Auction 'Surplex Metalworking Auction (Spain)': lot no. 209 KNUTH DL 3000 Lathe Spain, 46690 Alcudia de Crespins

20/01/2022, 11:41
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Item details
Name KNUTH DL 3000 Lathe
Item number 706405
Manufacturer KNUTH
Model / Type DL 3000
Year of manufacture unknown
Item available from immediately
Item condition
Location Show on map Spain, 46690 Alcudia de Crespins
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Item description
turning on bed 620mm
turning on car 350mm
distance between points 3000 mm
spindle hole diameter 72 mm
18 speeds of the head 14-750 rpm
fast advances of the car
it has mounted plate of 3 claws of diameter 400
It has a plate of 4 independent claws with a diameter of 500 mm
it has a steady rest, must be attached
estimated weight 4.5 tns
Technical details
dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 5,000 x 1,300 x 1,600 mm
weight approx. 4,500 kg
Do you have any questions in relation to the item? Please contact us.
Costs and benefits
Dismantling & loading costs (binding) 360.00 €
Shipping costs not included
Delivery terms FCA Alcudia de Crespins, loaded on truck
Payment terms 100% payment prior to collection
Security deposit This auction requires the deposit of a credit card.
Information The items are in different locations (see item description)

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