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Italy, region Perugia
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18 %
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9,200.00 €
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dimensions (l x w x h) approx.
8,700 x 2,400 x 2,200 mm
weight approx.
5,500 kg
Panel protrusion beyond the constant chain guide 38 mm
Minimum passage width 65 mm
Minimum panel length 150 mm
Height from the ground 950mm

Minimum thickness 8 mm
Maximum thickness 40 mm (with rounding) 60 mm (without rounding)

Min. Height 14mm
Max Height 65mm
Min. thickness 0.3mm
Max Thickness 3mm
Max Section 130 mm2
Min. Edge length 160 mm

Min. thickness 0.8mm
Max Thickness 20mm

Conveyor chain/with plastic coated plates continuous width approx. 80 mm with automatic central lubrication
Top pressure system electronically height adjustable with a 70 mm wide belt and sprung guide rollers

System software IMATRONIC 121/01

User interface oriented to the requirements of small machines
Integrated SPS software. Fully S5 compatible programming.
Integrated line control with max. 64 line functions.
Compact PC in industrial version with front panel (protection class IP 65), permissible ambient temperature +5 - +45° Celsius. Operating System S 2000 Montiore TFT-Display Keyboard - front panel with alpha-numeric keyboard


Control of functions and machine cycles. Easy menu operator guidance with function keys. Display of machine events and operating states
Programming: Dialog program creation.
Data management: Management of 200 programs with 19-digit alphanumeric program number. (thus article-oriented program management possible)
Function for setting up and servicing the machine access to these functions with password.

  • Milling unit
  • Gluing unit
  • End-trimming unit
  • Trimming unit
  • Inclined trimmers
  • Scrape edge
  • Timed spindle moulder
  • Sanding unit

End-trimming unit with 2 motors mounted on the upper pressure for trimming front and rear protruding material, for trimming or bevel cuts, with 2 blades with carbon point 160 x 22 mm Z=48 min. panel protrusion: approx. 30mm + max. batten thickness, or edge min. panel length: approx. 150mm min. distance between 2 successive panels: approx. 300mm min. distance leading edge to leading edge = 990 mm max. working speed approx. 25m/min with release device for the front and rear edge probing shoe.

Milling unit 08.0555, for 2 motors max. 3° (for workpiece thickness over 25 mm) with height sensing, without lateral sensing, with 2 motors arranged one above the other, without tools, with digital display 09 for vertical adjustment, with single suction ports.

Milling unit with height and side probing adjustable by max. 30°, without tools with mechanical digital display 09 for horizontal and vertical adjustment with single suction ports

Grinding unit for grinding squared parts or for milling side grooves, rebates or profiles with timed, non-orientable, without probing 2 Motor 4.5 KW, 150 Hz, 9000 rpm. with 1 single Ø 120 mm suction port with static frequency converter with horizontal adjustment via axis and with mechanical digital display for horizontal and vertical adjustment

Blowing unit with blowing nozzle for removing loose particles on the workpiece side
Leister radiator heater, length. 300 mm, 2 x 1.5 kW for pre-heating the edge of the workpiece
Glue premelter with 1 L container Heating power 3 x 400 W Melting capacity: - for glues with additives approx. 7 kg/h - for adhesives without additives approx. 5 kg/h with automatic granule feed 283.19 from a tank of approx. 30 kg via a suction hose in the melting chamber with level regulation compressed air consumption approx. 7000l/h

Machining unit for milling grooves, threads, lateral or lower through profiles for surface grooves up to 10 mm in front of the slewing chain, without probing, max. motor capacity 3 kw without tools, with mechanical digital display for horizontal and vertical adjustment

Sanding unit, oscillating for sanding vertical sides with 1 motor 1.8 kW, 220/380 V, 50 Hz, 3000 rpm. with 1 sanding belt 2000 x 150 mm sanding belt speed: 20 m/sec.
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Machines and Tools for Wood Processing
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