Manual Coating Installation with Electrostatic Coating Cabin

Manual Coating Installation with Electrostatic Coating Cabin
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EE 004 17
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Portugal, 4805-681 Brito - Guimarães
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6,200.00 €
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FCA Brito - Guimarães, loaded on truck
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100% payment prior to collection
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19,000 x 12,000 x 3,500 mm
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8,500 kg
Manual coating installation with electrostatic coating cabin


· Workpiece Dimensions:
Max. Height 1.800 mm
Max. Width 1.500 mm
Max. Length 1.800 mm
Max. Thickness 7 mm
Max. weight (supported in rack) 350 Kg
· Electric Consumption:
Consumption (machine) (50 Hz) 400V+N+T (230V+T)
Metallic wash house 8 kW
Complete painting booth 25 kW
Polymerization Oven 6 kW
Total consumption 39 kW
Fuel Supply LPG
Polymerization 150.500 kcal/h
Total Consumption 602.000 kcal/h


Useful dimensions: 4000 x 3500 x 4500 mm ( H x W x D );
Clearance gauge: 2000 x 2200 mm (W x H);
Construction in isorighe boards ref. 1000/40BG-BG with 40 mm insulation, colour Ral 9006, duly structured with sheet metal gutter.
Structured with ST 37 steel sheet rails.
6 Lamps 3 x 36W
An exhaustion dome, equipped with a helicoidal fan, mod. HPX-56-4T-1.5
Equipped with phosphating machine treatment system with product recovery
The high pressure washer is used in manual treatment systems (of parts to be treated).
Its purpose is to degrease / phosphate the parts to paint.
Principle of Operation: this machine should make a dilution of 1:2 and aspiration of the solution efficiently. The water diluted with the solution is sucked into a tank, and manually launched by a lance directly on the parts to to degrease/phosphatize, during a necessary time. After this operation (Degreasing/Fosphatizing), the product's suction is switched off and only water is washed, at room temperature.
The product recommended by Chemetall for preparing the solution to be used is GARDOBOND KHS at 65
g/litre (54 ml/litre).
Temperature: 60 - 80 ºC
Time: Variable, depending on the type of workpiece and its contamination!
The analysis value at the exit of the lance should be Total Acidity = 7.5 - 8.5 points.
NOTE: The product for preparing the solution, draining and treating water from washing, electrical connections electrical connections, water and fuel (diesel), to be paid by the CLIENT. HDS 8/18 - 4 C Washer
Three-phase 4-pole hot water high pressure washer, water-cooled electric motor, with storage compartment storage compartment, Eco mode, 1-button operation, integrated tanks, Easy Press, continuous adjustment of pressure and water flow, etc.
Accessories supplied with the machine:
- Gun with soft grip coating
- High pressure hose 10 m DN 6, 250 bar
- Lance 600 mm
- Milling nozzle
- SDS system
- Anti-creasing system (AVS)
- Pressure control switch
- Integrated detergent and fuel tanks
- Servo Control (pressure control)
Current type Ph/V/Hz 3/400/50
Water flow rate (l/h) 300 - 800
Working pressure (bar/MPa) 30 - 180 / 3 - 18
Max. working temperature (°C) (ºC) 80 - 155
Power (kW) 6
Diesel consumption (kg/h) 5
Fuel tank (l) 15
Weight (kg) 112
Measures (L x W x H) (mm) 1060 x 650 x 920
Detergent tank (l) 10
DESCRIPTION: Compact class high performance three-phase hot water high-pressure washer with 4-pole motor water-cooled motor.
The Eco mode ensures an economical and ecological use.
Easy to use thanks to the one-button operation.
Excellent mobility thanks to large wheels and steering roller.
Chassis robust chassis with integrated detergent and fuel tanks.
Ergonomic Easy Press gun with Softgrip and Continuous pressure and flow control in the gun.
Practical storage compartments for accessories, nozzles, etc.

