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LINDE H70D Diesel Forklift 7 t
0 Bids
31,500 €
19/12/2018 11:05
LINDE H50 LPG Forklift
0 Bids
18,900 €
LINDE H50D Diesel Forklift 5 t
0 Bids
15,800 €
19/12/2018 11:04
LINDE H30T LPG Forklift 3 t
0 Bids
12,900 €
19/12/2018 11:11
LINDE H40D Diesel Forklift 4 t
0 Bids
10,600 €
19/12/2018 11:03
LINDE H25D Diesel Forklift 2,5 t
0 Bids
10,600 €
19/12/2018 11:01
LINDE H25T LPG Forklift 2,5 t
0 Bids
10,500 €
19/12/2018 11:09
LINDE H16T LPG Forklift 1,6 t
0 Bids
9,800 €
19/12/2018 11:06
Top lot
LINDE H35D Diesel Forklift 3,5 t
0 Bids
9,800 €
19/12/2018 11:02
LINDE H18D Diesel Forklift 1,6 t
0 Bids
7,800 €
19/12/2018 11:00
LINDE E30 01 Electric Forklift
Vale de Cambra
11 Bids
7,150 €
Top lot
LINDE H 45 D Diesel Forklift Truck
Vale de Cambra
0 Bids
6,000 €
18/12/2018 12:33
LINDE L12 Pedestrian stacker 1,2t
0 Bids
2,900 €
19/12/2018 11:16
LINDE T 20S Pallet truck
2 Bids
1,500 €
LINDE H25TCT-600 Gas Fork Lift
0 Bids
1,500 €
22/01/2019 10:38
LINDE H25tT-03 LPG Fork Lift Truck
0 Bids
500 €
22/01/2019 10:39


  1. Linde’s wide selection of logistical vehicles
  2. LINDE products range
    1. Forklifts
    2. Storage solutions
    3. LINDE order pickers
    4. Transporting
  3. LINDE used machinery
LINDE Material Handling Logo
  • Founder: Carl von Linde
  • Founded: 1904
  • Location: München, DE
  • Range of products: handling equipment, storage solutions
  • Website:

Linde’s wide selection of logistical vehicles

Carl von Linde founded the Güldner-Motoren Company in Munich with Hugo Güldner and Georg von Krauss in 1904. In 1929, the company was acquired by Linde Eismaschinen AG. The first forklift with hydrostatic drive came onto the market in 1960. Linde Material Handling became part of the newly-formed KION Group in 2006.

LINDE – Products range

The range of products supplied by LINDE include electric forklifts and diesel-powered forklifts, gas-powered forklifts, low and high-lift trucks, narrow aisle equipment, reach trucks, order pickers, tow trucks and logistics trains. Automated vehicles also form part of the LINDE range. Linde produces a total of 80 series of machines.


In the category "stacking", LINDE has three series in the range with the V forklifts, E forklifts and heavy-lift trucks.

LINDE V forklifts

The V Forklift range features combustion engine forklift trucks – diesel- and gas-powered. The main areas of focus when developing these machines were efficient engines and robust designs. There are seven series of models on offer.

  • H14 - H20 EVO
  • H20 - H25 EVO
  • H25 - H35 EVO
  • H40 - H50 EVO
  • H50 - H80 EVO
  • HT100 - HT180 Ds
  • H100 - H180 D

LINDE H100D - H180D V Forklift

The V forklifts of the H14 – H20 EVGO series were designed for heavy-duty applications, indoors and outdoors. Their economical engines can be powered by diesel, gas, or natural gas. They also produce very low levels of emissions, which makes them ideal for use indoors.

The forklifts of the H20 – H25 EVO range, such as the popular LINDE H20T, are known for their robust design and high-performance. They are thus well-suited to applications in demanding environments.

For effective materials handling in continuous operation, look no further than LINDE’s H25 – H35 EVO series, such as the prevalent LINDE H25D and LINDE H30D. When designing these machines, the manufacturer ensured that as many components as possible are maintenance-free, which significantly reduces operating costs.

The LINDE H40 – H50 EVO forklifts include the renowned LINDE H40T and LINDE H45D. These forklifts provide additional safety thanks to the Linde Protector Frame and are capable of continuous high-performance using powerful engines, a hydrostatic drive and Linde’s load control system.

The robust forklifts from the H50 – H80 EVO range are highly regarded for their excellent operability and outstanding handling capacity.
The H50 – H80 V forklifts are fitted with the Linde Torsion Support system and a robust mast design, which ensures stability and reduces hazardous swinging loads by up to 30%. The H50 – 80/1100 EVO V forklifts also offer an ergonomically optimised work area for the driver at a height of 2,220 millimetres.

