People at Surplex

A passionate service provider

The wishes and expectations of our customers are the center of our work. That's why Surplex not only invests in first-class digital technology, but also focuses on the human factor. We expect a high level of motivation and commitment from our employees, but in return we offer attractive benefits such as flexible working hours, flat hierarchies, internal training and much more. So Surplex invests heavily in human creativity and expertise to achieve optimal results for our customers!
The experienced team consists of about 200 employees in » 16 European countries. It masters all challenges of the international machine trade with excellence. With first-class service, we try to inspire our customers again every day. We would like to introduce you to some of the team members at Surplex headquarters.

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Ghislaine Duijmelings

"Hello, together with Michael Werker and Uli Stalter I form the management trio of Surplex. We define the success of our work by the satisfaction of our customers. In doing so, we follow clear principles: we only deliver high-quality industrial goods at market-driven prices; we always act transparently and fairly; in the event of disagreements, we sit down at the table and find a solution - at an equal level. You can rely on that! We wish you success at our auctions."

International Business
<h6>International Business</h6>

Director: Vincent Arsand

"Hello, in cooperation with our experienced country managers, I ensure as Director of International Business, that machine trading across national borders can be handled even faster, easier and more flexible. Buyers and sellers get direct access to the most interesting markets in the world and benefit from the best service on the continent. Surplex is already represented in 16 European countries. This leaves us far behind the competition. And there is no end in sight to the expansion!"

Operational Teams
<h6>Operational Teams</h6>

Team Leader: Tim Krämer

"Hello, transporting a machine from A to B on time can be quite tricky. For example, when an industrial plant has to be divided among several containers for overseas transport. Fortunately, I can rely on our professional team. Together with the project management, our logistic specialists always ensure a smooth processing procedure including dismantling, loading and customs. Worldwide and even under the most difficult conditions, and I am proud of that!

Project Management
<h6>Project Management</h6>

Senior Project Manager: Huy Trinh

"Hello, after years of professional experience in industrial hydraulics, I discovered my passion for global B2B commerce. A startup called Surplex gave me the chance to turn my vocation into a career. That was in 2000. In the meantime, I have managed and handled countless major international projects. In doing so, I optimise the interests of both the buyer and the seller side. I'm not satisfied until all the machines have been sold and I've handed over the factory floor swept clean."


Focus Machine Trader: Kristina Voosholz

"Hello, at Surplex I fulfil the function of an interface to the classical machine trade. For several years I worked in a leading position at a well-known machine dealer. Therefore I know the concerns of the industry, but also the potential. is the ideal sales channel when it comes to marketing large quantities of peripherals, tools, inventory, etc. For a short-term stock clearance. Or in the event of a plant closure. The cooperation with Surplex is then worth its weight in gold!"

Customer Care
<h6>Customer Care</h6>

Team Leader: Gabriela Angelova

"Hello, if you have any questions or requests before, during or after an auction, you have come to the right place with me and our 9-member team. We look forward to putting your needs at the centre. Either we will help you directly or we will find the right contact person for you. We won't let up until we have found the best solution for you! The Customer Care Team speaks 11 languages. With me personally you can communicate in German, English, French, Bulgarian and Russian."

Internal Sales
<h6>Internal Sales</h6>

Sales Assistant: Anne Wallraff

"Hello, many threads come together in our Internal Sales Department. We make sure that machines and equipment are activated correctly and as quickly as possible on our auction platform. In doing so, we cooperate with Project Management, the seller and Online Marketing, among others. We transform digital raw data into used machines that can be viewed and bought worldwide! In the case of complaints, we look for the best solution for all parties involved."


Team Leader: Christoph Partzsch

"Hello, as Head of the new Surplex brand VALUPLEX, I ensure that your assets are valued in line with the market. The VALUPLEX team evaluates differently than usual: our experts are specialists, not generalists. We determine real market prices from countless online auctions. We are also faster than our competitors. This is due to the hybrid acquisition and valuation process. After your inquiry, we don't make you wait long: within 48 hours you will receive a free offer!"

Online Marketing
<h6>Online Marketing</h6>

Team Leader: Dennis Kottmann

"Hello, as Head of Communications, I am responsible for ensuring that buyers and sellers find each other as easily as possible. Our team exhausts all digital possibilities to make our machine offers visible worldwide and thus accessible at a click. For example, through search engine marketing, banner advertising, newsletters and much more. Communication creates transparency and transparency creates trust. This is how we have made the best-selling platform in the industry!"