Veiling 'Surplex Woodworking Auction (Italy)': lotnr. 36 Kantenaanlijmmachine ELWOOD BLULINE 3 Italië, 14057 Isola d'Asti

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15-12-2021, 10:26 Uur
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Item details
Naam Kantenaanlijmmachine ELWOOD BLULINE 3
Artikelnummer 711788
Fabrikant ELWOOD
Model / Type BLULINE 3
Top Lot
Artikelen met persoonlijke aanbeveling
Bouwjaar 2008
Item beschikbaar vanaf Immediately
Toestand item
Locatie Op kaart tonen Italië, 14057 Isola d'Asti
Op kaart tonen
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Omschrijving item
edge thickness 0,4 - 3 mm
Edge in stripes thickness 0,6 - 10 mm
Towing type Chain
Premilling unit (Optional) Manual
Glue tank yes
Glue type Vinyl
Shear yes
Edge trimming unit Standard
Rounding knives (Optional) Manual
Rounding unit (Optional) Manual
Radius scraping unit (Optional) Manual
Brushes unit (Optional) Manual

The basement and the plates on which the units are fixed build a strong structure, able to absord the vibrations and guarantee a perfect stability even during intensive working.
Panel feeding:
Track made of a steel chain on which pads covered by high-grip rubber are fixed.
Pressing bar with two opposite row of rubber cog-wheels ball bearings and numerical indicator for height adjustment. Lateral support with adjustable, fixed directly to the basement to guarantee the linearity of the panel during working.
Pre-milling unit:
With 2 1,8 kW motors (HF) and cutters 80 mm of diameter. Cutter's opposite rotation guarantees a perfect material removal without chipping.
Glueing unit:
Automatic loader for edges in strip and in roll. Melting pot covered by teflon with quick disconnection.
End cutting unit:
The 2 0,55 kW motors (HF) are independent and move on prismatic guides with ball bearings.
Trimming unit:
Rough with powerful motors and flat cutters to guarantee the perfect working of wooden strips or rough trimming for very good finishing of the other edges. Fine with 0,55 kW (HF) an cutters 70 mm of diameter with 6 knives (2 profiles). Height and depth copiers and numerical indicators allows for easy and fast settings even in change of working.
Multifunction unit (corner rounding):
The two 0,37 kW motor (HF), with moving on prismatic guides with ball bearings, can work separately. It carries out both rounding and trimming of edges applied onto post formed panels or straight panel (even the corners).
Edge scraper:
For perfect finishing of PVC/ABS edges with 2 knives easily adjustable. Air blower to clean the working area from chips.
Buffing unit:
Two brushes of a resistant cloth, adjustable both in height and depth, guarantee a perfect polishing ofPVC/ABS edges. Vertaling tonen
Automatische vertaling
Technische details
randdikte 0,4 - 3 mm
dikte werkstuk 8 - 70 mm
werkstukbreedte min. 70 mm
lijm-unit YES
knipunit YES
profielfrees YES
profielschraper-unit YES
bediening PLC
totaalvermogen ca. 20 kW
afmetingen (l x b x h) ca. 6,100 x 1,000 x 1,750 mm
gewicht ca. 2,200 kg
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Kosten en baten
opgeld 18 %
Kosten demontage & laden (binding) 100.00 €
Eindtotaal excl. btw
Transportkosten niet inclusief
Leveringsvoorwaarden FCA Isola d'Asti, verlading op vrachtwagen
Betalingsvoorwaarden 100% vooruitbetaling voor afhaling
Informatie The items are in different locations (see item description). Viewing by appointment only!
Datum Maandag, 13-12-2021, van 10:00 Uur tot 12:00 Uur
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