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  • Founder: Eiichi Okuma
  • Founded: 1898
  • Headquarters: Ōguchi, JP
  • Product range: Machining equipment
  • Website:

120 years of quality from OKUMA

OKUMA is a Japanese manufacturer of tool machines. The company was founded in 1898 and is a mainstay of the Japanese machining industry. OKUMA took its time in expanding internationally but is now a global player. The first branch offices in the USA and Europe only arrived on the scene in 1976 and today OKUMA operates a worldwide network of offices and production sites. The company’s core business area is the manufacture of machining equipment.

OKUMA metalworking machinery

OKUMA manufactures lathes as well as turning-milling centres. Their range of machines can process turned parts with diameters and lengths of up to 2000 and 4000 millimetres respectively. Popular models include the OKUMA LB15 CNC lathe, OKUMA LB 200 ‘SpaceTurn’ and the OKUMA LB10 CNC turning centre.

OKUMA lathes

OKUMA manufactures horizontal and vertical lathes as well as turning-milling centres. Their range of machines can process turned parts with diameters and lengths of up to 2000 and 4000 millimetres respectively. Popular models include the OKUMA LB15 CNC lathe, OKUMA LB 200 ‘SpaceTurn’ and the OKUMA LB10 CNC turning centre.

Horizontal lathes

OKUMA has a total of eight series of horizontal turning machines in its range, one of which is the widely-used OKUMA LB45 lathe. They are all solutions for a range of programme-controlled longitudinal turning applications. Turning diameters and turning lengths of up to 600 and 4000 millimetres respectively ensure there is a suitable model of machine for every metalworking task.

Their developments in the field of hard-turning and rapid production are also key in their success as is their use of highly rigid, oversized components, which make their machines especially durable. This enables very hard metals to be processed with consistently high-quality results. OKUMA facilitates tandem/simultaneous processing on its horizontal lathes to enable short processing times and maximal productivity.

Series Genos L LBIII SpaceTurn LB EX L250 LB35III LB2000 EXII L200[E]-M LB45III LB2500 EXII L300[E]-M LB3000 EXII L400[E] LB4000 EXII

Vertical lathes

OKUMA VTM 200 Vertical lathe

OKUMA produces four series of vertical lathes, which have been designed for short components with wide diameters. The fixed processing position means components only need to be clamped on one side. The company produces a range of 16 lathes capable of turning diameters of 400-2000 mm and turning lengths of up to 1200 mm. Twin designs with two processing areas are featured in some of the series to achieve particularly high productivity.

Series V-Serie 2SP-V VTM V40R V40 VTM-65 V60R V60 VTM-100 V80R V80 VTM-200 V100R V760EX V760EX V920EX

Turning-milling centres

OKUMA MULTUS U3000 Laser EX Tunring milling centre

Turning and milling on one machine can be invaluable to some applications and OKUMA even goes above and beyond by enabling subtractive and additive procedures to be performed on their turning-milling centres. There are five series featuring 16 models of innovative, high-performance OKUMA machines, which can be used on components with diameters between 600 and 3500 mm and lengths of up to 6000 mm. The five multi-tasking machines of the LASER EX Series are especially interesting in that they can also performing coating and curing processes, in addition to turning and milling.

Series Laser EX MULTUS B MULTUS U MU5000V B200II U3000 MU-6300V B300II U4000 MU-8000V B400II U5000 MULTUS U3000 Laser EX B550 MULTUS U4000 Laser EX B750

OKUMA machining centres

OKUMA MCV-AII Gantry milling machine

OKUMA’s range of machining centres is just as comprehensive as their lathes. The manufacturer produces CNC mills of the following types:

  • Vertical machining centres
  • Horizontal machining centres
  • 5-axis machining centres
  • Gantry milling machines

Vertical machining centres

The vertical machining centres are available from five series with a total of twelve models. They offer travel distances of 560 x 460 x 460 up to 3050 x 1060 x 800 mm³. Depending on the model, the machines are designed for optimal processing with a focus on either speed, precision or particularly hard materials.

