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MAKINO Kabushiki-gaisha - Used machinery at Surplex


  1. MAKINO Kabushiki-gaisha
  2. The History of MAKINO
  3. Products from MAKINO
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name:MAKINO
  • Employees: 3000
  • Location: Japan
  • Turnover: 126,81 billion YEN
  • Website:

MAKINO Kabushiki-gaisha

MAKINO is one of the global leaders in producing industrial machine tools. First established in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century, MAKINO developed into one of the leading companies on the market, constantly introducing innovations in the industry. Some of the most important innovations include machining centres and high-speed tools. Always committed to delivering the best services and products for its customers, MAKINO developed a number of departments that oversee the entire technological process of manufacturing machines.

The History of MAKINO

Tsunezo Makino first established the company in 1937, as a milling machine manufacturer. The breakthrough came in 1958, when MAKINO introduced the first numerically controlled milling machine. In 1966, the first machining centre in Japan was developed, while in 1970 the company expanded internationally. Ten years later, MAKINO expanded to North America. By acquiring the LEBLOND MACHINE TOOL Company, MAKINO becomes LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Company. Since then, the company continued to introduce a series of innovations in the field of machine manufacturing.

Products from MAKINO

Nowadays, MAKINO offers a complete range of services, dedicated to manufacturing machines. It includes a software company, an engineering services one and a financing company, in order to provide a total package of services and products, all delivered with the highest standard of quality in mind. MAKINO also provides automation systems, machine tool supplies and integration services. At the same time, the company offers specialized training, via online courses and face-to-face sessions. Some of the most successful products it offers include graphite milling machine, horizontal and vertical machining centers or electrical discharge machines.

The Company in Numbers

With its headquarters in Japan, the company has over 3000 employees, in both Americas and Asia. In the Americas, MAKINO has twelve tech centers, in Ohio, Michigan, California, Illinois, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. In Europe, MAKINO has centers in France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey. In 2013, the revenue or sales of MAKINO amounted to 126.81 billion yen.

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