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STILL DFG 1.5/7001 Diesel forklift
Germany, 73235 Weilheim Teck

STILL DFG 1.5/7001 Diesel forklift

STILL FM-X 12 Reach Truck
Germany, 73061 Ebersbach

STILL FM-X 12 Reach Truck

STILL R60-16 Electric Forklift
Germany, 31655 Stadthagen

STILL R60-16 Electric Forklift

STILL ECU 16 Fork Lift electric
Germany, 46342 Velen-Ramsdorf

STILL ECU 16 Fork Lift electric

STILL RX70-50/600 Forklift 5000 kg
Germany, 42929 Wermelskirchen

STILL RX70-50/600 Forklift 5000 kg

This company is a traditional German manufacturer of forklifts and warehouse technology. It has been active in the field of electrical technology since its founding in 1920. In 1949, the founder Hans STILL expanded the company to produce their first proprietary forklift within the field of intralogistics. STILL was part of Linde AG from 1973 until its spin-off into the newly created KION Group in September 2006.

STILL GmbH’s current product range includes forklift trucks with electric motors and diesel- and gas-powered forklifts. STILL also manufactures pallet trucks, low-level order pickers and tow tractors. The warehouse technology range rounds off STILL GmbH’s products for internal logistics. STILL also operates its own marketplace for second-hand devices.

STILL forklifts

As a provider of solutions for internal logistics, forklifts are part of STILL’s core product range:

Variants Electric trucks Diesel Forklifts Reach trucks Order picking stacker trucks RX 50 RX 70 FM-X MX-X / MX-Q RX 20 FM-X SE GX-X / GX-Q RX 60 FM-4W

The electrically-operated transport vehicles of series RX 50, RX 20 and RX 60 are available with two or three wheels and can carry a variety of loads, such as a maximum of one tonne or even eight tonnes in total. Within the same performance range, four-wheeled gas- or diesel-powered forklifts from series RX 70 and RX 70 Hybrid can be used to shift heavy loads.

Reach trucks and order picking stacker trucks for narrow aisles also form part of the STILL electric forklift range.

The manufacturer also supplies used forklifts classified into three quality levels. Gold class forklifts are overhauled in the workshop and are given new batteries and a fresh lick of paint. Second-hand forklifts from the silver class are workshop-verified, the batteries will be in a functional condition and the paintwork will have been touched up. STILL also provides a manufacturer’s warranty for their gold and silver used forklifts.

Used STILL forklifts classed as ‘bronze’ are operationally-ready, feature an intact battery, and are the most cost-effective solution.

STILL pallet trucks

The range of pallet trucks produced by STILL is even more extensive than that of their forklifts:

Variants Hand pallet trucks Pedestrian low lift pallet trucks High lift pallet trucks HPS EXU EXV 10-14C HPT EXU-H EXV 14-20 EXU-S EXV-SF EXU-SF FV-X SXH EXD / EXD-SF FU-X EXD-S FS-X EXD 18 ECU SXD ECU-FS EXP CiTi-One EXG ESM

This category includes traditional hand pallet jacks, or ‘ants’, and as well as STILL scissor hand trucks from series HPT and HPS, which are capable of carrying loads of three or two-and-a-half tonnes respectively. The CiTi pedestrian low-lift truck is an especially lightweight model capable of carrying loads up to half a tonne.

The low-lift pallet truck range features electrical drives from series ECU, XU and above. The SF versions come equipped with a fold-out driver platform, while the S versions feature a fixed platform. STILL's high lift pallet trucks feature in series EXD, SXD, EXP and EXV and feature load bearing capacities of up to two tonnes.

Used models of STILL hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks are a cost-effective alternative to buying a brand-new device.

STILL order pickers

STILL’s order pickers also come in a wide variety of models. They include horizontal and vertical order pickers of various types, which are also available with automated controls.

The types are:

  • EK-X
  • COP
  • COP-L 07
  • Ergopick
  • iGo neo CX 20

The STILL Ergopick horizontal order pickers, for example, feature a vacuum gripper for handling loads of up to 40 kg. Vertical order pickers, such as the STILL EK Series, can lift loads of up to 1.5 tonnes to heights of 15 metres. By contrast, horizontal order pickers are appreciated for their amazing manoeuvrability. Order pickers, such as STILL SU or STILL SV can manage loads of up to 2 tonnes.

Those looking to buy a second-hand STILL order picker will be able to cut investment costs by several hundred euros.

STILL electric trucks

The electrical trucks division provides vehicles capable of towing loads between 1 and 25 tonnes, which have a load capacity of between 400 kilos and 2 tonnes. Some of the vehicles are designed as simple tow tractors, such as the STILL CX-T series.

The types are:

  • LTX 20 / LTX-T 04
  • LTX 70 / LTX-T 08
  • R 07
  • R 08
  • CX-T

Other electric trucks, such as the STILL EFW series, are like flatbed trucks and can thus also be used to transport materials.

Used electric STILL trucks can be the perfect solution for intralogistics in this cost-intensive market segment.

In addition to the handling devices already presented, which can be used to load, unload and relocate goods, STILL offers a large selection of racking systems and logistics software and automated systems, such as for driver assistance. This includes pallet and cantilever racking, shelving, drive-in and drive-through racking, PalletShuttle systems, as well as platform facilities. With their wide selection of warehouse technology, STILL is a complete provider for all your intralogistical needs.

Thanks to over 75 years’ presence on the German market and top quality manufacturing, second-hand STILL forklifts and STILL trucks are a great choice. There are many STILL forklift replacement parts available due to exclusive production within Germany and an uninterrupted business history. The same applies accordingly to other product areas incorporated into STILL’s portfolio after the introduction of STILL forklift trucks. The manufacturer has a wide range of used handling/warehouse technology on offer, which includes workshop-verified devices and machines which have been fully overhauled in a STILL workshop.

Used machines from STILL are available at the numerous industrial auctions at Surplex. The continuously updated offers are worth a regular visit to the platform.