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HELLER HE 350 PLC Boring-Milling Machine
Spain, 36416 Mos - Pontevedra
HELLER HE 350 PLC Boring-Milling Machine
HELLER KA 315 Automatic wave saw
Germany, 46342 Velen-Ramsdorf
HELLER KA 315 Automatic wave saw

The HELLER company was founded more than 120 years as a small crafts workshop in Nürtingen, Germany. Today, the HELLER Group has production sites in England, Germany, Brazil, the USA, and China, and is one of the world’s main producers of machine tools and complete production systems. The "HELLER Global Footprint" initiative links the global outlook of the corporation with strong regional presence.

Milling and turning centres, machines for producing crankshafts and camshafts, manufacturing systems, 4- and 5-axis machining centres, and a modular service concept all form part of the HELLER Group’s product range. All the HELLER milling machines, machining centres and HELLER machine tools on offer are extremely flexible and can, in most cases, be assembled individually thanks to a modular design concept. Those looking to produce goods via a process chain can also benefit from HELLER's configurable transfer lines.


The modular machines of the H Series can be used for high-performance light-metal machining through to heavy-duty machining.

The following variants can be found in the H Series::

  • H 2000
  • H 4000
  • H 4500
  • H 5000
  • H 6000
  • H 8000
  • H 10000
  • H 14000
  • H 16000

Spindles, tool holders, tool magazines and chip removal can be incorporated into HELLER’s 4-axis machining centres as required. The devices in the H Series also provide a good price-performance ratio thanks to the highly precise machining procedures and excellent resilience promised by all nine model types.

The maximum workpiece height ranges from 850 to 1,800 millimetres. The chip-to-chip time lies between 2.3 to 6.7 seconds (depending on model). Pallet sizes between a minimum of 400 x 500 mm and a maximum of 1,250 x 1,600 mm can be selected. The maximum load is 4,000 kg, and the maximum table load of the H16000 is a mighty 8,000 kg. Between 40 - 53 and 50 - 100 workpieces can be processed according to the model of the machining centre.


For absolute reliability in everyday use throughout the machine’s entire life cycle, look no further than the 5-axis centres in the HF Series. In addition to high productivity and flexibility, HF machines are simple to operate and maintain. A fifth axis is provided by the workpiece to facilitate dynamic 5-sided machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining. Both models (HELLER HF 3500 & HELLER HF 5500) in the series feature direct access to the work area and thus a short distance to the horizontal spindle. All the spindles are designed for a 10-minute duty cycle at S6 40%.
Both models are equipped with active cooling and growth compensation for thermal stability. The pallet changer based on the proven lift-and-swivel principle is ideal for serial production with or without workpiece automation.

Speeds of up to 18,000 rpm and up to 354 NM torque are possible. The motor spindles are maintenance-free and are simple and quick to replace.

The table concept for direct loading conceived by HELLER is ideal for manufacturing small batch sizes and frequently changing machining tasks. Furthermore, the workpiece management featured in the HF Series also has an A-swivel axis and B-axis for the rotary table, both of which are direct driven and cooled. Tools used on H and F Series machines can also continue to be used without any issues in the HF Series.


HELLER's F-Series devices are high performing machines ideal for extensive processing applications.

  • FP 4000
  • FP 6000
  • FT 6000
  • FP 8000
  • FT 8000
  • FP 10000
  • FP 14000
  • FP 16000

All eight machining centres feature 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneously processing. The F Series is divided into workshop machines from the FT Series featuring table loading for single-piece tool/mould construction, and production machines from the FP Series, which come equipped with pallet changers for serial production.

The possible working areas vary from between min. 800 x 800 x 1,045 to max. 2,400 x 1,600 x 1,600 mm on the X-, Y- and Z-axes. The maximum workpiece height ranges from max. 1,000 to max. 1,800 mm. In a rapid traverse, speeds of 45 to 65 m/min can be selected (depending on model). The chip-to-chip time lies between 3.7 to 8.5 seconds. HELLER’s FT Series, on the other hand, can accept loads of between 1,400 and 2,000 kg. For loads of up to 8,000 kg, the FP Series is the ideal choice.


