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INDEX G 250 CNC Lathe CNC Lathes
Top lot
Top lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 4,500 x 2,300 x 2,300 mm
Year of manufacture 2006
Weight approx. 8,000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Bad Neustadt, loaded on truck
Bad Neustadt Germany, 97616 Bad Neustadt
19/05/2021 10:03
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32,000 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 6,200 x 1,000 x 1,700 mm
Weight approx. 3,000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Cesara (VB), loaded on truck
Cesara (VB) Italy, 28891 Cesara (VB)
19/05/2021 10:47
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2,300 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,500 x 1,000 x 1,600 mm
Year of manufacture 1979
Weight approx. 2,500 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Asperg, loaded on truck
Asperg Germany, 71679 Asperg
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      2. Multi-spindle automatics
      3. Vertical turning centres
      4. Turn-mill centres
      5. Turn-grind centres
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  3. Used INDEX machines
  • Founder: Hermann Hahn
  • Founded: 1914
  • Headquarters: Esslingen, DE
  • Product range: Metalworking lathes
  • Website:

A double success story: INDEX (and TRAUB)

INDEX is a German manufacturer of state-of-the-art machining equipment for metalworking. The company has been in operation for 103 years and is one of the most important firms in its sector. INDEX is a part of the successful INDEX-TRAUB Group, which continues to operate the two brands.

INDEX-TRAUB mainly focusses on producing:

INDEX operates a total of five production sites around the world and has just as many sales and service companies. A further 80 branch offices ensure the company has an international presence in all key markets. INDEX employs 2100 members of staff and achieves an annual turnover of almost half a billion euros.

INDEX metalworking machinery

INDEX has from its very inception been focussed on manufacturing highly-productive metalworking machines. As early as 1914, the company was involved in producing the then revolutionary turret turning machine. Since then, the company has created an extensive product range covering everything needed in the field of turning and milling metal products.

INDEX lathes

Within its lathe range, INDEX produces turning machines, multi-spindle automatics, and vertical lathes. The company no longer produces manual lathes for workshops and training purposes. INDEX has always focussed heavily on productivity and efficiency when developing and producing their machining equipment. Consistent quality, adherence to the narrowest tolerances, and the creation of highly complex contours are the group’s main development goals. The result: INDEX produces three series of production turning machines, six multi-spindle automatics and two vertical turning machines.

INDEX production turning machines

INDEX produces three series of production turning machines. These are:

INDEX C200 Production lathe

ABC - Series

The machines of the ABC Series feature 19-slot tool changers, which ensure that even components with highly complex contours can be produced with ease. By enabling up to three workpieces to be machined simultaneously, INDEX ABC machines can achieve impressive levels of productivity. The tools can also be powered in both turrets and a compact design means INDEX ABC devices take up little floorspace.

There are two series of ABC machines and the maximum spindle clearance totals 65 millimetres.

C100 - Series

The INDEX C100 has been designed for long, narrow parts. The maximum chuck diameter equals 100 millimetres and the maximum turning length is 515 millimetres. The maximum bar capacity is 42 millimetres.

C200 - Series

The INDEX C200 is intended for especially demanding applications and produces the largest workpieces of any of INDEX’s production turning machines. The maximum spindle clearance is 90 millimetres, the maximum chuck diameter totals 160 millimetres. The turning length is a total of 710 millimetres.

INDEX multi-spindle automatics

INDEX MS22C Multi spindle automatic

INDEX multi-spindle automatics combine the advantages of CNC technology with those of cam-controlled machines, which makes them ideal for producing especially complex contours. They can also be used for small series thanks to extremely short set-up times, which makes them very economical since the machines can offer two solutions in-one.

INDEX produces six series of multi-spindle automatics:

Compact series

The series INDEX MS16C/16CPLUS, MS22C and MS22C-8 are the smallest of INDEX’s multi-spindle automatics. They offer spindle clearance of 18 - 24 millimetres, a maximum spindle speed of 10,000 rpm, power of 15 kW, and a maximum torque of 18 Nm.

