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LEMUTH/BARBIERI/NP Windows Assembling Line

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Costs and benefits

auction fee   15%
VAT   *plus VAT
Delivery terms   ex foundation
Shipping costs   not included
Payment terms   100% payment prior to collection

Machine details

Name   LEMUTH/BARBIERI/NP Windows Assembling Line
Item No.   362407
Year of manufacture   2009
Machine available from   immediately
Machine condition   unchecked
Machine location   80011 Acerra, Italien

Technical details

Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.   54000 x 24000 x 4500 mm
Weight approx.   15000 kg


Line composed of: SEALING MACHINE brand LEMUTH model GVS113.H, serial no. 113003 year 2010, with n. 3 dosing valves and 3 injection pumps, AUTOMATIC GLASS STACKING SYSTEM brand TECNO SERVIZI model BUFFER ORDINATORE VETRI year 2009, serial no. 2009/PR03 with 37 vertical positions 1900 x 2300 mm, with side loader and unloader, CLAMP FOR WINDOWS brand CF IMPIANTI serial no. 2008/B001 year 2008, useful measure min. around 550 x 849 mm, max. around 1500 x 3570 mm, AUTOMATIC HANDLING BENCH brand NUOVA PROGETTI model NP-BMT year 2009 Serial no. 080914-2 measuring 3200 x 1600 mm, FITTING MOUNTING STATION brand LEMUTH model FBK135 Serial no. 135061, AUTOMATIC HANDLING BENCH brand NUOVA PROGETTI, model NP-BMT, year 2009, measuring 3200 x 1600 mm, CNC ANUBA HINGE INSERTING MACHINE brand NUOVA PROGETTI, model NP3-TRS , serial no. 08091, table 4000 x 180 x 90 mm, with conveyor belt max 1400 mm, TILTING PNEUMATIC TABLE, Brand BARBIERI MAURO model LINK-SX 13-20 year 2010, Serial no. 007020 , dimensions 2950 x 1500 x 1020 mm, No. 2 MOBILE RACKS ON RAILS, No. 4 WITH MOTORIZED BELT ROLLER SYSTEM brand BARBIERI MAURO, model LINK SP-01, Serial no. 007.021, total size about 11000 x 3100 x 220 mm, VACUUM LIFTER, brand BARBIERI MAURO with 3 suckers, TESTING BENCH brand BARBIERI MAURO mod. POWER 600 serial n. 003,027, useful about 3000 mm working height, width 2500 mm, TILTING ROLLER SYSTEM brand BARBIERI MAURO mode TCI-LM , INFEED ROLLER, AUTOMATIC SEALING SYSTEM brand LEMUTH, model VSA119S-1S HIGH SPEED, Serial no. 119002, year 2010, application with Silicon 1-K on the external part as a garnish, n. 3 different pumps, TRANSLATION SYSTEM brand BARBIERI MAURO, AUTOMATIC ROTARY FILM WRAPPING MACHINE brand ROBOPACK model ROTOPLAT DW-C 507, Serial no. KN92857, TRANSLATION SYSTEM brand BARBIERI MAURO model TLI-LM, SEE PDF FILE FOR MORE TECHNICAL DATA

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