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ALTENDORF F 45 Sliding Table Saw
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3,600 €
ALTENDORF TKR 45 Sliding Table Saw
18 Bids
1,600 €
ALTENDORF F 90 Sliding Table Saw
Bad Sooden-All…
9 Bids
880 €
ALTENDORF TKR 45 Sliding Table Saw
13 Bids
550 €
ALTENDORF F 90 Sliding Table Saw Machine
A Estrada - Po…
13 Bids
510 €
ALTENDORF F 90 Sliding Table Saw
1 Bid
190 €

Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG - Used machinery at Surplex


  1. Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG
  2. The History of ALTENDORF
  3. Products from ALTENDORF
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Sector: Industrial machinery
  • Location: Minden
  • Turnover: 55 Million EUR
  • Website:

Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG

The company Wilhelm ALTENDORF GMBH & Co KG is over 100 years old and is well-known for its format sliding table saw. The company still specialises in manufacturing this saw, which is a core product in their business.

The History of ALTENDORF

The draftsman and furniture designer, Wilhelm ALTENDORF, built a small production facility for shop fitting in 1906 in Berlin. As he was often not able to construct his designs using the available woodworking machines, he decided to construct his own. Thereby, he invented the first format table saw and straight edge circular saw. Using this saw, the wood work-piece was guided towards the sawing blade by a carriage, rather than being cut over a sheet.

The product quickly became a success and in 1914 ALTENDORF had 50 employees. ALTENDORF’s products knew no boundaries; cars, planes and even houses were developed by him. After the founder’s death, his sons Willy and Kurt took over their father’s business. The sons shifted the business to focus more on its core product: the format sliding table saw and straight edge circular saw. This product was very important in the years following the war, to reconstruct Germany.

The first foreign branches were opened in the 1980s in USA, Brazil, China and other countries. ALTENDORF has produced over 130,000 circular saws and every year they manufacture 4,500 additional format table saws. ALTENDORF is the world leader in this sector.

Products from ALTENDORF

The basic principle of a format sliding table saw hasn’t changed since 1906. ALTENDORF has 6 different types of top of the range machines.

WA 6: This entry level model offers everything that one would need from a format table saw. It is suitable for use in restricted spaces, due to its compact size.

WA 8: This range contains four types NT, T, TE and X. These build upon each other in terms of modular and equipment technology. The NT is a hand operated machine and the X is electronically operated.

WA 80: Format table saws, which are strong enough for plastic and even non-ferrous metals, are available in this range. The WA 80 is a stronger version of the WA 8 and is available with the same typology and equipment.

F 45: This is the entry-level range of the ALTENDORF machines, which has been equipped with a LCD- screen and electric controls since it was first developed.

F 45 ELMO: The ELMO-version of the F45 range pushes the concept of a touch screen controlling unit even further, and it can be adapted to even more demanding conditions. ALTENDORF offers three different types in this range.

ALTENDORF 2: This range is currently the most advanced technology that ALTENDORF has to offer. With a radical new concept, this creates new standards for ergonomics and efficiency.

The Company in Numbers

As one of the leader companies in the industrial machinery sector, ALTENDORF sells its products all over the world. The company is present in Europe, U.S.A. and Asia, including China and Japan. As an evidence of its growth, the company opened a new office in China in 2006, this allowed the company to introduce itself to the industrial sector in Asia.

Used ALTENDORF sliding table saws
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