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STILL CX Electric Hand Lift Truck

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Costuri și beneficii

Taxe de licitație   15%
TVA   *plus TVA
Termeni de livrare   locul livrării, încărcat în camion
Costuri de transport   nu sunt incluse
Termeni de plată   100% din plată înainte de colectare

Detaliile utilajului

Nume   STILL CX Electric Hand Lift Truck
Utilajul nr.   164621
Producător   STILL
Modelul/ Tipul   CX
Anul de fabricație   2008
Utilaje disponibile de la   immediately
Condiția utilajului   în funcțiune
Locul unde se află utilajul   Italia

Detalii tehnice

capacitatea de încărcare   2 t
lungimea furcii de ridicare   2400 mm
ore uzură   516 h
Greutate aprox.   1150 kg


**without battery charger**

STILL CX 20 Electric Hand Lift Truck

STILL has a long history of supplying quality machinery to the international market. The STILL CX range of electric hand lift trucks are widely known for their stability, flexibility, and reliability with forklift trucks that are ideal for moving materials between storage buildings and production areas. We offer a range of options that will help you find the hand lift truck that will suit every storage need. The CX 20 electric hand lift truck offers a choice of mast lifting for moving one pallet, and a pantograph (scissor) option for moving 2 pallets which can be lifted lengthways. Both picking heights will give you an ergonomic reach for easier second level order picking and offers high lateral stability. This STILL CX hand lift truck is ideal for moving pallets between storage facilities and production areas such as you would encounter in airports, postal offices, and large stock warehouses.

STILL CX Electric Hand Lift Truck Features

* Fitted steps with anti-slip covering which makes climbing in and out of the electric forklift easier.
* A driver's stand on platform that is fixed but damped.
* A padded, shaped backrest with side supports that offer security and comfort for the driver.
* Hand lift truck has a reinforced collision guard.
* Truck electronics are easily accessible.
* A control cockpit that is multi-functional.
* Battery tray accommodating 450 Ah to 600 Ah batteries, allowing you to switch batteries with a hoist or from the side.
* Steering wheel is fully electric. In the neural position there is an automatic return. Driving around turns and bends are made safer with its automatic speed reduction feature.
* Energy recovery when braking and acceleration that has a very smooth start.
* A variety of storage areas for the driving compartment as well as a standard surface for writing.

STILL CX Electric Hand Lift Truck General Specifications

* Maximum Capacity: 2.000 kg
* Maximum Lift Height: 130mm
* Lowered Height: 1,165 mm
* Machine Length and Width: 1,425mm L x 800 mm w
* Turning Radius: 3,046 mm
* Machine Weight Unloaded: 1,145 kg
* Battery Voltage: 24V
* Engine Type: Electric
* Category: Medium lift, low level order picker
* Operation Position: Stand up
* Lift Speed w/o load: 1,700 mm/sec
* Lift Speed with load: 2,100 mm/sec
* Travel Speed w/o load: 12.5 kph
* Travel Speed with load: 9 kph
* Wheels: 5 with 2 driven
* Wheel Base: 2,843 mm
* Brakes: electro magnetic

All hand lift trucks are quality checked and ready to use for your order picking and storage movement requirements.