3D Presses

Membrane presses for delicate wooden coatings 1 Machine
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 21,000 x 2,450 x 2,450 mm
Year of manufacture 2002
Weight approx. 16,000 kg
Machine available from immedaitly
Delivery terms EXW Gera, ex foundation, unpackaged
Gera Germany, 07551 Gera
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  1. Explanation of the term 3D Press
  2. Function of a 3D press
  3. Areas of application of a 3D press
  4. Working with a 3D press
  5. Suppliers of 3D presses
Used 3D-Presses front view

Explanation of the term 3D Press

A 3D press is a machine, which is used for the finishing of board materials. It is used to coat furniture wood, ceiling panels and wall elements. 3D presses are particularly suited for individual design requirements.

Function of a 3D press

  • Finishing of board materials
  • Coating of furniture, ceiling panels and wall elements
  • Used for complex surfaces and the production of individual pieces
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized A 3D press works in principle like a vacuum. It consists of a large cartridge, within which the workpieces, that are to be coated, are laid. After the workpiece is placed within the machine, a laminated film is stretched over the product.

The 3D press is sealed and vacuumed, and then a flexible membrane is stretched over the product. Before this process, it is made wet and equipped with a gluing paste. The film is then stretched over the product without any faults and permanently fixes itself to the product. This is possible, because the water immediately evaporates when the pressure reduces. The binding agent is used to hold the coating film firmly onto the product. Used 3D-Presses side view The newest generation of 3D presses do not have the membrane, and just extract the air directly from the laminate. After the 3D press is opened, a sharp knife can be used to remove the excess laminate film.

Areas of application of a 3D press

A 3D press is used for products with complex surfaces or for the processing of individual products. Textured ceilings, products with bulges and special parts are commonly processed using a 3D press.

Working with a 3D press

A 3D press is a machine that can be operated by trained assistants. The ability to achieve high quality results using a 3D press can be learned very quickly. Smaller models are more complex in terms of their manual operation; small machines can only produce minimal amounts of products. Used 3D-Presses supply This problem can be avoided by installing several 3D presses in a row; however, this does pose a high demand on the workers. Alternatively, large machines can be used in continuous mass production. An appropriate number of trolleys is recommended to ensure that the 3D press can be continuously loaded. Lifting tables allow heavy products to be loaded onto the press. Workers should wear gloves in order to protect the products

Suppliers of 3D presses

3D presses are relatively simply built machines and there are a large amount of suppliers. It is recommended to test a used machine before buying it. Recommended suppliers of 3D presses are COLUMBUS, BARTH, ORMA and BUERKLE.

Used 3D-Presses final product

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