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ABUS Column-Mounted Slewing Crane Jib Cranes
Top lot
Top lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 2,500 x 350 x 2,700 mm
Weight approx. 500 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Bubesheim, loaded on truck
Bubesheim Germany, 89347 Bubesheim
02/06/2021 14:26
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110 €
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ABUS ELV Overhead Travelling Crane 6.3 t
Ends tomorrow!
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 10,000 x 4,500 x 1,000 mm
Weight approx. 6,300 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms EXW Slavonski brod, ex foundation, unpackaged
Slavonski brod Croatia, 35000 Slavonski brod
11/05/2021 12:24
1 Bid
3,900 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 4,800 x 1,800 x 600 mm
Year of manufacture 1991
Weight approx. 3,500 kg
Item available from immediatly
Delivery terms FCA Kürnbach, loaded on truck
Kürnbach Germany, 75057 Kürnbach
25/05/2021 10:35
0 Bids
850 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 3,100 x 1,000 x 3,100 mm
Weight approx. 1,600 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Nagykanizsa, loaded on truck
Nagykanizsa Hungary, 8800 Nagykanizsa
08/06/2021 14:39
1 Bid
180 €
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ABUS Crane Systems


  1. Market leader in stationary hoists and cranes: ABUS Crane Systems
  2. ABUS Cranes
    1. ABUS Travelling cranes
    2. ABUS Jib cranes
    3. ABUS Lightweight mobile gantries
  3. Electric wire rope hoists
  4. Electric chain hoists
  5. Accessories for ABUS cranes
ABUS Krantechnik GmbH Logo
  • Founder: Werner Bühne
  • Founding year: 1965
  • Location: Gummersbach
  • Number of employees: > 1100
  • Production sites: Gummersbach & Marienheide
  • Website:

Market leader in stationary hoists and cranes: ABUS Crane Systems

ABUS Krantechnik GmbH is one of the top manufacturers of stationary hoist and crane systems. Within a short space of time, this German company has established itself as the world’s leading crane and hoist manufacturer. Typical German traits have helped ensure widespread use of ABUS products around the globe: quality, innovation and services, which are at the centre of all their developments.
Today, ABUS produces small- to mid-sized cranes for industrial applications. With more than 50 years’ experience and international recognition, ABUS Crane Systems products can be found in almost every industrial facility.
In addition to gantry cranes and overhead cranes, ABUS also offers solutions for small workshops and the crafts. The durability of ABUS cranes also makes them an interesting prospect when second-hand. Thanks to a discerning selection of materials and purposefully simple technology, ABUS cranes can be overhauled and recommissioned with ease. A whole industry has grown around ABUS cranes, which is useful when it comes to disassembly, installation, repairs and other services.

ABUS Cranes

ABUS Crane Systems offers tried-and-test standard solutions as well as custom-built systems. The standard range includes:

ABUS Travelling cranes ABUS Jib cranes ABUS Lightweight mobile gantries ABUS Electric wire rope hoists ABUS Electric chain hoists Accessories for ABUS cranes

The individually produced cranes are usually put to use in areas where heavy loads come into play. Due to their nature, these cranes are less well represented on the market of used machinery and equipment but in turn, this means it is easy to find buyers for large, complex used ABUS cranes. The custom-built crane solutions are based on a modular concept, which particularly relates to mechanical sections. This makes it possible to maintain and recommission large ABUS cranes without undue expense.

ABUS Travelling cranes

ABUS travelling cranes are supplied in the following categories:

Single-girder cranes

Single-girder cranes are available for loads of up to 16 tonnes and spans up to 39 metres. ABUS’s single-girder travelling crane portfolio encompasses three types:

  • ELV Single-girder crane with robust rolled section girders
  • EELK Single-girder crane torsion resistant welded box girders
  • ELS Single girder crane with side running trolley

The ABUS ELV is an affordable, highly durable solution for loads in the 5-10 tonne range. At its lowest lifting load, a maximum span of 18.5 meters is possible.
The ABUS ELK is a precision-welded solution made from highly durable steel which can carry loads of between 5-16 tonnes. In the lightest weight version, a maximum span of 28.5 metres can be achieved.
The ABUS ELS is specially designed to encompass large spans. It can lift 6.3-10 tonnes and offers a working area up to 39 metres wide in its lightest version.

