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Machinery from insolvencies, company liquidations, closures or modernisation

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Industrial Auctions of used machinery at!

What is an Industrial Auction?

Industrial auctions operate in the same manner as regular auctions, where the highest bidder of a particular lot is the one who wins the machinery. Through online industrial auctions, it is often possible to acquire high quality industrial machinery & equipment at cheap starting prices from an established manufacturer or company. Sometimes these auctions will have great package deals that are usually unheard of, and our industrial online auctions allow international businesses to participate regardless of their location.

What kind of items can be found at an Industrial Auction?

On you will find a huge range of machinery and equipment at good prices in a variety of industrial auctions. With a main focus being on woodworking machinery and metalworking machinery, we offer equipment for many different industries including the food industry, construction industry, and electronics industry. You can find a variety of items such as saws, grinders, milling machines, edgebanders and more.
During the process of a factory closure , it is common for not just manufacturing machinery and equipment to be auctioned. Consequently, we regularly have industrial auctions which include a wide range of office equipment, power generators, vehicles and material handling equipment, compressors, storage equipment, measuring equipment, industrial robots, packaging machines and workshop equipment.

Reasons to Purchase Equipment in Online Industrial Auctions

The main reason individuals participate in an industrial auction is because they know they will be able to get the equipment that they need at cheap prices. However, another benefit of these auctions is that you know the product is immediately available. Industrial auctions have become popular because the money invested is made back quicker than ordering the product from a retailer. Sometimes retailers will purchase equipment in liquidation auctions because they know they can re-sell and double their investment off those who have never heard of or participate in industrial machinery auctions.

Things to Keep in Mind When Participating in Industrial Equipment Auctions

When you participate in an industrial equipment auction, it is important for you to be aware of what to expect in advance. You want to make sure that you know what you are bidding on. Usually, the auctions last for a few days so you have time to perform research in order to ensure that the items you are bidding on are suitable for your requirements.

You always want to make sure that the machine you are bidding on comes with instruction manuals, as this will help you assess the worth of the machine. If the machine is new, the manual will be readily available. However, if the machinery has been held by multiple owners then the manual is not something that the auction will necessarily feature in their marketing campaigns. Sometimes there are additional costs that are not publically advertised and you will want to make sure that you are aware of these costs from the very beginning. Reading the fine print is what will allow you to see if the auction is worth participating in. Online auctions come with taxes, shipping and other fees. You have to be aware of these fees or it will be a surprise when it is time to pay.

Why You Should Bid at!

Over the years, we have successfully sold thousands of used machines and tools through our online industrial auctions, and have grown to be a leading platform for used machinery trading. With customer service at the core of our company, our dedicated team will ensure that you obtain the equipment you are searching for, while our customer support team are always available before and after the deal is sealed.

Our team has years of experience and we are ready to assist you in any way possible.

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