Series Genos M Ace Center MB-V MP-46V M460R-VE MB-46VA/B M560R-V MB-56VA/B MB-66VA/B MF-46VA/B

Horizontal machining centres

The horizontal machining centres offer high process speed, extensive functions and top precision while observing the narrowest tolerances. There are three models to choose between that can process workpieces with dimensions of 560 x 560 x 625 up to 1000 x 900 x 1.000 mm.

Series MB-H MA-HII Space Center MA-H MB-4000H MA-500HII MA-400HA MB-5000H MA-600HII MA-800BH MB-8000H MA-1250H MB-10000H

5-axis machining centres

OKUMA’s 5-axis machining centres have been designed for components featuring especially complex shapes and contours. In addition to being able to produce almost angle, radius and cavity, these machines also offer high-performance solutions for increasing process speed. This enables especially demanding products to be created in a short space of time. This range of devices features four series and nine models, including the prevalent OKUMA MA 40 HA horizontal machining centre, capable of workpieces u to 400 kg. They can process components with dimensions of 762 x 460 x 460 up to 2250 x 2.000 x 1400 mm.

Series MU-S600V Universal Center MU-V Universal Center MU-1000H MU-400VII MU-4000V MU-5000V MU-6300V MU-8000V

Gantry milling machines

The gantry milling machines created by OKUMA are intended for manufacturing especially large and heavy components. They are primarily used in the production of highly-precise one-off items with weights up to several tonnes. OKUMA offers two series of gantry milling machines that can work on components with dimensions of 2000 x 1600 x 1000 up to 12200 x 4100 x 1200 mm. A total of four gantry models are available.


OKUMA grinding machines

OKUMA GI-10NII Grinding machine

Sometimes, machining processes are not quite precise enough, which is why the last few micrometres of a workpiece need to be attended to by a different device to achieve the desired tolerances. OKUMA offers three series of grinding machines – a total of ten models – to perform this application which are unique on the international marketplace. OKUMA is a pioneer and market-leader in precision grinding technology. In addition to achieving the desired precision and dimensional tolerances, OKUMA’s grinding machines can also make a decisive contribution towards efficiency and productivity. They are easy to integrate into an existing production line and ensure consistently high quality thanks to their computerised controls. OKUMA grinders can process workpieces with diameters of between 150 and 400 mm.


OKUMA’s proprietary solution for computer numerical control forges new paths in functionality and features intuitive handling and compatibility with a wide range of materials. In contrast to traditional, process-controlled CNC programmes, the OSP-P300 by OKUMA uses significantly more advanced approaches: entering workpiece coordinates is intuitive thanks to the EASY OPERATION and WINDOWS interfaces, and integrated data management increases the usability and programme efficiency of OKUMA CNC machines to a great extent. A popular model of CNC lathe is the OKUMA LC30, generally dating from the 1980s.

Used OKUMA machines

OKUMA has been involved in the production of metalworking machinery for almost 120 years, however, the company’s first European outpost in Germany only arrived in 1978. As such, there are hardly any second-hand OKUMA machines to be found with early build dates.

This is good news for those looking for CNC machinery since models such as OKUMA’s LB15 slant bed lathe are well represented on the used market with build dates in the 1980s. Other popular used devices include the LS 540 high-precision lathe, which features a sturdy cast-steel machine body to provide outstanding durability. The innovation seen in today’s product range is still reflected in the second-hand machines available, which makes buying a used OKUMA machine highly recommended. Most of the OKUMA machines to be found on the used machinery marketplace are lathes and milling machines, which came equipped with powerful computerised controls from a very early date. Even the oldest second-hand OKUMA lathes still command prices of up to 3500 euros, and the newer the device; the higher the price. Ten-year old devices, for instance, can cost upwards of 100,000 euros. Thanks to excellent customer service, investing in a used OKUMA machine is always a wise decision.

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