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  • Founding year: 1914
  • Location: Moutier, CH
  • Products: Lathes for metalworking
  • Website:


The Swiss company TORNOS, headquartered in Moutier in the Jura district, has been producing lathes since its founding in 1914. TORNOS joined forces with Bechler in 1981 to form TORNOS-Bechler, but reverted to TORNOS once it was listed on the stock market in 2001. Today, TORNOS Holding is active around the world and is a highly regarded producer of sliding head machines.

TORNOS lathes

There are a wide number of TORNOS lathes providing solutions for a host of applications, including highly complex workpieces. TORNOS’s range of machines focusses on numerically-controlled (NC), single-spindle machines, as well as NC and cam-controlled multi-spindle machines, and CNC machining centres, such as lathes from the TORNOS CNC machine range. The machines produced by TORNOS feature a turning diameter range of 1 to 32 millimetres and are easy to operate.

TORNOS Swiss-type lathes

TORNOS’s Swiss-type lathes (long-stock turning machines) include the following series:

Series EvoDECO Swiss ST Swiss GT Swiss DT SwissNano CT Models EvoDECO 10/10 Swiss ST 26 Swiss GT 32 Swiss DT 13 CT 20 EvoDECO 10/8 Swiss GT 32B Swiss DT 26 EvoDECO 16/10 Swiss GT 26 EvoDECO 16/8 Swiss GT 26B EvoDECO 20 Swiss GT 13 EvoDECO 32

All the series feature tool systems with a modular design. The number of axes is between four and ten (depending on series and model).

The six models in the EvoDECO range are the most productive high-performance machines on the market and are the company’s top models.

The only machine within the Swiss ST Series is the ST 26, which is a high-performance, mid-range Swiss-type lathe. The Swiss ST 26 is available in three basic versions: Starter, Advanced and Medical

The Swiss GT lathes are the ideal choice for versatility and cost-effectiveness.

The two Swiss DT machines, on the other hand, are ideal for conventional applications and long/short workpieces.

For precision on a watchmaker level, choose the SwissNano: the micro and nano precision specialist. This device is the ultimate choice for processing tiny parts. The robust and powerful CT 20 Swiss-type lathe was designed to create low- and mid-complexity parts and features a total of 25 tool positions.

TORNOS multispindle lathes

Multispindle lathes enable four to six times higher productivity than single spindle machines thanks to optimal serialisation of operations.

MulitSigma, MultiAlpha and MultiSwiss – these are the names of TORNOS’s multiple spindle devices. A selection of either 13 or 7/9 axes are available, depending on model.

Classification Multi-spindle machines MultiSwiss Lathes Series MultiAlpha MultiSigma MultiSwiss Models MultiAlpha 8x28 MultiSigma 8x28 MultiSwiss 6x16 MultiSwiss 8x26 MultiSwiss 6x32

The two multispindle machines (MultiSigma and MultiAlpha) offer the highest level of precision and productivity. The two machines differ in terms of secondary operations: totally independent on the MultiAlpha, or executed on the central slide on the MultiSigma.

The three machines of the MultiSwiss Series combine the benefits of single- and multiple spindle machines. First produced in 2011, these machines were the very first multispindle devices with a moving headstock. The rapid speed of these machines is almost as fast as the rate achieved by cam-controlled multispindle devices. The MultiSwiss 6x16 is primarily chosen for small-diameter applications. The MulitSwiss 8x26’s eight spindles make it a highly versatile device, while bars measuring up to 32 millimetres in diameter are the key feature of the MultiSwiss 6x32.

TORNOS bar feeders

The Robobar SBF combines the benefits of bar feeders and lathes in a single device. The bar feeders for single-spindle lathes can easily be integrated into the corresponding EvoDECO, Swiss ST and Sigma machines for full versatility. There are zero interface issues thanks to the loading magazine and machine forming their own complete system, which also means there is only one set of controls acting on both the machine and loading mechanism. The bar feeders are compact in size and are easy to programme and operate.

There are five versions of each TORNOS bar feeder with bar capacities of up to 150 bars (for diameters of 2 mm) to ensure plenty of scope for potential applications.

  • SBF 212e
  • SBF 216e
  • SBF 320e
  • SBF 326e
  • SBF 532

TORNOS used machinery

Used TORNOS devices are found in large numbers on the second-hand industrial machinery market. The company is a market-leader in the field of turning technology and sells its equipment around the world. TORNOS also operates its own second-hand division but it is rather limited in scope.

Sometimes still referred to using their old name, popular devices include the TORNOS-BECHLER Deco 2000 – a 10-axis CNC Sliding Head Auto Lathe, as well as the TORNOS-BECHLER ENC 264 automatic lathe.

Their technologically advanced machines are a wise investment, new or second-hand, with the most prevalent models coming from the EvoDECO Series. The oldest models to be found are primarily from the ENC Series. Their multiple-spindle MultiSigma and MultiAlpha machines, on the other hand, are rare to find due to their more restricted application scope.

The option of integrating a bar feeder has led to a great number of used TORNOS machines having already been updated and enhanced before they reach the second-hand market.

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