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IMA NOVIMAT-I-781 Edge Banding Machine
on request
IMA Advantage U 5616 Edgebander
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IMA FBA/II/190 Double End Profiler
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2,000 €
IMA QUADROMAT R3 Edgebander+H3:H16
Eiras Vedras
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950 €
IMA SILA 500 Edge planer
Cavour (TO)
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750 €

IMA Klessmann GmbH - Used machinery at Surplex


  1. IMA Klessmann GmbH
  2. The History of IMA
  3. Products from IMA
  4. The Company in Numbers
IMA Logo
  • Name: IMA
  • Foundation: 1951
  • Location: Lübbecke, Germany
  • Turnover: 152 million EUR
  • Website:

IMA Klessmann GmbH

IMA Klessmann GmbH is a company specialised on the creation of furniture pieces. This company's strategy is based on lowering the prices as much as possible and the exploitation of the energetic and technology resources. Increasing the production, mechanizing the work and modern production methods are the main strengths of this company.

The History of IMA

The company IMA Klessmann GmbH was founded in 1951 in Gütersloh (Westfalia) and it was oriented towards the creation of production machinery for wood-craft. From then on, the company grew non-stop with a world wide presence that is specially prominent in Europe. IMA is also present in Spain, Madrid, from where it supplies the whole country with furniture equipment.

Products from IMA

The products offered by the German company IMA, are divided into four big groups; throughfeed technology, stationary technology, drilling technology and transport & handling. Throughfeed technology includes products such as door mechanisms. Stationary technology provides counter tops and the BIMA series. The drilling technology is represented by two products; the Imagic drillers and the Imagic Flex. Finally, the transportation and handling products cover the production and storage of counter tops.

The Company in Numbers

IMA is one of the main companies in Germany and the leader in its branch having checked in 2012 more than 152 million euros. Currently, it has more than 800 factories spread all over Europe, Asia and America with thousands of employees. IMA America Corp. was founded in 1998 and today it splits up in four regions to cover the whole country.

Used IMA Edgebanders
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