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  1. High-tech on the field
  2. Tractors ? the universal machines of the field
  3. Sowing, mowing, harvesting
  4. The best technology for stationary applications
  5. What has been proven, remains
  6. Overview of the manufacturers of agricultural technology

High-tech on the field

There is no other industrial sector that has technologically developed to extent that the agricultural sector has in the last 100 years. Just a few decades ago, the hand held plough and a group of horses were common pieces of equipment in agriculture. Today, powerful tractors with efficient applications undertake demanding fieldwork.

Tractors: Universal field machines

For roughly the last 80 years, tractors have been the central machine used by farmers. These robust, weather resistant and powerful machines reliably undertake the required tasks. Modern tractors are safe, comfortable and can be modified. There are hardly any other automobiles that can be used in the summer, as well as during snow. With the right
  • Intensive technological advances have occurred in the last 100 years
  • Tractors are a central machine
  • Accessories can turn tractors into multi-functional machines
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized
accessories, a tractor can be applied for all types of work. The most common task for a tractor is to pull; the word tractor comes from the Italian word "trahere", which means to pull. A tractor pulls ploughs, harvesters, trailers, and in emergencies, cars that are stuck in ditches.

Sowing, mowing, harvesting

A tractor is only as good as its accessories. Modern sowing and harvesting machines are more than just mere racks that are pulled behind a tractor. They also contain complex mechanics that need to be good enough for the hard work requirements of the agricultural industry. There spectrum of machines is very large. Whether it is a cucumber or carrot harvester, harrow, roller or snow pusher, there are appropriate attachments available for all applications.

The best technology for stationary applications

High tech equipment is required in the agricultural industry, even for stationary applications. Barn technology provides a large range of interesting and robust equipment. In addition to the range of specialised box and gate systems, the machines in the barn are the ones providing the revenue. The agricultural industry contains equipment for all areas of the livestock sector including milk machines, feeding equipment, modern lighting systems and efficient cleaning equipment. There are constant developments, even in the field of ventilation, hygiene, water distribution or comfort. The livestock sector is becoming ever more important. Many manufacturers provide special systems for cattle of pig breeding, that can help prevent illnesses and other damages to the animals. What is particularly interesting about used equipment in barn technology is that they can always be resold. After being thoroughly cleaned and sterilised, approved equipment for animal breeding can be used again without hesitation.

What has been proven, remains

Even the technologies proven to be efficient, are still being developed. Modern materials increase the life expectancy of water trucks, slurry tanks and feeding troughs. Healthy animals and efficient breeding is the result of this. The modern agricultural industry is prescribed to maximum efficiency.

Overview of the manufacturers of agricultural technology

Well-known manufacturers of farming machines are DEUTZ-FAHR, JOHN DEERE, MERCEDES-BENZ and MASSEY FERGUSON. Harvesting machines are available from CLAAS, SAMPO and NEW HOLLAND. Attachments for tractors are supplied by HASSIA, NIEMEYER, AGRISEM, ALFA LAVAL and AGROLAND. Barn technology is available from DE LAVAL, DE BOER, MÜLLER and PACKO.
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