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MORBIDELLI Author 502 CNC Machining Center
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MORBIDELLI - Used machinery at Surplex


  2. The History of the Company
  3. Products from MORBIDELLI
  • Founded: 1967
  • Location: Pesaro, Italy
  • Industry:CNC machining centers
  • Website:


MORBIDELLI is an Italian company which, amongst other things, specialise in the production of machines for wood working including the production of furniture material. The company design elaborate CNC machining centers which allows for faster work and, thanks to the high technology, they can be programmed to fulfil a task with barely any need for human intervention.

The History of the Company

The foundation of this company goes back to the year 1910, although the name MORBIDELLI didn't appear until the mid 60's. In the beginning, the company was focused mainly in the design and production of tools for wood working, but afterwards MORBIDELLI also started producing racing motorcycles which won world championships. In 1985, MORBIDELLI was absorbed by the SCM Group corporation, and its activity was reduced to the production of machinery for forest exploitation and CNC Machining Centers. Other branches of the SCM group operate in the fields of panel saws, grinding, colouring, presses, automation, edge banding, assembly, packaging and automation.

Products from MORBIDELLI

The Italian company specialises in the production of CNC Machining Centers, including drilling and milling. These machines are automatic, so they can be programmed and barely require any human intervention to perform a task. This decreases the production cost for the clients, allowing for fast and efficient production with their pioneering technologies. Installation services are also available from the company, which guarantees the correct performance of the CNC machining center from the very first moment; formation, support and customer service are also constantly available.

MORBIDELLI can boast of a wide range of CNC drilling and milling centers, with the M600 and REM200 models in particular being 2 excellent machines which stand out from their competitors. With their compact 5 axis AUTHOR M200 machine, a whole series of 3 axis CNC universal machining systems, and their Zenith and PowerFlex vertical drilling machines, MORBIDELLI offers high-tech solutions for efficient mass production. Their machines facilitate dynamic and precise manufacturing capacities which reduce unwanted downtime, allowing for maximum productivity and high-quality results to be achieved.

Used MORBIDELLI CNC Wood Machining Centers
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