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SAOMAD ROTOWOOD 100 CNC Machining Centre

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Machine details

Name   SAOMAD ROTOWOOD 100 CNC Machining Centre
Item No.   478419
Manufacturer   SAOMAD
Model / Type   ROTOWOOD 100
Year of manufacture   2005
Machine available from   immediately
Machine location   Italy, 04019 Terracina
Machine condition   uncheckedSome of our machines cannot be tested by our project managers since they are not in a position to power the device. In cases such as these, we will be unable to guarantee the functionality of the item.


Electric machining center for the production of windows and shutters' elements.
Tenoning side
End cutting unit with shaft whose Ø is 50 mm and length 620 mm, vertical movement with continuous axis, engine power 9.25 kW at 3200 RPM, tool max Ø 330 mm
Anti-splintering system type Jolly zbr> Head squaring, with shutter automatic inserting
Tilting tenon +/-60°
Drilling unit
Module feeding system with wheels Ø 150 mm, interaxis 109 mm, shaftdrive transmission, engine power 1,1 kW, speed between 2 and 17
Motorized profiling counterguidance with 2 axis, vertical and horizontal concealed.
3 shafts profiling right side with shaft Ø 50 mm and length 320 mm, engines power 7.5 kW at 6000 RPM, shaft Ø 40 mm and length 100 mm, pneumatic positioning with revolver not controlled.
Radius unit with engine 2.2 kw at 6000 RPM, shaft Ø 30 mm and length 60 mm, milling tool max Ø 150 mm, 2 axis vertical and horizontal
Listel conveyor system for glass clamping with 2,2 kw engine at 6000 RPM, shaft Ø 30 mm, blade Ø 200 mm, vertical shift, listel ejector, horizontal shift
Groove unit for small metal parts with shaft Ø 40 mm length 170 mm, 2 vertical positions, vertical stroke 100 mm, engine power 3 kW
Slide conveyor for workpieces height 800 mm
See photo, video and documents

Technical details

Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.   400 x 360 x 300 mm
Weight approx.   15 kg

Costs and benefits

auction fee   15%
VAT   *plus VAT
Delivery terms   EXW Terracina, ex foundation, unpackaged
Cost Dismantling & Loading   If requested, we can also load your equipment onto the truck for a price of 10,000.00 EUR. Simply get in touch.
Shipping costs   not included
Payment terms   100% payment prior to collection

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Location   Viewing by appointment only! The items are in different locations (see item
Date   Tuesday, 12/02/2019, from 10:00 to 12:00

Pick up

Date   Tuesday, 26/02/2019 to Thursday, 28/02/2019, from 08:00 to 16:00

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