Particularly heavy loads are best handled by the LINDE H100 – H180 D forklifts. Innovative motor technology provides a high level of torque while maintaining low energy consumption.

The strengths of the HT100 – HT180 D forklifts are best appreciated when carrying loads over long distances, which they achieve with ease, in addition to specially designed components to ensure the driver always has a full view around the vehicle.

LINDE E forklifts

The E Forklift range features electrically driven forklift trucks – suitable for loads up to a maximum of 8,000 kilogrammes, they are known for their precision, manoeuvrability, and versatility. The manufacturer also produces a selection of seven models in their electric drive range:

  • E10
  • E12 - E20 EVO
  • E16 - E20 EVO
  • E20 - E35
  • E20 - E35 R
  • E35 - E50
  • E60 - E80

LINDE E20 - E35 R E Forklift

The E10 E forklift by is a true all-rounder. This electric counterbalance truck can handle loads of up 1,000 kilogrammes and its compact, flexible design makes it especially suited to use in indoor spaces. A robust chassis fully surrounds the operator’s driving platform to improve manoeuvrability and resilience.

The three E12 – E20 EVO forklifts feature a triple wheel configuration and original Linde centre-pivot axle to enable turns of up 180 degrees. These enable the truck to be used in very confined spaces, and other models, such as the E 12 – 20 L EVO trucks, are equipped with a Linde Protector Frame and redundant controls to further protect the driver.

The four-wheel E16 – E20 EVO trucks offer even more stability while retaining a compact size. Linde's combination axle allows the kingpins of the rear wheels to be rotated by 175 degrees without causing any damage to ground/floor underneath.

The E forklifts of the E20 – E35 range are versatile power-houses. These models are suitable for loads of between 2,000 and 3,500 kilogrammes and range from compact models to tall vehicles featuring long wheelbases for bulky loads.

The high-performance trucks in the Linde Roadster E20 – E35 R range are capable of loads between 2,000 and 3,000 kilogrammes and provide the driver with an almost panoramic view.

The universal load bearers in LINDE’s E35 – E50 line are powerful electric forklifts for loads between 3,000 and 5,000 kilogrammes. The Linde E35 – 50/600 HL is equipped with two three-phase motors and double pedal controls for top-rate handling.

The E forklifts of the E60 – E80 range are also high-performance electrical machines. Their load range is between 6,000 and 8,000 kilogrammes.

Storage solutions

LINDE, which is designed exclusively as an electric vehicle, is mainly intended for warehouse operations. Some types of forklifts such as the LINDE side-forklifts are not currently being produced and are only available on the marketplace of used machinery.

LINDE pallet stackers

Loads of up to 2,000 kilogrammes can be transported across any distance and height with electrically-powered LINDE stackers. Their narrow design makes them ideal for use in confined spaces and safety is guaranteed by three independent braking systems (including automatic braking) and four-point support for stability. The company also produces a range of these types: a total of 11 models in the D and L Series.

LINDE L14AP - L20AP Pallet Stacker
  • D06 & D08
  • D12 - D14 & D12 HP
  • D12 S/ SF
  • L06 - L16 AC
  • L10 - L12
  • L10 - L12 AS
  • L12 - L14 AP/SP
  • D12 - D14 AP/SP
  • L14 - L16 AS AP/AS
  • L14 - L20
  • L14 - L20 AP
  • L12 - L16 R/Ri

All the models feature a deep-set chassis and good visibility through the centre of the machine to ensure safe goods handling. Carefully designed operating elements make handling very simple and a low centre of gravity and high load-bearing capacity further enhance the stability of the pallet stackers.

The machines are available for a wide range of uses – in warehouses or the retail trade: LINDE pallet stackers are the number one choice in goods handling.

LINDE reach trucks

For optimal handling in confined warehouses at great heights, LINDE reach trucks are the ideal choice. Top manoeuvrability combined with an innovative assistance system, such as the automatic adaptation of lifting and driving speed, are on hand at all times to assist the driver and enable safe working.

LINDE R20 F - R25 F Reach Truck
  • R14 - R20 G
  • R14 - R17 X
  • R10 - R25
  • R10 - R16 B
  • R20 - R25 F

LINDE’s reach trucks have been designed to ensure the operator always has a full view of what is going on. Ergonomic seating and operating elements ensure comfortable working.

The trucks have been designed to work with ease at great heights by incorporating mast heights of 13 metres. The LINDE R16G, for instance, is suitable for expansive halls and yards thanks to its oversize wheels, vibration-damped drive unit and increased ground clearance.

