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  1. COLCHESTER for more than a century
    1. COLCHESTER Centre Lathes
    2. COLCHESTER CNC Truning Centres
  2. Used COLCHESTER machines
  • Founded: 1870
  • Founding City: Colchester, Essex
  • Country: UK
  • Headquarters: Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire
  • Product range: Centre lathes and CNC turning centres
  • Website:

COLCHESTER for more than a century

COLCHESTER has been designing and manufacturing high-precision lathes in the UK for more than 100 years. The company currently has one of the most effective and iconic ranges of centre lathes in the world. Among the most popular series in production today include Triumph, Mascot, Bantam, Student and Tornado.

This historic British manufacturer is also responsible for the COLCHESTER CNC lathe - one of the most iconic and commercially successful lathes in the world today. This high-precision machine is available in two-axis and three-axis variants.

All over the world, COLCHESTER lathes have been used to train apprentices and engineers. The company's machines are found in some of the most prestigious manufacturing plants, toolrooms and maintenance departments on the planet.

One of the characteristics that define COLCHESTER lathes is their robust nature. The company's machinery is always designed and built to withstand many years of heavy duty use whilst delivering exceptional levels of accuracy.

COLCHESTER Centre Lathes

Metalworking machines such as the COLCHESTER Mascot 1600 are used around the world because of the accuracy and efficiency they deliver. Another highly respected creation of the company is the COLCHESTER centre lathe Student 1800, which according to the company is the world's number one lathe for training and education.

The Student 2500 Centre Lathe

The COLCHESTER STUDENT is a robust geared head centre lathe that is perfect for training and perfecting technique. It is manufactured to metric standards, and is suited to everything from vocational training to industrial use. It is available in bed lengths of 635mm and 1000mm between centres, and there are gap and straight versions available. Safe and reliable, the Student 2500 Centre Lathe is ideal for educational purposes or for relatively small operations.

COLCHESTER Stundent 2500 Centre Lathe

The Master VS3250 Centre Lathe

The COLCHESTER Master is one of the company's most iconic products, and it has just received an overhaul - making it more efficient than ever. While the new Master VS3250 Centre Lathe features the same structure, mechanics and quality, a new design makes it easier to use. Among the latest features is a spindle load meter with LED display, an integrated chip guard and X-axis mounting that reduces the depth of the machine.

COLCHESTER Master VS3250 Centre Lathe

The Triumph 2500 VS Centre Lathe

The COLCHESTER Triumph has been re-imagined for the 21st century. It now offers exceptional levels of performance and efficiency through a new design. However, all of the mechanics that made it the world's best known variable speed COLCHESTER centre lathe are still there. Often referred to as the COLCHESTER 2500, this powerful lathe is capable of achieving spindle speeds of 14-2500 rpm. It also features an integrated digital display that slides out, X-axis scale mounting and a 54mm spindle bore. This highly capable machine delivers all the functions and benefits of the COLCHESTER TRIUMPH 2000, with a few impressive upgrades thrown in for good measure.

COLCHESTER Triumph 2500 VS Centre Lathe

The Mascot VS2000 Centre Lathe

The COLCHESTER Mascot is a variable speed manual lathe that is used in manufacturing plants all over the world. It sets very high standards of performance through a combination of a constant surface speed option and a variable spindle drive that is controlled electronically. This COLCHESTER lathe is capable of exceptional levels of accuracy and productivity. It offers spindle speeds of between 20 and 2000 rpm and spindle motor power of 11 KW.

COLCHESTER Mascot VS2000 Centre Lathe

The Mastiff VS1800 Centre Lathe

The COLCHESTER Mastiff is another of this company's most iconic machines. It is characterised by its high levels of speed and accuracy, along with its strong metal cutting capabilities. This particular COLCHESTER lathe has a range of features that make it more powerful, accurate and efficient than other lathes in its class. A constant surface speed option and a variable speed spindle drive make it a popular machine in large-scale manufacturing plants. This is a heavy-duty, manual lathe that is capable of performing maintenance, large-scale production and the full range of turning tasks. The COLCHESTER Mastiff delivers spindle speeds of 18 to 1800 rpm and spindle motor power of 11 KW.

