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LIGMATECH VKS 200/L Cardboard-Box Cutting Machine

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Machine details

Naam   LIGMATECH VKS 200/L Cardboard-Box Cutting Machine
Machinenr.   180078
Fabrikant   LIGMATECH
Model / Type   VKS 200/L
Bouwjaar   2012
Machines beschikbaar vanaf   22.07.2014
Machinekwaliteit   goed
Machine locatie   Duitsland / Nordrhein-Westfalen

Technische details

Afmetingen ca.   2800 x 1500 x 2600 mm
Gewicht ca.   2500 kg


The LIGMATECH VKS 200/L Cardboard Box Cutting Machine is used for the automatic cutting of folding cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard in continuous operation. The LIGMATECH is located in a showroom and is as good as new! The machine offers the possibility to perform creasings and cuttings in running direction of the corrugated cardboard collection and crossways to the running direction. The cutting takes place in serial operation and/or in “lot size 1”. The performance is 4 to 6.9 cardboard cuts/minute. All cardboard types are cut without slopes. Only straight operations in longitudinal as well as cross direction can be performed. Technical data: cardboard length 340 – 3500 mm, cardboard width 205 – 2500 mm, cardboard thickness 2.5 – 7.0 mm, cardboard single-fluted with a thickness of up to approx. 340 – 3500 mm, cardboard double fluted with a thickness of approx. 6.5 mm, outer/ inner layer 140 g/ qm, flute material 112 g/qm, longitudinal tools 7 pcs., transverse tool 1 pc., tools are automatically equipped, path width max. 2500 mm, ceiling height approx. 3300 mm, control Power Control PC22T, endless cardboard packaging feed onefold
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