Mid-range series

The series INDEX MS32C2 and MS40C are the mid-sized machines in INDEX’s multi-spindle automatic range. They offer spindle clearance of 32 - 40 millimetres, a maximum spindle speed of 7,000 rpm, power of 13.5 - 24 kW, and a maximum torque of 32 - 57 Nm.

High-range series

The INDEX MS52C2 is the highest performing of all INDEX’s multi-spindle machines. It provides spindle clearance of 52 millimetres, a maximum spindle speed of 5000 rpm, power of 30 kW, and a maximum torque of 130 Nm.

Vertical turning centres

INDEX’s vertical turning centres are the ideal machines for efficiently processing turned parts in mid- to large-sized series. Parts are supplied through a balcony design, which is relatively unique within the sector. This feeding mechanism brings many benefits and is a real boon to productivity. The main advantage is that chips/shavings do not fall back onto the workpiece and thus do not impair precision.

INDEX offers two series of vertical turning centres.

The INDEX INDEX VC160C and VC160G can process workpieces with spindle diameters of up to 65 millimetres.

The G Series also features a counter-spindle, which provides a wealth of workpiece processing options and only requires one clamping procedure.

INDEX turn-mill centres

Turning and milling in one machine with just one chuck procedure – these are the benefits provided by an INDEX turn-mill centre.

INDEX produces six series of turn-mill centres:

Series R200 R300 G200 G220 G250 G400
INDEX G200 Turning milling machine

Compact machines

The RATIO LINE R200 and R300 are turn-mill centres, which have been designed for especially short components. They offer spindle clearance of up to 102 millimetres and spindle speeds of 5000 or 3500 rpm. Power of 24 or 52 kW and torque of 190 (R200) or 690 (R300) Nm enable the machines to attain extremely high levels of efficiency.

Mid-sized machines

The three G models (the G200, G220 and G250) are designed for turning lengths of up to 315 millimetres. A total of five machines are available. Spindle clearance in the G Series totals between 65 and 102 millimetres.

Large turn-mill centres

The RATIO LINE G400 model is the largest machine of this type produced by INDEX. There are two types within the range offering turning lengths of 1250 or 2000 millimetres, and spindle clearances of 90 or 102 millimetres.

INDEX turn-grind centres

Finishing sometimes requires a little extra in order to attain the desired tolerances and this is where grinding processes come into play. INDEX produces three models capable of achieving precision in the micrometre range.

The R200 and R300 turn-mill centres are also available as turn-grind centres. They enable grinding roundness precision between 0.1 to 0.5 μm.

The INDEX 160 C vertical turn-grind centre offers highly efficient, precise production and, if fitted with the right equipment, the machine can perform in-process measurements for 100% accurate quality control.

INDEX bar loaders

INDEX MBL-65 Bar loader

The two models of bar loader, the INDEX TRAUB MBL 65 and INDEX MBL 40-6, are the ideal solutions for feeding the company’s turning machines. Short set-up times, precise feeding and quick changing of material rods are the key features of these highly-efficient bar loaders and they are the perfect complement to lathe production lines.

Used INDEX machines

INDEX has from the very beginning focussed on manufacturing turning and milling machines, which are able of combining precision and productivity in the best possible way. This means used INDEX turning machines from any era were and still are amongst the best machines in the field.

Used INDEX lathes can thus provide an impressive boost to productivity in any company, even if they are twenty years old (or older). However, they still command high prices: well-maintained used machines of an average size from the late 1980s still require an outlay of more than 10,000 euros.

That said, some used INDEX turn-mill machines can be had for as little as 5,000 euros (or less), but these are mostly to be found in Eastern Europe and generally require overhauling before they can be put back into operation. Nevertheless, purchasing an affordable, used INDEX machine is well worth the expense if it is overhauled by professionals and brought back up to code. There are a number of companies in Germany offering this service so you can rest assured you will receive the support you need to start producing with a second-hand INDEX machine. Popular used machines include the INDEX B60 turret lathe, INDEX GB65, GFG250 and GU800 CNC lathes; and MS42 6-spindle lathe.

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