LINDE very narrow aisle trucks

The aisle trucks from the VNA range were designed for handling tasks in especially narrow aisles. They are known for their high attention to safety while carrying/handling large loads. This is achieved by the powerful motors used by the manufacturer as well as an automated assistance system, Linde System Control, which adapts power depending on the situation/application.

LINDE order pickers

Minimising he amount of effort required by the operator was LINDE’s key focus in developing their order pickers since this is the only reliable way to optimise handling time in pick-and-place applications. The vehicles are designed in a modular fashion to ensure they are versatile and can be used in a wide selection of applications.

A total of seven models (V and N series) promise ergonomic operation using intuitively arranged operating elements, low heights at which driver enters, and plenty of space for terminals and optional equipment.

LINDE V10 Order Picker
  • N20 & N20 - N24 HP
  • N20 C
  • N20 L/Li
  • N20 Vi/Vli
  • V
  • V08
  • V10

LINDE’s high-shelving forklifts are suitable for almost any working height. The V model is capable of picking items from heights of up to 12 metres but any of their order-pickers would be the ideal way to simplify and enhance an entire goods handling process.


In the "transport" area, LINDE offers everything from simple pallet jacks to in-house transportation means used for longer distances.

LINDE pallet trucks

There is a wide range of pallet trucks featuring varying levels of equipment offering a maximum load-capacity of 3,300 kilogrammes.

LINDE CiTi One Pallet truck
  • CiTi one
  • M10 X/XE
  • M25
  • M25 Scale+
  • MT15
  • T 30
  • T 33 R
  • T14 S & T20 - T25 S/SF
  • T16 - T20
  • T16 L
  • T20 - T25 AP/SP
  • T20 R

The design of the T Series is compact and slender (the LINDE T20S, for example, is barely wider than a pallet). The LINDE T16 – LINDE T20 trucks are designed for use in confined truck-loading areas and are of a particularly rigid construction. They are efficient transporters of goods and can be precisely controlled for perfect materials handling.
The chassis is set very low and covers all of the wheels to ensure the user's feet do not come into contact with them. All the control elements are duplicated so they can be easily accessed by the user with both hands. There is also a SafetySpeed system which automatically adjusts the speed depending on the tiller position. Powerful, digitally controlled three-phase motors are used to drive the truck and ensure rapid acceleration. If required, there is also a booster effect to increase torque and overall performance.

The T20 – T25 AP–SP models are platform pallet trucks that can be covered into a full-service pedestrian model if needed. These models are highly regarded for their comfort, safety, and efficiency.

The CiTi one pallet truck is a dynamic goods delivery device that can be used with ease on narrow/uneven surfaces and footpaths.

LINDE logistical solutions

The FT08 – FT20 Linde factory trains are designed in modules and the LT06 – LT20 models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each segment of the train can bear loads of up to 2,000 kilogrammes.

LINDE tow tractors and platform trucks

LINDE produces a wide range of models within this segment. The manufacturer supplies seven series to ensure there is an ideal device for any application.

LINDE P30 Tow Tractor
  • P20 & W04
  • P250
  • P30
  • P30 - P50 C
  • P50
  • P60 - P80 & W08
  • W20

The P30 electric tow tractor and platform truck is a space-saving tractor solution and is suitable for transport operations over short- to mid-ranges. This especially applies to the P50 pedestrian tow tractor – its maximum towing load is five tons and features a top speed of 6 kilometres per hour.

Also agile and easy-to-manoeuvre in narrow aisles or elevators where there is limited space are the electric P20 and platform-based W04. Direct steering controls ensure a small turning circle and thus excellent manoeuvrability.

The P60 – P80 rider-seated tow tractors and W08 platform trucks offer lots of leg room, an adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel for maximum driving comfort. Depending on model, they can transport between six and eight tonnes and achieve a top speed of 20 km/h.

The P250 and W20 tow tractors can move very heavy loads over medium and long distances quickly and safely thanks to powerful electric motors and smooth hydraulic steering. They can tow up to 25 tonnes with ease while featuring a small turning radius and elegant design.

LINDE used machinery

Used LINDE trucks and forklifts can be found in large numbers on the second-hand industrial machinery market. Used LINDE machinery is so widely used because the company offers top-quality products and excellent service.

Prices for used LINDE forklifts start at 300–500 euros (mostly electric forklifts). Their main weak point, however, is the battery, which has as limited lifespan and is expensive to replace. Second-hand diesel-powered LINDE forklifts can be acquired for 1000 euros and above and they are highly recommended since they can be easily overhauled. There is a reliable supply of spare parts for LINDE material handling trucks from the manufacturer, as well as optional equipment for their forklifts, which is always an excellent way of increasing the range possible of applications of any given machine.

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