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Auction 'Woodworking Machines': lot no. 1 WEINIG Opticut S50 Sliding Saw
France, region Loire-Atlantique

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30/06/2020, 14:10
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Name: WEINIG Opticut S50 Sliding Saw
Item No.: 586253
Manufacturer: WEINIG
Model / Type: Opticut S50
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Year of manufacture: 2004
Machine available from: Immediately
Machine condition:
Location: France, region Loire-Atlantique
Max. length of wood 7000 mm, Automatic sawing machine blade Ø 500 / 35 mm, Wood feed by automatic pusher from left to right, Control and programming panel, on gallows for better ergonomics, WEINIG OPTICUT DIMTER CUTTING-OFF MACHINE : Blade motor power: 7.5 KW, max. initial, length of wood: 6300 mm, Min/max width of the woods: 20 to 300 mm, Cutting height min/max: 10 to 100 mm, Wood section with 500 mm blade: mini : 20 x 10 mm, maxi : 300 x 90 mm, Final length min: 10 mm, Optimization : From the digital touch screen panel, the operator can store his own list of usual lengths, After entering the length of the piece of wood to be sawn, the operator can request an optimization, The calculator then proposes a list of cuts that make the best use of the length of the wood, based on the pre-selected dimensions, After validation by the operator, the cutting cycle is automatic, Input table, total length: 7,900 mm, Exit table, total length: 2,400 mm, No wood detection cell, Rapid return of the pusher to the starting position before introducing a new piece of wood, Congestion: Chainsaw : 1750x850x1500 - 600kg, entry table (left): 7880x600x1650 - 350kg, exit table (right): 2400x500x1000 - 150kg, Suction: 1 rear mouth, diameter 150 mm. Stock number: 2317303S
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 12,030 x 850 x 1,650 mm
Weight approx.: 1,050 kg
Do you have any questions in relation to the machine? Please contact us.
auction fee 15%
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Delivery terms: FCA, free on truck
Shipping costs: not included
Payment terms: 100% payment prior to collection
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Friday, 10/07/2020, from 08:00 to 17:30

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Friday, 17/07/2020, from 08:00 to 17:30

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