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The perfect finish: top-quality vibratory finishing technology
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RÖSLER FKS 06.1 E-SA-KF vibratory finishing machine
WALTHER TROWAL CD 200 vibratory finishing machine
Vibratory Finishing Machine
Germany, 58285 Gevelsberg
Vibratory Finishing Machine
sliding grinding machine
Germany, 96279 Weidhausen
sliding grinding machine

Vibratory finishing machines provide the finishing touch to delicate surfaces. With vibratory finishing any metal part can be deburred, rounded, high gloss compacted, degreased, matted and cleaned. The technology on which the vibratory finishing machine is based is also diverse. Whether continuous systems, trough vibrators, circular vibrators or centrifugal systems, the basic principle always remains the same: the workpiece is brought into contact with an abrasive material (chips) and an aqueous additive (compound), which leads to a gentle abrasion. At Surplex you will find used vibratory finishing machines made by top manufacturers such as WALTHER TROWAL and others.

Vibratory finishing machines are used during the final stages of production; they are used to enhance workpiece surfaces. Because they have a good performance rate, without the need of manual intervention, they are particularly efficient at polishing processes.

Fundamentally, the composition of a vibratory finishing machine is very simple. It consists of a barrel with grinding and polishing stones, through which the workpiece is guided. The workpiece is moved through the barrel using a continuous vibration.

  • Vibratory finishing machines work very quickly
  • It consists of a barrel with grinding and polishing stones, through which the workpiece is guided
  • Vibratory finishing machines can be operated manually or automatically
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Alternatively, the workpieces could be moved through the barrel using stirrers. The workpieces then lose their unevenness by being dragged along the grinding and polishing stones. The quality to which the workpiece is ground depends on the type of polishing and grinding stones used (including their size, hardness and roughness) and the length of the grinding process. The smaller, harder and finer the grinding and polishing stones are, the better the results will be.

The spectrum of results that can be achieved using a vibratory finishing machine ranges from simple deburring to high-gloss polishing. In relation to manual grinding processes, the machine's grinding process is especially uncritical. The grinding material (i.e. the grinding and polishing stones) fits to the shape of the workpiece and fully encloses it. With normal use of a vibratory finishing machine, deep erosion of raw materials would not occur.

Vibratory finishing machines are used whenever small and medium sized products require work on their surface areas. These machines are standard components for companies that produce chrome-plated products and armatures for sanitary products such as taps, drain strainers and shower heads. These are examples of smooth, vibratory ground, and subsequently chrome-plated products. Another example for the use of a vibratory finishing machine is the manufacturing of medical implants, such as artificial hip joints.

Vibratory finishing machines can be operated manually or automatically. It is not necessary to employ specially trained personnel for the normal operations of this machine. The grinding and polishing stones will be worn down after time and therefore need to be regularly audited.

There are both wet and dry vibratory finishing machines available. With the wet vibratory finishing machines, it is necessary to regularly clean them with water. It is recommended to use a water recovery unit in conjunction with this machine, as it minimises the water costs. Vibratory finishing machines work very quickly. Depending on the grinding requirements, the machine can complete its task in 3-4 seconds.

A vibratory finishing machine is a very special processing machine, for which there is a restricted amount of manufacturers and choice. However, they are uniformly recommended and in addition to good service, they also have a large supply of spare parts. The most established manufacturers of vibratory finishing machines are: RÖSLER, WALTHER TROWAL, OTEC, HECKERT and WALDRICH COBURG.

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