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IMA Klessmann GmbH Woodworking Systems is headquartered in Lübbecke, Germany. The company has been producing solutions for stationary, throughfeed and procedural technology since 1951, in addition to its transport and handling equipment. Today, IMA employs around 900 staff and has nine subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia. Austria-based Schelling Anlagenbau has owned the company since 2015. In May 2017, the IMA Schelling Group (ISG) GmbH started using its new corporate design for the first time.

IMA woodworking is synonymous with innovative technologies. IMA woodworking machines offer high-performance solutions for furniture manufacturing, which can be tailored to every customer’s specific needs. IMA CNC technology, edgebanding equipment or IMA drilling machines – everything you could possibly need all from one source.


The Novimat and Combima series cover the company’s current range of edgebanding machinery.

Series Novimat-Serie/th> Combima-Serie Models Novimat Combima Novimat Compact R3 Novimat Compact L12 Novimat Contour R3 Novimat Contour L20

The Novimat Series comprises four machines, all designed for edgebanding operations on single units. Laser edging is also to put to use to enable seamless joints to be created that are impenetrable to water. These highly efficient edgebanding solutions enabled by the Novimat machines make them indispensable to industry. The edging height which can be processed is between 8 and 60 mm and 14 and 65 millimetres (depending on model). Workpiece widths up to 65 millimetres are possible.

IMA’s edge-banding machines ‘Combima’ are a combination of panel-sizing and edgebanding and can produce top-quality edging results thanks to conventional adhesives and laser technology. These two edging options can be switched between making IMA Combima machines ideal for all areas of the woodworking industry. These devices can be found in a wide range of companies manufacturing kitchen cabinets, worktops, furniture and doors. The IMA Combima can also be made even more versatile with a selection of precise finishing units to give the new edging a final once-over.

CNC machining

The BIMA Series features IMA’s CNC wood-cutting machines. Devices in the BIMA range also use either lasers or adhesives to apply the desired edging.

Series BIMA Performance Models BIMA Gx50/60 / E / R Performance.CUT BIMA Cx40 / E / R BIMA Px80 / E / R BIMA CUT / E BIMA CUTTING Center

Those looking to perform 360-degree machining need look no further than the BIMA Gx50/60 CNC router with optional robot head for woodworking.

The BIMA Cx40 was designed with especially large workpieces in mind but can be used in a wide variety of applications and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding single- and small-series production projects.

The BIMA Px80 gantry machine features 5 axes and can be used to manufacture free-form parts with no visible joints. The IMA BIMA CUT, on the other hand, is a combination of machining centre and panel saw.

Highly-effective cutting while taking up a minimum amount of space is one of the key features of IMA’s Performance.CUT. The machine guarantees effective and flexible cutting of small batches while offering the economic advantages of combining nesting with high-speed sawing. Additionally, automatic tool changes take very little time meaning the machine can be left in continuous operation throughout the batch. 800 to 1500+ parts per shift are possible depending on the cutting procedure.

Drilling operations

The IMAGIC flex drilling system is the IMA’s corporation’s answer to challenging drilling applications in the woodworking industry. Its individually-controlled drilling spindles enable holes to be drilled vertically and horizontally and plugs/dowels to be inserted automatically. The IMAGIC flex is especially suited to manufacturers of bathroom, living room, kitchen and office furniture.

The machine sets itself up for the next component automatically meaning that manual intervention by operator is no longer required and change-over times are kept to a minimum thanks to highly-dynamic Servo axes. Workpieces with the following minimum and maximum dimensions can be processed: length between 220 and 3,300 mm; width between 120 and 1,000 mm; and thickness between 12 and 40 mm. Optional equipment makes it possible for workpieces to be thicker or thinner than 10 mm and 60 mm respectively.

Transport & handling

Optimised material flow leads to be better efficiency. IMA developed a range of transport and handling solutions to improve logistics, warehouse management and the flow of materials in general. Their product ranges encompasses stand-alone equipment as well as integrated solutions featuring whole production lines and handling systems. IMA also produces individual solutions incorporating loading and stacking systems, buffer and sorting technology, handling and transport systems, shelf storage systems and other logistical solutions.

Second-hand IMA BIMA CNC machines, such as the IMA Bima 210, 310 and 410, are traded around the world. When it comes to IMA edgebanding machines, the most prevalent series on the market of used machinery is the NOVIMAT. IMA edgebanders from the ADVATAGE Series are also well represented. IMA COMBIMA machines, on the other hand, are found much less frequently in a used condition. The IMA edgebanders for sale are often from the 1990s or early 2000s and include the contour edgebander ‘IMA HKA’. One-sided edgebanding machines from the 1980s’ IMA Compact Series can be sourced second-hand in a variety of models. In terms of CNC machining centres, the Quadroflex and Quadroform devices are the most prevalent second-hand devices.