The C Series is home to six HELLER’s 5-axis milling/turning machines.

  • CP 4000
  • CP 6000
  • CT 6000
  • CP 8000
  • CT 8000
  • CP 10000

These facilitate 5-axis processing as well as horizontal, vertical and titled turning. Specific spindle fixation enables high-precision applications and extreme cutting forces. The rotary table is equipped with a direct torque drive. The series features pallet changers in the CP line and machines with direct table loading in the CT line.

The maximum workpiece height in the C Series is 1,600 mm. The maximum working area that can be selected is between 800 x 800 x 1,045 mm and up to 1,600 x 1,400 x 1,600 mm. Rapid traverse speeds of between 45 and 65 m/min can be achieved. The maximum pallet load is 4,000 kg for CP devices and 2,000 kg for CT devices.

HELLER flexible manufacturing systems

These are innovative manufacturing solutions for the production of light-duty to heavy-duty automotive components.

HELLER’s manufacturing systems feature a modular design to ensure they can provide flexible solutions for a range of applications. The machines can come equipped, for instance, with 4-axis and 5-axis machining modules with direct loading in the MC series, transfer system units in the TRS range, head changer machines in the MPC range, and special-purpose machines for the machining of structural components from the Wenzler VKM range. All ranges feature a choice of individual machines or fully automated manufacturing systems. Popular devices in the MC line include the HELLER MC 16, HELLER MC 25 and HELLER MC 26. The HELLER MCT 160 is one of the most prevalent palletised machining centres.

To ensure the machines are used to their full potential, HELLER provides a wide range of automation solutions, ranging from simple pallet changers, automated tool/workpiece equipping, through to a combined shelving system for tools. If the machines are to form part of a manufacturing process, transport belts, grippers and fully-clocked transfer lines can also be fitted to ensure full automation.

HELLER CBC (cylinder bore coating)

The CBC Series by HELLER offers turn-key solutions for crankcase manufacturing. This series expands the process chain by incorporating cylinder bore coating (CBC), which involves cylinder bores in aluminium crankcases being coated via electric arc wire spraying.
The process is carried out by HELLER’s CBC 200 coating module. CBC ensures process security even in the largest-scale production of combustion engines. The CBC coating results in a 50% reduction in friction forces between the cylinder and the piston ring, and the elimination of cast liners enables a more compact crankcase design and much tighter spaces between cylinder bores. The CBC procedure can be used to coat all cylinder surfaces on current passenger car and truck engines with bore diameters ranging from 70 to 150 mm. The CBC 200 coating module was awarded the European environmental prize in 2014.


The RFK, DRZ and RFN Series feature machines ideal for the flexible manufacturing of crankshafts and camshafts. They are suitable for internal and external milling and are available as stand-alone devices or as interconnected production systems.

The following HELLER machines are available in this series:

  • RFN 10
  • RFK 10
  • RFK 15
  • RFK 30
  • RFK 100
  • RFK 150
  • RFK 300
  • DRZ 10
  • DRZ 15
  • DRZ 30

The maximum output of the RFN Series is 37 kW, 80 kW for the RFK Series, and 48 kW for the DRZ Series. The RFN Series is capable of processing workpieces measuring up to 1,250 mm in length and 450 mm in diameter. As for the RFK Series, workpiece diameters can be between 310 and 700 mm (depending on model), and the maximum workpiece length is 1,250 mm. The maximum output of DRZ-series machines is 48 kW and they are capable of processing workpieces measuring up to 1,250 mm in length. Maximum tool diameter is 700 mm.

HELLER machines stand for excellent reliability and highly precise applications. There is also a wide selection of HELLER CNC equipment available to help minimise the costs per piece . Second-hand HELLER devices can be a promising investment alternative thanks to their modular design, which enables individual units to be put together in accordance with operator needs – this applies even to used machines. A variety of tools can also be integrated into a range of series; this particularly applies to the tools of the H and F Series, which can also be used with the HF Series.

On the used machinery market, you will mostly find milling machines and machining centres. The machining centres originate from the 1990s and 2000s. RFN and RFK devices, by contrast, are difficult to find on the used market.