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Item details
Name GIARDINA G 02/05 1.300 Roller Application Machine (demo machine)
Item number 664738
Manufacturer GIARDINA
Model / Type G 02/05 1.300
Year of manufacture 2017
Item available from immedaitly
Item condition in working order
Location Germany
Item description
GIARDINA Roll Coater G 02/05 1.300  

RollCoater with EPDM 40 SH roller
with three frequency-regulated drives and PLC control system

The machine is suitable for the application of liquid media onto flat workpieces.

Three (3) speeds of the machine are frequency controlled:

- Feed, counter-pressure roller under the conveyor belt

- application roller, synchronous - counter-rotation

- front metering roller synchronous counter-rotation

The drives are infinitely variable via frequency converters.

The settings can be stored in the SCHNEIDER PLC / HMI.

Transport system

The conveyor belt consists of a solvent-resistant and antistatic PVC belt, with TPU coating and precise self-centring.

Application unit with application and dosing roller

This unit allows micrometric adjustment of the distances between the metering and application roller, as well as between the application roller and the workpiece.

This allows precise and minimal application quantities to be processed.

The adjustable speeds of the metering rollers in synchronous or counter-rotation determine the exact application quantity.

Height adjustment

Electronic, micrometric adjustment of the working thickness is effected via precision trapezoidal spindles and angular gears with control via the press control system.

Lacquer supply

The coating is supplied by a 50 l/min. WAGNER double diaphragm pump.

The varnish return troughs and the drainage troughs can be pulled out for easy cleaning of the press.

All trays for the drain and varnish return are made of stainless steel and are included in the delivery.

Washing cycle

The machine is equipped with a CE-compliant wash cycle function. In this process, the machine is put into standby mode with the remaining application medium in it after the material supply has been interrupted and has drained off to a minimum.

The racks are moved by the operator to the limit switches in seconds.

The control system has an automatic wash cycle in which the metering roller and the applicator roller are synchronised in opposite directions. At the same time, the circuit is filled with solvent, with which the two rollers are washed self-cleaning. After a few minutes the

Included in delivery:

One (1) paint supply with Wagner Zip 50 low-pressure diaphragm pump.

Double diaphragm pump for material transport and circulation systems.

Up to 8 bar and 80 l/min.

 one (1) cleaning tray in stainless steel

- two (2) drainage stencils in stainless steel

- Material hoses and suction nozzles

- ball valves

- one (1) set of squeegees in carbon steel or Volkulan

- connection to suction or overpressure Ø 100 mm

Technical data G02-05
  •     max. working width 1.300 mmm
  •     working height 900 +/- 20 mm
  •     Material - height adjustment 0 - 80 mm
  •     min. Material thickness (0) 5 mm
  •     Feed speed 7 - 21 m/min
  •     Feed rate 0.75 KW Counter pressure roller (under conveyor belt)
  •     Ø 240 x 1,450 mm Application roller Rotation speed of application roller
  •     7 - 21 m/min Rubber thickness 20 mm
  •     Dimensions of the applicator roller Ø 240 x 1,550 mm
  •     Hardness of rubber SH
  •     optional Drive power 0.75 KW frequency-controlled Metering roller
  •     Rotation speed of the metering roller 7 - 21 m/min in synchronous and counter rotation
  •     Surface chrome-plated
  •     Dimensions of the metering roller Ø 165 x 1,550 / 1,950 mm
  •     Drive power 0.37 KW frequency-controlled
  •     Total installed power 5.5 KW
  •     Total weight of the machine approx. 400 kg

Technical details
working width 1,300 mm
hollow height 0-80 mm
main motor 5,5 kW
dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 8,000 x 2,400 x 1,800 mm
weight approx. 400 kg
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