Subasta Subasta Surplex para la carpintería (Marzo)

Canteadora FELDER Tempora F400 45.03L

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Canteadora FELDER Tempora F400 45.03L
Número de artículo
Tempora F400 45.03L
Año de fabricación
Gastos de desmontaje y carga (obligatorio)
800,00 €
Gastos de transporte
no incluidos
Condiciones de entrega
FCA, cargado en camión
Condiciones de pago
100% previo cobro
cargador de canto para (no. de rollos)
1 -fold roller
espesor de canto
3 mm
espesor de la pieza de trabajo
45 mm
9 m/min
Tupí de entrada
Grupo de encolado
Grupo retestador
Grupo de devaste plano
Grupo de radios
Grupo de formas
Grupo rascador plano
Grupo rascador de radios
Grupo de cepillos de limpieza
Dimensiones (L x anch. x alt.)
3.600 x 1.250 x 1.500 mm
Peso aprox.
2.000 kg
Little used machine ( glue roller was only used 129 hours)

machine stand Tempora 45.03L:
  • the machine stand of the edge banding machine tempora 45.03L is made of thick-walled electro-welded steel construction.
  • high stability is achieved by ribbing within the stand.
m-motion control:
  • with swivelling 10.4" smartouch
  • unlimited memory for user-defined edging programmes
  • fine adjustment of path parameters simplest, self-explanatory display of units and functions
  • adhesive temperature setting, automatic temperature reduction of the adhesive in stand-by mode
  • optimisation of edge protrusion during front and rear pre-capping plain text error messages Maintenance schedule, running metre counter
chain feed for tempora 45.03L:
  • feed speed 9 m/min
  • drive motor 1.5 kW (S6)
  • precision running and guide surfaces
  • minimum. workpiece length 140 mm
  • minimum. workpiece width 70 mm
  • segmented, rubberised support pads with quick-change system.
  • the minimum workpiece width varies with workpiece lengths, height and surface finish.

turntable edge magazine for roller edge material 0.4-3 mm:
  • ball bearing mounted turntable for roll edge material.
  • diameter of turntable 740 mm.
  • edge thickness 0.4-3 mm

pull-out frame for tempora 45.03:
  • extendable workpiece support extendable up to 450 mm
  • with roller conveyor for ergonomic working with larger workpieces

upper pressure beam tempora 45.03:
  • pressure beam made of welded, torsion-resistant steel construction.
  • manually adjustable workpiece height 8-45 mm. Smooth, double-row staggered upper pressure rollers ensure even pressure distribution on the workpiece.
  • workpiece distance monitoring with traffic light.

edge feed for roll material:
  • a driven, rubberised feed roller feeds the roll materials to the workpiece.
  • the drive ensures synchronous feed of workpiece and edge, thus minimising edge protrusion and avoiding glue smearing on the leading and trailing edge.
  • edge thickness 0.4-3.0 mm, strip gluing possible in individual infeed

workpiece feed and feed ruler:
  • workpiece feed and feed ruler with manual adjustment.
  • the feeding support surface is designed for sensitive surfaces. Support surface 450mm.
  • the chip removal for the joining unit can be adjusted manually between 0-2 mm on the feed ruler.
  • the chip removal is indicated by a digital counter.

joining unit 2.2 kW, diamond cutter Z2:
  • joining aggregate with insert-controlled diamond cutters, speed 12000 rpm 2x1.1 kW (1.5 hp),
  • max. chip removal 2 mm, max. workpiece height 45 mm
  • jointing cutter with diamond cutting edges Z2+2, D-80 x 49 mm
  • ensures an angular and tear-free workpiece edge.

teflon-coated gluing unit for 1.5 kg EVA or PUR granules:
  • ready for use after only 10 minutes heating time.
  • the synchronised, finely adjustable glue roller ensures the correct dosage of glue.
  • with a capacity of 1.5 kg, this corresponds to a running metre capacity of 375 running metres for a 19 mm board.
  • suitable for the processing of PUR-glue under consideration of the processing guidelines.

pressure unit:
  • 1 teflon-coated aluminium roller at a 90° angle and 1 rubberised pressure roller form the pressure zone. this roller closes the glue joint at the top and bottom.
  • the adjustment is done manually by means of the m-motion positioning system.

Impact shear for roll edging material from 0.4 to 3 mm thick.
  • serves for pre-cutting when using roll material.
  • the oscillating beating shear ensures a higher cutting performance with harder materials.

linear cross-cut saw unit with high-frequency motor:
  • the crosscut saw unit with 90° round shaft guide and a high-frequency motor with 0.15kW with a speed of 12,000rpm guarantees an excellent cutting pattern.
  • the independent touch shoe adjustment ensures that the edge protrusion can be adjusted separately at the rear and at the front.
  • effortless processing of special panel shapes is possible due to the free choice of cutting edges.

multifunctional milling unit m-motion flush and radius milling unit:
  • 2 high-frequency motors each at top and bottom with 0.55 kW (0.75 hp), 12000 rpm with 4 changeable cutting edges each.
  • the manual 2-axis adjustment in height and depth guarantees 100 % repeatability.
  • the adjustment is made via the m-motion positioning system.
  • the disengagement is carried out manually on the unit and it is possible to cover the entire machining spectrum such as radius, flush or chamfer milling for thin edges.
  • probing is carried out via copying rollers or copying shoes and thus enables optimum adaptation to the workpiece contours.

1mot. corner rounding unit for postforming and softforming parts for machining the
edges with 0.4 - 3mm edge thickness and 10-40mm workpiece height:
  • corner processing unit for post and softforming profiles Insert-controlled corner rounding unit for processing the end edges.
  • workpiece height from 10-40mm.
  • edge thickness: 0.4-3 mm; TC milling cutter with 2 cutting edges stop ring to avoid damage when setting down adjustment of edge thickness by means of m-motion system; suitable for straight workpiece edges as well as post or softforming profiles up to radius 6mm.
  • minimum. workpiece length 270mm (at 19 mm height); restriction for loose centre layers and on post/softforming parts with large radii wood edges, extremely thin melamine/foil edges and thin surface materials only possible to a limited extent.

radius scraper unit m-motion, mechanical adjustment for R= 2mm:
  • upper and lower radius scraper for processing 2 mm plastic edges.
  • can be closed and moved away manually. adjustment of the scraper via digital counter in height as well as m-motion positioning system for edge thickness.
  • equipped with indexable inserts for increased service life of the workpieces as well as separate suction for the top and bottom side.
  • the workpiece contours are scanned in the horizontal plane via a tracer shoe and in the vertical plane via a copying roller.

Glue scraping unit
For a perfect surface finish. The light scraping function of the surface scraper knives removes all glue residues from the glue bond on the work­piece surface
polishing unit
  • upper and lower polishing unit ensures a perfect finish on the edge curves and evens out any colour differences.

pneumatic tempora 45.03:
  • central pneumatic valve island bus-controlled. optimised maintenance unit with pressure sensor. extra pilot air supply and pressure build-up valve.
the machine was commissioned at the time in summer 2018.

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