Double-girder cranes

Double-girder cranes are very similar to their single-girder cousins in terms of technical aspects, however, they are far more high-performance. With a span of up to 40 metres and load capability of up to 100 tonnes, these solutions are particularly in demand in heavy industry.

The company supplies its double-girder cranes under the name ABUS ZLK. They form the basis of most custom-designed solutions.

Overhead travelling cranes

Overhead travelling cranes, or gantries, are cost-effective solutions where materials weighing up to approx. 2 tonnes require transportation. ABUS offers its gantries in the following types:

  • Single rail track
  • Double rail track
  • Single carriage track
  • Double carriage track

Carriages are more expensive but are capable of carrying higher loads than crane rails. The types used for overhead travelling cranes are:

ABUS DLVM: an overhead crane consisting of a rolled section girder and welded main girder connection. It can lift up to 3.2 tonnes and features a span of up to 14 metres.

ABUS EDL: this crane is almost identical to the ABUS DLVM but the main girder connection is underslung. It can lift up to 5.8 tonnes and features a span of up to 17 metres in its lightest version.

ABUS EDK: this crane uses torsionally rigid welded box girders and a screwed-down main girder connection instead of a rolled section girder. It can lift up to 6.3 - 8 tonnes and features a span of up to 25 metres in the version with the lowest load capacity.

Wall cranes

ABUS wall travelling cranes travel on their crane tracks at building mid-level beneath high-level overhead travelling cranes. The type EWL reach spans of up to 12 m and has load capacities of up to 5 t.

Semi portal cranes

The ABUS EHPK is fairly different in design: this single girder semi-goliath crane is ideal for use outdoors. One of its crane tracks can be fasted on one side to an existing building, which makes it an affordable and flexible solution, e.g. for container handling. The ABUS EHPK can lift loads up to 5-10 tonnes and features a span of up to 15 metres.

ABUS Jib cranes

ABUS jib cranes are used to move light- to mid-weight loads. ABUS Crane Systems offers these solutions in pillar- or wall-mounted versions.

Pillar-mounted jib cranes feature a separate pillar to which they are mounted. This allows a slew range of 270° to 360° (depending on type). Wall-mounted jib cranes are directly mounted to an existing wall or column, which must meet strict technical requirements.

ABUS has a total of six types of jib cranes in its range.

The ABUS LSX pillar jib crane offers a working radius of up to seven metres and lifting capacity of up to 0.5 tonnes. It is attached on one side to a stable pillar and can cover a slew range of 270°.

The ABUS LS pillar jib crane offers a working radius of up to seven metres and a slew range of 270°. It can lift up to a tonne, depending on the position of the load on the boom.

A slew range of 360° is the main strength of the ABUS VS. With a jib arm length of up to 10 metres and a maximum safe working load of up to 6.3 tonnes, the ABUS VS is the most heavy duty of the jib cranes.

For an affordable, easy-to-install solution for smaller tasks, the LWX wall jib crane is ideal. It can lift up to 500kg and features a slew range of 180°. Its maximum jib arm length is seven metres.

For loads up to a tonne, the ABUS LW wall jib crane is a good solution. Its above-mounted strut gives its travel carriage particularly good freedom of movement. Its working range is 180° and it features a seven-metre radius.

The ABUS VW wall jib crane has been designed for heavy loads up to 5 tonnes. It can provide a work range of up to 10 metres and covers a slew range of 180°.

