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RÖHM RKE-125 Machine Vise
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27/09/2018 11:02
RÖHM 3 Hydraulic Double Piston Cylinders
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25/09/2018 14:42
RÖHM 3-jaw chuck
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RÖHM MK4 Lot of Tailstock Centres
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26/09/2018 14:30

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  1. RÖHM GmbH
  2. The History of the Company
  3. Products from RÖHM
  4. The Company in Numbers
  • Name: RÖHM
  • Employees: 1500
  • Location: Sontheim
  • Turnover: 140 Million EUR
  • Website:


RÖHM GmbH is the pioneer of clamping technology, and this has remained the core of their business until today. The company has its headquarters in Sontheim an der Brenz in Baden-Württemberg.

The History of the Company

The company was founded in 1909 by Heinrich Röhm. The first location was in Zella- Mehlis in Thüringen. The revolutionary discovery made by chuck manufacturers revolutionised the very archaic drilling technology. The key type drill chuck that was used for decades by default is based on the Heinrich RÖHM’s inventions.

The mass production of these precision tools in 1939 was the first time that products of this kind were produced on mass. During the Second World War, RÖHM had about 1,400 employees. After the end of the war, any production machines found in the Soviet occupation zone were seized. When Heinrich Röhm was 63 years old he started from the beginning again and turned old military equipment back into precision tools. A factory was opened in Dillingen as early as 1953. The company grew and expanded so successfully that they were able to open numerous international branches. RÖHM GmbH has been certified with ISO 9001 since 1995. Due to the financial crisis, the company lost 80 million EUR in revenue. They used the crisis to spend time developing innovative products, which helped them grow again.

Products from RÖHM

The range of products made by RÖHM GmbH includes chucks, lathes chucks, vices, gripping technology, power chuck technology, mandrel, tool clamping systems and custom-made constructions. RÖHM GmbH creates hand operated drilling machines for the handiwork sector, as well as industrial, stationary drilling machines with associated chucks and accessories.

Since 2008, RÖHM GmbH has found innovative ways to use hydraulics in clamping and gripping systems using electro-magnetic motors. Hydraulic systems have the disadvantage that they need to permanently be held under pressure. Therefore, they also require energy, if the machine tool does not work.

Hydraulic systems are not so efficient and therefore using other methods of power ensures a higher level of energy efficiency and a more precise level of control. This also eliminates other potential disadvantages that one might have when using a hydraulically operated machine: high levels of internal pressure, which could lead to leakages and other dangers; the dependence on hydraulic oil and hydraulic components; the high level of maintenance needed for hydraulic systems.

The Company in Numbers

RÖHM is located in Sontheim, a town in the south of Germany. The company has currently around 1500 workers and in 2011 registered a turnover of 140 Million euros.

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