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Veiling 'Machines and Accessories (Metalworking) 12/08': lotnr. 60 TUBE TECH FL 250 3D Tube-Laser-snijmachine
Duitsland, 47059 Duisburg

nog 8 dag(en) 18 uren
12-08-2020, 10:56 Uur
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Naam: TUBE TECH FL 250 3D Tube-Laser-snijmachine
Art. Nr.: 598700
Fabrikant: TUBE TECH
Model / Type: FL 250 3D
Bouwjaar: 2009
Machines beschikbaar vanaf: immediately, by 15.09.2020 at the latest !!
Machinekwaliteit: defect
Locatie: Duitsland, 47059 Duisburg
TUBE TECH FL 250 3D laser cutting machine TTM FL 250 3D
Serial number T5907
Beam ON: 8273 h
Laser ON: 35736 h

- Maximum finished part length 8000 mm
- Round tube clamping range 20 to 305 mm
- Rectangular / oval tubes clamping range maximum 250 x 100 mm
- Square tube clamping range: maximum 220x 220 mm
- Wall thickness 0.5 to 8.0 mm
- Maximum workpiece weight 41 kg per meter
- X - Horizontal displacement of the movable mandrel
- Y - longitudinal displacement of the cutting head
- Z - Vertical displacement of the cutting head
- C - permanent rotation of the cutting head
- A - inclination of the cutting head
- A_1 - Permanent rotation of the movable mandrel
- A_2 - Permanent rotation of the fixed almond
- Y_1 - longitudinal displacement of manipulator 1
- Z_1 - Vertical lifting of the manipulator 1.

The machine is equipped with:
- TTMotion Laser Machine CNC control type FP 15 PCW
- PC with WINDOWS operating system and FL2503D CNC software
- Additional software ALMA Actcut 3.8 SP5 without license
- 14 controlled axes
- TRUMPF Laser TruFlow 3200 (CO2)
- Control cabinet for the TruFlow laser
- control cabinet machine
- SIEDERAS suction
- Turbo Tech control cabinet
- Bundle feed for pipes with small diameters up to approx. 6000 mm
- 4-jaw chuck 750 mm in diameter
- Complete protective grille around ready for processing with SICK light barriers
- length measuring device
- Separate charging station for up to 5 large diameter tubes
- Material unloading device, length in front of the feed approx. 3850 mm
- chip conveyor
- RIEDEL cooling unit
Serial number: 948512
No .: 1513264
Type: L15 / 21-TR4-P / 03.24
Year of construction: 2008
Technical specifications:
Current type: 50Hz
Voltage: 400 V.
Nominal output: 29.1 kVA
Max. Rated current: 42A
Max. Backup fuse: 50A
Refrigerant: R134a
Refrigerant charge: 11.5kg
Max. Operating pressure: 20.2bar

- Documentation as PDF for machine with control and circuit diagrams

According to the manufacturer's information, the defect is probably the motor of the C axis on the laser head, which is no longer functional.

The collection must be done by September 15th, 2020. A later appointment is excluded!
lasercapaciteit : 3,2 kW
bediening: TTMotion FP 15 PCW
werkuren van laser: 8,273 h
Gewicht ca.: 25,000 kg
Afmetingen ca.: 17,000 x 1,100 x 3,240 mm
Heeft u vragen met betrekking tot de machine? Neem contact met ons op.
opgeld 18%
BTW: excl. btw
Leveringsvoorwaarden: FCA Duisburg, verlading op vrachtwagen
Kosten demontage & laden 3,300€ (binding)
Transportkosten: niet inclusief
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