising the cost of materials used. If the surface of the wood has a complex pattern, the process is sometimes referred to as marquetry — a method of manufacturing used widely in the production of high-quality tables, chairs, and storage furniture.

  • The most important form of woodworking
  • Varying cutting and peeling techniques used to obtain different textures
  • Used in the furniture industry and a number of building elements
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The process of veneering is believed to be more than 5,000 years old; it was used widely in both Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Now, however, veneering technology is more accurate and efficient than ever before. Veneer technologies are capable of creating exquisite items of furniture quickly and relatively affordably, which is why their use is so widespread.

Veneer is used to make quality wardrobes, wooden structures, dining tables, storage units and a wide range of household furniture. The latest veneer equipment is used to create long sheets of wood from tree trunks. Only the best woods are used to make veneers, which can be classed as micro, strong or strong, depending on their thickness. Bark and dirt is removed first, and various items of veneer equipment are then used to cut the wood to the desired thickness. Among the tools used during the production process is the veneer saw and the veneer peeling machine.

KUPER Veneer machine in use

After the wood has gone through a veneer slicer machine, it is “cooked” with steam. This process is carried out by sophisticated veneer technology to darken the wood. The process of “cooking” veneers can last several days, depending on how dark the wood needs to be. More veneer technologies are then used to create the necessary texture, and various veneer technologies are used additionally to dry and smooth the woods before it is packaged and transported.

Experienced technicians are responsible for using machines such as the veneer cutters, or veneer guillotines to create attractive finishes on many different types of furniture. Once the sheets arrive in a production facility, they usually undergo further treatment. Veneer machinery will be used to combine veneers with other materials and coatings. Using a combination of different high-end coatings, veneers can be made into very strong and durable panels that are suitable for use in exterior structures.

A veneer machine is also used to give veneer panels their texture and colour. Pickling and smoking are just two of the processes managed by a wood veneer machine. A combination of one or several methods is used to give veneers their specific characteristics. The latest veneer equipment is also capable of a modern technique called digital pressing, which allows manufacturers to create a much wider selection of compositions than ever before. After the veneer has been prepared, another machine is used to glue the panel onto the main item.

The latest veneer technology can be very expensive to buy, which makes life very difficult for small businesses. A wood veneer machine from manufacturers such as JOSTING, MONGUZZI, EMMELLE and SCHEER can be too expensive for small businesses to purchase, but used veneer equipment can be picked up at a fraction of the cost at auction. At Surplex, we often have veneer machinery for sale at our industrial auctions. But if we don’t today, keep checking our website for new arrivals and information about upcoming sale events. Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter to receive information about all our metalworking and woodworking machinery by email.