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Pove del Grapp…
0 Bids
12,000 €
11/05/2017 11:52
SICAR TOP 8 Band saw
Vibo Valentia
0 Bids
1,400 €
09/05/2017 14:43
Pove del Grapp…
2 Bids
850 €
11/05/2017 11:46
B3 SN500M3 Belt saw
Osio Sopra
1 Bid
800 €
11/05/2017 12:23
Hot lot
Bad Sooden-All…
27 Bids
550 €
24/04/2017 10:19
RAPID 800 Belt Saw
Donostia-San S…
6 Bids
420 €
Pove del Grapp…
2 Bids
400 €
11/05/2017 11:47
THOMAS 265 Bandsaw
Acerra (NA)
2 Bids
370 €
26/04/2017 13:10
Band Saw
Bergamo Area
1 Bid
300 €
09/05/2017 11:46
OM MM Band Saw
Sant Arcangelo…
3 Bids
240 €
Band saw feeding system
Marcallo con C…
1 Bid
80 €
11/05/2017 12:29


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Band saws for industrial purposes


  1. Explanation of the term "band saw"
  2. Where band saws are used
  3. The structure of a band saw
  4. Characteristics of using a band saw
  5. Performance criteria of a band saw
  6. Overview of the manufacturers of band saws
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Explanation of the term "band saw"

A band saw is a machine tool used for sawing a work piece using a welded continuous band saw blade made out of hardened steel. Band saws are mainly stationary machines. There are also electric hand-held band saws and smaller bench band saws available on the market, which are commonly used in carpentry workshops. The band saw blade is guided over two deflection rollers, making it possible to have a continuous cut. Band saws can saw a wide spectrum of different materials. This includes solid wood, wood work pieces, metal, plastic and even concrete. However, these saws are mainly used for woodworking.
  • Machine tools used to saw work pieces
  • Used on wood, metal, plastic and concrete
  • Used in small workshops and in large-scale production facilities
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Areas of application for band saws

The band saw is used in small workshops, as well as for the processing of large, solid wood and for furniture production. The band saw is characterised by its high level of productivity; it's continuous band allows for an uninterrupted cut. Normally, work pieces are cut vertically, but there are also machines that work with horizontally positioned saw bands.

The structure of a band saw

The principle structure of a band saw has been around since the 19th century. There are deflection rollers on the top and bottom of the machine, which are covered by two closed hoods. A saw band is guided over, and powered by, these rollers. It is only possible to access the area to be cut, which is to prevent workers coming in contact with the band. This area also determines the height of the work piece, which is positioned on the machine table with stops.

PEHAKA Band Saw in use

Characteristics of using a band saw

A characteristic of a band saw is that the feed rollers are on the machine table, and they are built to be more robust. A sliding table is used in some constructions, which eases the guiding of the workpiece towards the saw blade. A further addition to the machine table is the mitre fence, which can also create angled cuts. A titled table allows the work piece to be cut diagonally.

Another important aspect of a band saw is choosing a saw band with the right level of strength. This really influences the durability of the band because if a band with the wrong dimensions is used, then it can break very easily. A basic rule is that the band's strength should equal 1/1000 the diameter of the deflection roller. For example, with a roller diameter of 500 mm, the strength of the band should be 0.5 mm.

Performance criteria of a band saw

Important parameters for the performance criteria of a band saw includes the cutting speed, the feed and the positioning of the teeth. The efficiency of a band saw is mainly gauged by its separation speed. The optimal cut is determined by the perfectly coordinated relationship between cutting speed and the feed. A coated saw band can be used if a cooling lubricant is used during the sawing process.

Overview of the manufacturers of band saws

A range of manufacturers have specialised themselves in producing band saws. These include ACM, FELDER, HEMA, MAKA, PANHANS, METABO, MAFELL, KIRCHNER, BAEUERLE and MEBER.

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