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OTT Omegatronic 110 Wide Belt Sander
OTT S10 Edge banding machine
Austria, 2281 Raasdorf

OTT S10 Edge banding machine

The Paul Ott GmbH company, based in Lambach, Austria, is a manufacturer of machining equipment for wooden materials. The company has been in existence since 1968 and has made a name for itself in the field of highly-efficient edgebanding. In addition to gluing equipment for chipboard and plywood, Paul Ott GmbH also offers a range of interesting system solutions for efficient large-scale serial production.

The unique selling point of OTT equipment is the unusual way in which the machines are configured. Instead of using wide beams and cast-iron base frames, OTT uses vertical tubular constructions for putting together their systems. This enables very slender, compact designs ideal for use in confined spaces.

OTT is a machinery producer specialising in the processing of wooden materials. Edgebanding machines account for the majority of OTT’s machinery range, but the company also produces other devices, such as turning stations, to facilitate the machining of wooden materials on all sides, even on equipment only capable of applying adhesives on one side. OTT has withdrawn from the market for machining equipment, such as milling and grinding machines, and also no longer offer classic veneer presses. The only new devices currently available from OTT are edgebanding machines and handling systems.

OTT edgebanding machines

The company produces six different series of edgebanders each with impressive sounding names based on types of storms, which hint at the efficiency and rapidity of their machines. Their edgebanders achieve this while remaining highly reliable and producing consistently high-quality results.

The TORNADO+ edgebander is designed to work on a wide spectrum of precursor materials, with solid panels and chipboard being the focus. The TORNADO+ is also capable of processing relatively weak coiled materials. Panel edging as thin as 0.3 – 15 millimetres can be processed, including on panels as thick as 6 centimetres. The machine is 6.20 metres long.

The TWISTER edgebanding machine can process edges measuring between 0.4 and 10 millimetres, and panels with thicknesses of up to 6 centimetres. It features an overall length of 7.3 metres. The key selling point of the TWISTER is its especially rapid working speed.

The popularity of the STORM+ device is the ability to incorporate two grooving units, as well as profile and flat scrapers, and various finishing units. The STORM+ is 7.8 metres in length.

The STRONGEDGE is a universal machine for processing veneer and solid wood, as well as coiled materials, such as plastics. It can perform machining on edges measuring 0.2 – 25 millimetres. The STRONGEDGE is 8.6 metres in length and its feed rate of 12 – 20 metres per minutes enables it to achieve very high levels of productivity.

The TOPEDGE edgebander offers a particularly large array of features for serial production, such as grooving, sanding and cleaning units. It is designed for edging on plastics and solid wood, including particle board and plywood. It can process panels up to 60 millimetres in width (optional: 80 mm) and work on edges measuring 0.2 to 20 millimetres. In the smaller version, the TOPEDGE S, it measures 9.2 metres in length, whereas the larger TOP EDGE L version is 10.2 metres long.

No longer in production, the OTT RONDOMAT was highly versatile small-corner rounding machine designed to process symmetrical and asymmetrical edges. The OTT ATLANTIC and OTT PACIFIC edgebanders, withdrawn from production in the 1990s, also formed part of their product range.

OTT presses

OTT used to provide the market with a wide range of presses, such as the popular OTT JU, STABIL, PRESSOMAT and JUNIOR series. Despite their success, the manufacturer withdrew from the veneer press field, which is why their veneer presses are only available on the second-hand market.

A regrettable move for fans of their machinery, but OTT still provides good services to keep older presses in successful operation. Replacement parts and documentation are easy to obtain for used OTT veneer presses. Second-hand OTT presses can be found for as little as 4000 euros in our marketplace.

OTT grinding machines

OTT grinding machines, such as the broad belt grinder, are also now only available through the second-hand market. Their technically simple throughfeed grinding machines were given a sturdy and durable design, which ensures their older devices remain in good shape even to this day. The manufacturer also provides extensive services and replacement parts for used OTT grinding machines.

A wide and interesting selection of used OTT woodworking machinery can be found on the second-hand market, the majority of which are presses and grinding machines, which can be obtained at a relatively low cost. Used OTT edgebanders, by contrast, are considerably more expensive due to their technical complexity.

It should be noted that there is also another machinery manufacturer bearing the name OTT, specialising in sliding table saws, but this is not affiliated with the Paul Ott company.

Today, OTT focusses solely on edgebanding machines, but is still on hand to help with replacement parts for used OTT presses and grinding machines. However, used OTT machines can also be repaired/overhauled using standard parts and components. As far as wear parts are concerned, such as brushes or heating cables, second-hand OTT machines are mostly low-maintenance, which is what makes them so popular on second-hand marketplaces.