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STRIEBIG Standard 6220 A Vertical Panel Saw
STRIEBIG EVOLUTION 6224 Vertical panel saw

Unlike many other manufacturers in the woodworking industry, STRIEBIG focusses on just one product: vertical panel saws. By choosing not to diversify their product range, the company can focus all their efforts on creating the absolute best vertical panel saws in the world.

STRIEBIG has five series of vertical panel saws in its range. Each is more technically advanced than the last, which enables STRIEBIG to supply the right saw for every need.

Series 4D COMPACT CONTROL EVOLUTION STANDARD 6224-70/80 6220 6224 6224 6224 6224-95/130 6207 6216 6216 6216 6164 6168 6168 6168 5220 5224 5224 5224 5207 5216 5216 5216 5164 5168 5168 5168 4220 4224 4224 4224 4207 4216 4216 4216 4164 4168 4168 4168


The COMPACT is the entry-level device for vertically sawing wooden chipboard. It is a relatively affordable device but can only be operated manually. The AV version, however, does feature a mechanical feed mechanism.

This basic model of the COMPACT range can be expanded with a wide selection of optional features. These include automatic sawing procedures, a scoring saw unit, a digital measurement system, angle cutting unit, strip cutting gauge for 400 mm or 600 mm, and workpiece locking mechanism.


The STANDARD is offered in two series: the TRK1 and TRK2. The difference lies in the workpiece support: the TRK1 support wall is made from birch wood. The TRK2 support wall is automatically adjusting and features aluminium slats with plastic supports.

Further features of the STANDARD include: small workpiece support, digital measuring system, paper holder for documentation and notes, angle cutting unit, central support high-end frame, and grooving and routing unit.

This series consists of 9 versions with cutting areas of 5300 x 2240 mm up to 3300 x 1680 mm.


The Evolution offers maximum usability using hand-guided controls. A touch screen is used to operate the device and vacuum extraction makes bottom edge trimming especially easy.

Extensive accessories:

  • 4SB - bottom edge trimming
  • EPS.x - electronic positioning system for horizontal x-axes
  • VSA - scoring unit
  • WSG - angle cutting device
  • VV - groove device for composite panels and adjustment grooving tool - central support high-end frame and paper holder
  • SSD - saw motor with infinitely variable speed
  • Cutting depth of 100 mm
  • Saw motor with 2 speeds
  • Special voltage
  • Tropical insulation

The Evolution is available in nine models capable of cutting areas between 5300 x 2240 mm and 3300 x 1680 mm.


The CONTROL is an automated vertical panel saw. It also features ‘Touch and Saw’ controls. The desired cut is inputted via USB or programmed in on the touch screen display. The cut is then shown on the workpiece using a laser. The end of the panel is identified automatically.

The CONTROL can be expanded with the following options:

  • Scoring unit (saves saw blades) 4SB for bottom edge trimming
  • GFK - central support high-end frame
  • EPS.x - touch-controlled programming
  • Angle cutting unit
  • Grooving and routing unit

This panel saw is available in seven models with cutting dimensions of 5300 x 2240 mm up to 3300 x 1680 mm.


The 4D Striebig saw – the 4th dimension - adds to the CONTROL’s automatic functions with a range of additional features. These include automatic panel-lowering, automatic panel-sliding and panel optimisation to ensure full exploitation of the material.

Those looking for a used STRIEBIG panel saw, such as a STRIEBIG 6220, may have a long wait on their hands: the machines are of such high quality that they rarely find their way onto the second-hand market. Those on the market are generally 30 years old or more, but even still, they rarely sell for less than 2500 euros. The high price tag is also surprising due to the fact their machines are relatively simple in technical terms. This goes to show the benefits of Swiss manufacture and even used STRIEBIG panel saws are hard to beat.

It’s hard to go wrong when purchasing a second-hand STRIEBIG vertical panel saw and they are very easy to get back into operation thanks to their simple technology. However, you should be prepared for some wear on the motor and guides, but this is simple to rectify thanks to the outstanding customer service the company provides. It is always worth getting in contact with the company to see if there are any useful additions you could make to your second-hand STRIEBIG saw. If there are, the modular design of STRIEBIG vertical panel saws means any optional extras you choose can be fitted with ease.