Bidding at Surplex - it's that simple!

Create a Free Account

1. Create a free user account
  • Go to „Register"
  • Fill out the form
  • Click on „Save & close“
  • Click on the activation link (e-mail!)
    • Now you can log in!

Log In

2. Log In
  • Go to "Login"
  • Enter your E-Mail Address & Password
  • "Login Now" button
Now you can unlock your account


3. Unlocking
  • Click on an auction
  • Click on an item
  • Accept Special Auction conditions (checkmark!)
  • Click on „Accept conditions"
Now you can bid!

Place a Bid

4. Place a Bid
  • You may bid manually or by » A bidding agent
  • You will receive e-mails about the Bidding History
Good luck with your bidding!

Payment and collection

5. Payment and collection
  • At the end of the offer period for the previous article, the auction will end
  • You will receive the bill for your auctioned item via e-mail
Please read all information in the Special Auction Conditions!

Additional information

Bidding agent

You determine and inform the bidding agent the maximum amount you want to automatically bid for an item. If the maximum amount is exceeded, you can decide whether you want to increase the amount or waive the surcharge. If the highest bid of the auction is below the specified maximum amount, your lowest bid wins!

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