Useful inside dimensions: 3000 x 3000 x 4500 mm (Height x Width x Length).
Clearance gauge: 2100 x 2000 mm (height x width)
Construction in 40 mm insulated polyurethane panel, duly structured with a steel profile.
Interior lighting system with LED reinforcement.
Composed of a cartridge filtration system, with a capacity of 12 000 m3/h,!
A suction speed of about 0.50 metres per minute is calculated on the cabin's entry gauge.
The automatic suction and filtering system is a automatic dedusting by filter cartridges with high highly efficient from an economic and environmental point of view. With a retention performance that eliminates the conventional extraction to the exterior, allowing total recycling of the air inside the building.
The careful construction of INTELLYSYS, using pressed, bent and painted panels, means that they are in machines of high robustness. The filtering cartridges are made of top quality "fabric", performing quality, performing filtration operations efficiently and long-lasting. The cartridges are assembled on galvanized or painted galvanised or painted metal cages, to increase resistance and resistance and durability.
Especially suitable for medium and fine dust filtration, maintains a high filtration efficiency and a perfect cleaning of the bottom of the filtering structure, thanks to the continuous operation of the Cleaning System.
Electric panel with electronic variable speed drive
Functional Characteristics:
Flow rate 12.000 [m3/h] - 12.000 - [m3/h]
Nº of solenoid valves - 4
Floor area - 2080 x 1160 x 4130 mm - [mm (h)]
Number of cartridges - 8 pcs ×(Ø324×1000) polypropylene
Type - DCR 501/B
Flow rate - 12,000 [m3/h]
Total Pressure - 347 [mm W.C.] Speed
Rotational speed - 2,930 [R.P.M] Installed power
Installed power - 18.5 kW, 2-pole
Voltage - 400 / 690 [Volt]
Frequency - 50 [Hz].

2 WAGNER SPRINT application equipment
AIRFLUID, composed of (each)
- 1 PEM X1 latest generation gun
- 1 Trolley with vibration table
- 1 Generator EPG - SprintX

Robust construction in galvanized sheet in thicknesses of thickness of 1.5, 2.5, and 3 mm;
Construction in panels "sandwich" of 150 mm, built in Rock Wool core, density of 120 kg/m3 high thermal insulation, painted exterior colour "SILVER METALIC" and interior face in galvanised sheet metal, duly structured and reinforced. This guarantees a minimum differential between the temperature of the exterior wall of the and the ambient temperature;
Two half Sliding Doors on the top of the Oven.
1 Slot for overhead gutters (not included)
Heating through ONE Burner with direct flame burner, radiant tube, Mod.BPR150 MB
· Sensor Element: PT100 probe;
· Maximum Thermal Power: 175kW;
Electrical Control, Protection and Command Panel.
Maximum temperature: 250 ºC;
Air recirculation caused by 3 centrifugal fans equipped with a 2 Cv motor, fans type CMSH 1445 -4T - 2CV with an operating point of 3 500 m3/h at 60mmH2O, each. We have designed around 362 re-circulations/hour, which for an internal volume of approx. 29 m3, constitutes a circulating flow of approx.10,500 m3/h.
Anti-blocking safety system inside;
Electric control panel, protection and command with temperature indication through digital controller, heating, regime and ventilation signaling, general cut-off switch, protection of the motors with circuit breakers, working timer, end of operation buzzer and active safety circuit, (CE)

NIKO overhead rail and accessories
Air rail in profile, 3.5mm thick, with yellow galvanization. Its conical design, allows the correct alignment of the trolleys and reduces the possibility of dust accumulation.
This guarantees the proper functioning of the trolleys and the long life of the profile. This type of profile requires only 1-4% strength of the total weight of the total weight to be handled.
Maximum load (350 Kg / rack)
9 Piece holder frames, built in rectangular rectangular tubular profile and T-bar, perforated throughout dimension (4,000 mm), for the placement of hooks.
Equipped with 2 high temperature trolleys, each for to be moved on a rail each.

Flue gas extraction ducts made of INOX sheet in INOX plate, others in galvanized spiral pipe.
Piping construction in accordance with Decree-Law No. 78/2004 of 3 April, Ordinance 263/2005 and Rectification 38/2005 and standard NP 2167 of 1992;
Diameters in accordance with the machine outputs;
Fixing through unions or embedding of easy replacement easy replacement;
Roof sealing by plates, according to the roof tile, with the tile, with sealing by mastik and aluminium tape aluminium tape;
Joints by inlaying and insulated by aluminium tape aluminium tape;
Trolley carriage, bridge crane type, cross travel, with mechanical interlocking system and anti-fall safety device for the frame. It comprises the trolley carriage, multiple crossing lines, locks and an operator's lever.
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Manual Coating Installation with Electrostatic Coating Cabin
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