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  1. C + E FEIN GmbH
  2. The History of FEIN
  3. Products from FEIN
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: FEIN
  • Employees: 900
  • Location: Schwäbisch-Gmünd Bargau
  • Founded: 1867
  • Website:


FEIN is a company specialised on the production of metal working tools. These tools, such as drilling machines or boring machines are made for car production.

The History of FEIN

The company C+E FEIN was founded by the brothers, Wilhelm Emil and Carl, in 1867 in Stuttgart. Their production from 1895 onwards focused on medical induction machines, electrical fire detectors, mobile telephones, transmission systems, dynamo machines and hand tools. Even though the FEIN brothers were also pioneers and inventors in many other fields (e.g. electric fire detectors), they are known as the grounding fathers of the electrically operated drilling machine, jigsaws and sheet metal cutters. The company is still active today and maintains its reputation of being remarkably innovative.

Products from FEIN

FEIN is the epitome of the “Made in Germany” quality mark in the field of electrically operated hand tools. Their machines are particularly popular for professional use, alongside only a few other manufacturers of branded tools. The main categories of FEIN’s products include:


Within the category of drills, FEIN offers 18 different types of high performance drilling machines. This ranges from battery operated mounting drills to particularly robust two handed drills and engines. This category also includes fitted drill stands, innovative angle drill machines and special tapping machines.


FEIN offers a selection of 18 conventional cordless screwdrivers with various accessories. Additionally, FEIN also produces cable operated universal screwdrivers, special metal screwdrivers and dry wall screw drivers. Even for just the latter use, there are eight different models available. A magazine makes it possible to efficiently screw into dry wall panels.

Normal Frequency Grinding

There are a variety of grinders available for normal frequency grinding including compact, large and straight grinders. These are usually suited for use in industrial settings. Power, torque and stability means that straight grinders are the standard tool in heavy-duty industry. No other tool can better produce welded seams, ridges or edges. FEIN offers a rare and highly innovative product with its long neck grinder, even within the small grinder sector.

High Frequency Grinding

FEIN’s grinding machines are highly robust and this factor is increased even further with the high frequency machines. They are applied in fields where there can be no compromise in material quality. FEIN’s high frequency grinding machines are particularly popular in demanding environments such as oil rigs, oil tankers and mines.

Belt Grinding

FEIN offers a wide range of over 20 stationary belt sanders and additional models in their Grit series. They are applied in industry for producing mass products.

Surface Treatment

FEIN offers a choice of 21 different grinding and polishing machines in the category of surface treatment. All kinds of tools related to surface treatment, from angle grinders and polishing plates to electrical band files, are available. This category also includes two special types of extraction systems to minimise dust.


FEIN has a wide range of oscillating tools. FEIN differentiates these into several sub- categories of grinding and cutting machines. The grinding machines include the Delta Grinder, which is called the “Multi-Master” and a choice of 10 different designs. The cutting machines are sold under the name “SuperCut” and are particularly innovative solutions for the precise separation of sheet metal, wood and plastic.

Sheet Metal Processing

FEIN offers a range of power tools for the separation of complicatedly formed sheet metal, like profile or trapezoidal sheets. This includes slitting shears, plate shears and sheet metal shears. FEIN offers four different types of slitting shears, five different types of plate shears, and 10 different types of sheet metal cutting tools for quick but course tasks.

Sawing and Milling

FEIN also invented the jigsaw, of which they now have two designs available in their catalogue. This assortment of saws also includes pipe jigsaws and construction cutters. Within this, there are about four different products on offer. FEIN’s pipe cutting technology is also particularly spectacular. With their enormous amount of capacity, these high-performance specialist solutions are very popular for canal and pipeline construction.

The Company in Numbers

The company FEIN has currently 900 workers, 500 of which are in Germany, in the headquarters. FEIN has factories in America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Used FEIN Electric Drilling Machine
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