COLCHESTER mastiff VS1800 Centre Lathe

The Magnum Centre Lathe

The COLCHESTER Magnum lathe is used in large-scale manufacturing operations all over the world. It offers swing capacities of 600mm and 880mm, and this new and improved version offers bed lengths of up to six metres. Both the Magnum and the Magnum LS are heavy duty lathes that are built to withstand regular and robust use. Both COLCHESTER centre lathes deliver the accuracy, power and strength required for the biggest of turning jobs, including tasks in the shipbuilding, utilities and energy sectors. The Magnum delivers a spindle speed of up to 1800 rpm and spindle motor power of 20KW.

COLCHESTER Magnun Centre Lathe

Tornado CNC Turning Centres

A CNC COLCHESTER turning centre is one of the most reliable and efficient in the world. Featuring two or three axes, both the Tornado T and the Tornado EL deliver power and speed in abundance. The Tornado 100, 200 and 300 series have been in use around the world for several years, but there is a new and improved selection of Tornado CNC turning centres now available that takes accuracy and efficiency to new levels.

The T2/M and EL2/M Tuning Centres

The COLCHESTER Tornado is widely regarded as one of the most dependable turning centre of its kind, and these two latest versions take performance and accuracy to the next level. They both offer X-working travel of 187mm, Z-working travel of 450mm and a swing of 440mm. The Tornado series utilises the Fanuc OiTD control package, along with COLCHESTER's customised manual guide system. These powerful turning centres offer three-axis turning, a spindle brake and driven tooling. The maximum spindle speed is 6000 rpm, and the spindle motor power delivered by the Tornado series is 7.5KW.


The Tornado T6/M and EL6/M Turning Centres

The COLCHESTER Tornado is another of this company's most iconic CNC-operated turning centres. Both models in the series have 187mm X-working travel and 450mm Z-working travel. Three axis turning includes interpolation on the C-axis, driven tolling and a spindle brake. Both COLCHESTER turning centre models also have the Fanuc OiTD control system, while the COLCHESTER T boasts the company's customised manual guide system as well. This highly efficient and capable turning centre delivers a spindle speed of up to 6000 rpm and spindle motor power of 15KW.


The Tornado T8/M and EL8/M CNC Turning Centres

The COLCHESTER Tornado EL 8 and T both have a 600mm swing, 270mm X-working travel and Z-working travel of 600mm. Both models also deliver rapid traverse rates of 30m per min. This exceptional series of turning centres gives toolroom operators a wide range of features. Both are two-axis CNC lathes with maximum turning dimensions of 360mm in diameter and 550mm in length. They have full C-axis capabilities, a 12-station tool turret and a spindle brake. With all of these features at the disposal of the operator, tapping, boring, drilling and milling are exceptionally easy and efficient. The Fanuc OiTD and customised manual guide systems ensure set-up is quick and production runs are short and efficient.


The Tornado T10/M and EL10/M CNC Turning Centres

These massive machines have very large capacities for precision production. They offer a swing of 600mm and a bar capacity of 82.5mm. The maximum turning length is 550mm, and the maximum turning diameter is 360mm. These highly capable COLCHESTER turning centres can cope with the most challenging of turning tasks. They feature full C-axis compatibility, a 12-station tool turret and a spindle disc brake. Secondary operations just couldn't be simpler. Both models also feature COLCHESTER's patented Duo-Stable construction, which improves both dynamic and thermal stability. Major manufacturers from the automotive and aeronautics sectors rely on this machine to perform huge turning jobs accurately and quickly.


Used COLCHESTER machines

Whether you're looking for a COLCHESTER Bantam for sale or a used Master 2500, you can expect to pay anything from a few hundred Euros to several thousand. Used COLCHESTER lathes and turning centres can be trusted to perform because they are made to the highest possible standards. Companies can often find COLCHESTER used machines on the market of used machinery, which can cut capital expenditure considerably and protect cashflows.

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