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ALZMETALL AB 3 E S Pillar Drilling Machine
ALZMETALL AB 3 E S Pillar Drilling Machine
ALZMETALL AB3/E pillar drilling machine
ALZMETALL AB3/E pillar drilling machine
Germany, 74889 Sinsheim Hoffenheim
ALZMETALL AB3/E pillar drilling machine
ALZMETALL AB 3/ESV pillar drilling machine
ALZMETALL AB 3/ESV pillar drilling machine

ALZMETALL is a medium-sized company which has made a name for itself in the development and manufacture of heavy-duty industrial machinery. The company’s roots are in foundry technology but they soon expanded to include machinery for finishing/machining the cast parts. Today, ALZMETALL focusses on drilling machines, machining centres, specialist machinery and foundry applications.

ALMETALL produces stationary drilling machines for workshops, manufacturing and training purposes. The company offers a wide selection of products, especially pillar and column drills, and is known for its high-quality solutions right down to its smallest products.

ALZMETALL is thus a counterbalance to the cheap and widespread imported table boring machines, which are currently flooding the market. Even when used, ALZMETALL bench, pillar or column drilling machines are still preferable to a cheap imported machine from an unknown manufacturer.

ALZMETALL drilling machines are offered in seven series:

Series ALZTRONIC ALZSTAR AX AB ALZTRONIC 6 ALZSTAR 18 AX 2 AB 26 ALZTRONIC 9 ALZSTAR 23 AX 3 AB 34 ALZTRONIC 12 ALZSTAR 30 AX 4 AB 40 ALZTRONIC 14 ALZFLOW 30 AB 50 ALZTRONIC 16 ALZSTAR 40 Series Flow drilling machines Radial drilling machines RFT series drilling machines ALZFLOW 30/S ALZSPRINT 30 RFT 2 AB-Flow 40/SV AB 30 R-1000 RFT 3 AB-Flow 40/HAST AB 30 R-1400 RFT 20/1


The ALZTRONIC Series features entry-level machines for smaller operations. They are ideal for laboratory technology, the manual processing of wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals; as well as training. ALZTRONIC drill presses are characterised by simple operation and very attractive price tags. These small drilling machines are generally equipped with a 230 V power supply. There are six types available from the ALZTRONIC Series. Depending on the version, they can bore holes with diameters of between 6-16 millimetres into E 335 steel. ALZTRONIC devices are designed as bench drilling machines.


The ALSTAR Series features entry-level drilling machines for professional, industrial use. The smallest in the series, the ALZSTAR 18, is designed as a bench drilling machine, and the four devices above are column drilling machines. ALZSTAR drilling machines enable bore holes of 18 - 40 millimetres to be created in E335 steel.


With a motor output of up to 3000 W, the three ALZMETALL column drilling machines of the AX Series belong to the professional league. Nevertheless, ALZMETALL sells these high-quality column drilling machines at prices of less than 10000 euros. This makes them an interesting prospect and powerful investment for workshops and smaller industrial operations. The drilling performance with cross-sections of up to 55 millimetres in E335 steel speaks for itself.


For truly powerful, continuously operating drilling machines for larger series, look no further than the ALZMETALL AB Series. The four powerful ALZMETALL column drilling machines are highly regarded for their precise handling and excellent continuous operation capabilities. They are designed for cast steel and E335, and can produce drill cross-sections of up to 60 millimetres.


For demanding applications requiring chip-free, flow drilling, the models from the ALZMETALL ALZFLOW and AB-Flow are the ideal choice. High pressures and rotary speeds of up to 4000 rpm make these machines very manageable for specialist applications. Conventional drilling and thread-cutting are also possible using ALZMETALL flow drilling machines. ALZMETALL offers a range of promising radial and series drilling machines to ensure formed parts (including series of parts) can be drilled using a defined bore hole template. They operate more precisely and reliably than any CNC milling machine and can relieve the strain on more expensive CNC systems thanks to their mono-functional design.

ALZMETALL radial and series drilling machines

ALZMETALL offers three types of radial drilling machines. Two conventional AB models feature an impressively wide projection up to 1000 - 1400 millimetres. The smaller machine, the AB 30 R-1000, comes equipped with a 1.5 kW motor and projection of up to 1000 millimetres. Twice as strong, the AB 30 R-1400, features a 3 kW motor and projection of up to 1400 millimetres. Furthermore, this powerful machine has a drilling performance that is approximately 5 millimetres greater in diameter. Oddly, however, these two drilling machines have approximately the same price when new despite considerable differences in performance. The far stronger and more powerful AB 30 R-1400 costs only 500 euros more.

The AB 30s are primarily designed for individual pieces and manual machining. ALZMETALL has also developed rapid radial drilling machines for operations requiring higher productivity. The ALZSPRINT 30 features a wide range of programming functions, which make the serial processing of workpieces especially efficient. Drilling performance of up to 32 millimetres in E335 steel makes the ALZSPRINT a high-performing piece of equipment.

ALZMETALL’s series drilling machines are designed in a modular fashion and comprise a robust work table and a number of drilling machines as selected by the operator. ALZMETALL supplies solutions featuring 2-6 drill heads. In series RFT 2 - 3/6, ALZMETALL uses specially designed drilling heads. Larger-scale applications will require the AX and AB series of drilling machines.

In addition to its drilling machines, ALZMETALL also offers a selection of machining centres.

Series CS-Series GS-Series CS 600 GS 600 CS 1000 GS 800 CS 1200 GS 1000 CS 1200 P GS 1200 GS 1400

The more conventional devices are found in the CS Series. ALZMETALL supplies these four types with torsionally-rigid machine bodies, which are protected against vibrations by flat guide tracks. The devices are highly rigid and durable thanks to use of spheroidal graphite iron. ALZMETALL has been able to create especially long travel paths along the Z-axis and their machines are also capable of simultaneously working on the fourth and fifth axes. Featuring seventeen different models, ALZMETALL’s GS Series of machining centres is comprehensive. Ease of use, efficiency and durability were the company’s main areas of focus when developing these model series. GS Series machining centres by ALZMETALL have set new standards in the sector thanks to their single-part base frame made of spheroidal graphite iron. These machines also make it possible to process cast parts made from hardened metal with the same consistently high quality.

ALZMETALL is not only a provider of interesting series solutions; they also cater to specific requirements through proprietary developments. The skills and products which result are, of course, also made available to other clients, which means ALZMETALL has been able to gain deep knowledge of how to develop specialised solutions.

In addition to manufacturing machinery, ALZMETALL also provides contracting services for cast steel and the machining of cast-metal parts. The company also gains valuable experience from the processing of products for their clients, which is continually incorporated into the development of their own machines. As such, we can rest assured that ALZMETALL’s future machines will continue to be as innovative and high-performing as their current range.

Second-hand ALZMETALL machines are known for their rigidity and durability. This is great news for operators, but means that used ALZMETALL machines retain their high prices. The majority of second-hand machines come from ALZMETALL’s range of drilling equipment and are difficult to find for under 2000 euros. A thorough survey is recommended if the price seems a little too good to be true. Cheaper used machinery generally features an imbalance, which makes it unsuitable for precision work. As a general rule, however, used ALZMETALL drilling machines are very long-lasting and reliable. Wear parts are easy to source and used ALZMETALL machines pose no problems for experienced machine-fitters.