Due to their simple design, wall jib cranes made by ABUS Crane Systems are especially popular on the second hand market. The pillar jib cranes are also sought after thanks to their flexibility and wide range of applications. They can also be installed outdoors but must be frequently repainted to protect against rust. They must also be suitable in terms of the technology already in use on site, but the second-hand market covers a wide range of solutions to help.

ABUS Lightweight mobile gantries

ABUS Crane Systems’s lightweight mobile gantries are especially flexible hoisting solutions. These cranes are very light but capable of carrying very high loads, which makes them particularly mobile yet safe. These cranes have the following characteristics:

  • They are fitted with four steerable stopper rollers to aid positioning
  • The portal design makes these types of crane very stable and safe
  • Lifting force (depending on type): max. 2 tonnes
  • Load capacity (inversely proportional to the slew range, depending on type): max. 8 metres
  • Lightweight mobile gantries are ideal for workshops, warehouses and storerooms which do not regularly need to move large loads

Mobile gantries are very popular on the second-hand market. They can easily be dismantled and thus transported with ease. A large, open trailer is generally sufficient for this purpose.

Electric wire rope hoists

Contrary to what one might expect, the wire ropes used are designed for heavy to very heavy loads. They enable a quiet, smooth lifting procedure and a high level of safety. An electric wire rope hoist made by ABUS offers more than a powerful motor and pulley. Precise manoeuvrability, safety systems, and assistance systems for good maintenance are part and parcel of each ABUS electrical wire rope hoist. The company supplies seven different types of these hoists and they are capable of lifting loads between 1 and 120 tonnes.

Electrical wire rope hoists are the most sensitive components in crane technology. In contrast to jib arms, cross-beams and stand, damage to the hoist is not always noticeable. When buying used, attention should be paid to the wire rope, which may feature internal damage that cannot be identified externally. The wire rope is thus a wear part, which should be replaced whenever buying second-hand. This is an investment, but without it, production may come to a near standstill.

Electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoists are primarily used for small- to mid-sized loads, i.e. in wall- and pillar-mounted jobs and lightweight gantry cranes. They require far less maintenance since the chain links do not need to be lubricated and damage can be easily recognised. Nevertheless, when buying second-hand, the lifting chain should be thoroughly inspected. Defective chain links cannot be replaced individually – if cracks or warping are identified, the entire chain will need to be replaced.

The former product names, ABUS Crane Systems GM3 and ABUS Crane Systems GM5 have been replaced by new names, which are:

ABUCompact GMC

ABUCompact GM 2-8

powered using conventional 230V domestic power, the ABUcompact GMC is the lightest and most flexible of all the electric chain hoists. It can lift up to 200 kg and hook paths can reach lengths of up to 20 metres. with its four types GM2, GM4, GM6 and GM8, ABUS electric chain hoists can lift weights between 0.32 and 1.25 tonnes and feature chain lengths of up to 50 metres. The ABUS GM3 and ABUS GM5 are only available as used chain hoists but ABUS supplies all types of chain hoist replacement parts through its comprehensive replacement service.

Accessories for ABUS cranes

The main accessories for ABUS cranes are control modules, which can be supplied as a cable system or radio-control system. Overhead cranes are usually fitted with a radio-control system and smaller wall-mounted jib cranes mostly come with a cable system. ABUS Crane Systems also offers modern control modules for their hoists, which include an integrated load-measuring system to form a safe and efficient solution for day-to-day tasks. The ability to weigh while lifting is very useful in a range of applications. ABUS Crane Systems understands how to combine customer service and technical feasibility in the best way possible.

The control modules are of the same high quality as can be found in the cranes themselves, which makes them an interesting prospect as a second-hand acquisition. The electric wire hope and chain hoists are generally fitted with interfaces to enable use of every ABUS Crane Systems control module. Except for the wear parts, such as ABUS pendant control unit or housing, the control modules are normally undamaged. The used crane service providers mentioned often offer to overhaul used control modules.

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