JINKO SOLAR / SOLPLANET Solar Equipment Set - 36 x 410 Wp Jinko solar modules + 2 Solplanet inverters - 14,8KWp

Време на закриване: 06-14-23 14:06

4,500 € Стартова оферта
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JINKO SOLAR / SOLPLANET Solar Equipment Set - 36 x 410 Wp Jinko solar modules + 2 Solplanet inverters - 14,8KWp
06-14-23 14:06
Време на закриване
4,500 €
Стартова оферта
JINKO SOLAR / SOLPLANET Solar Equipment Set - 36 x 410 Wp Jinko solar modules + 2 Solplanet inverters - 14,8KWp
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Модел / Вид
Дата на производство
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Германия, 40721 Hilden
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FCA Hilden, натоварен на камион
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100% плащане преди вземане
Приблизителни размери
1,780 x 1,240 x 1,140 мм
Приблизително тегло
855 кг
14.76 KWp solar panels 36x BRAND NEW monocrystalline PV solar panels with Multi BusBar technology.

Each module offers 410W of power and is equipped with high-performance technology that enables higher energy output per area and higher yields in low light conditions. The Jinko - JKM410M-54HL4-V solar modules are ideal for commercial, industrial, residential and rooftop use.
These modules come in pallets of 36, giving you a great opportunity to upgrade your solar system or build your own solar system. The modules are robust and durable and offer high reliability and performance to reduce your energy costs and protect the environment.

Nominal output of 410 Wp per solar module. Nominal total output of all solar modules: 14,760 Wp / 14.76 KWp. Packed on 1 pallet of 36 modules.

Technical data solar panel:
Type: monocrystalline with Multi BusBar technology
Condition: FACTORY NEW
Nominal output per solar module: 410 Wp
Nominal power per pallet: approx. 14,760 Wp / 14.76 KWp.
Module dimensions: approx. 1,722 x 1,134 x 30 mm
Weight per module: approx. 22 kg

Logistical data:
Number of pallets: 1
Pallet dimensions: approx. 1,780 mm x 1,240 mm x 1,140 mm
Weight per pallet: approx. 820 kg

Illustration similar.

In order to ensure that the loading into your vehicle runs smoothly, a forklift truck with a driver is available from the day your goods are picked up.

The goods are physically available in 40721 Hilden, but you can only pick them up after approx. 4 weeks after the customs documents have been processed.

Overview Solplanet - ASW_8K-LT-G2_PRO:

Inverter Type: Three-phase inverter

Number of MPPT circuits: Two

Wifi communication: Yes

Display: No

Ethernet: No

Energy meter included: No

Width: 503.00 mm

Length: 435.00 mm

Height: 183.00 mm

Weight: 17.30 kg

Number of phases: 3


Wifi: Yes


Ethernet: No

Power: 8000 W

Hybrid: No

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