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Restructuring of a French Carpentry & PVC Company: Woodworking and Plastics Processing Machinery

Franța, Aquitaine
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Detalii: By order of the interested parties, online auction of woodworking and plastics processing machines on the behalf of French companies. Auction organized by SURPLEX O.V.V (AGT 075-2015)

Note: See Article 6 of our General Terms & Conditions France.

Top items include:
  • WEINIG / OGAM 003 / PD-340 Sawing and Edge Processing Line
  • DIMTER / WEINGIG GROUP OPTICUT-350 Automatic Cross-Cut Saw Line
  • MICHAEL WEINIG 86-818 Moulder with 9 Shafts
  • ORMA LS/L//R 25/13 Hot Press
  • MASTERWOOD OM. B1.CN3.TF CN Chisel Mortiser
  • CN URBAN AKS 1400/6LCN 4-Head Welding Machine
  • KMW APH-LI Deburring Machine


Locul: Viewing by prior appointment only!
- address on request -

Aquitaine, France


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