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Bed-type Milling Machines

Milling machines for heavy workpieces – CNC & conventional 3 Items
CORREA A-20/40 Bed-Type Milling Machine Bed Type Milling Machines
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Top lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 100 x 100 x 100 mm
Year of manufacture 1985
Weight approx. 11,500 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Saffig, loaded on truck
Saffig Germany, 56648 Saffig
19/10/2022 10:10
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5,000 €
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AB SAJO VBF 450 bed-type milling machine
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AB SAJO VBF 450 bed-type milling machine Bed Type Milling Machines
Top lot
Top lot
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 4,500 x 3,200 x 2,700 mm
Year of manufacture 1979
Weight approx. 7,000 kg
Item available from Immediately
Delivery terms FCA Rieden, loaded on truck
Rieden Germany, 87668 Rieden
20/10/2022 12:19
1 Bid
4,000 €
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 2,050 x 1,650 x 2,700 mm
Year of manufacture 2017
Weight approx. 3,000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Ostrava, loaded on truck
Ostrava Czech Republic, 702 00 Ostrava
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The trademark of the bed type milling machine is the stable machine bed. While knee type milling machines tend to tip over, bed type milling machines can process even heavy workpieces with high precision. The application range of a bed type milling machine depends on the number of machining axes, the tool holder and tools mounted on the milling head. Depending on the spindle type, there are horizontal, vertical and universal machines, all of which can be conventional or CNC-controlled (e.g. HEIDENHAIN TNC/iTNC). Surplex offers used powerful bed type milling machines from SORALUCE, ZAYER, ANAYAK, CORREA HVM, and more!

A bed-type milling machine is generally made out of a stable, generally low-vibration machine bed, upon which the workpiece is placed. A variety of clamping methods is used for the workpiece, including a clamping slot and a clamping claw, and the corresponding screws. The clamping device of a bed milling machine can be mechanic, hydraulic, electric or implemented using compressed air. This kinds of milling machines allows large and heavy workpieces to be processed without a risk of tipping, as opposed to the quick clamping devices. For the most part, the machine bed serves as the machine table at the same time, thus ensuring a low-vibration process and increasing the durability of the cutting edge. Additionally, a bed-type milling machine contains one or two machine stands that store the tool units. This means that components can be processed per clamping. Bed-type milling machines are available as horizontal, vertical or universal milling machines.

  • Available as horizontal, vertical and universal milling machines
  • The processing centre ensures a low-vibration machine bed
  • Processing of bigger and heavier machine casings and parts
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Bed mills have been used since the beginning of the industrialisation. Even today, numerous companies offer conventional designs of this versatile metalworking machine. Nevertheless, advances in technology have brought forward a range of variations that, for example, feature a mobile machine table and can be used with modern steering, as is the case with a CNC bed milling machine. Work tool heads containing several machining tools are currently considered to be a standard, in order to effectively process the workpiece.

MTE Bed-type milling machine in use

Nowadays, a CNC bed-type universal milling machine is used in most industrial sectors. Contrary to horizontal or vertical bed milling machines, it can process workpieces in all directions. Using two-machine stands means that time is saved per clamping when processing very long workpieces. Most work tools with interchangeable heads are mounted on the two machine stands that power the rotation of the milling work tool. One particularity of bed-type milling machines with two-machine stands is that they require the collision detection. With a CNC bed milling machine, the programming of the machine allows for automatic shut down and axel drive in the collision area. This CNC bed-type milling machine is commonly used for the industrial manufacturing of big and heavy machine casings and parts. A variety of tasks can be undertaken using a CNC bed mill, like the manufacturing of plane surfaces or bearing seats, as well as the general processing of outer contours.

There is a wide range of bed-type milling machines available on the European market. German manufacturers (for example, MAHO, RECKERMANN, SCHELLER and BERLETT) offer a variety of universal bed mills. Internationally, there is a large supply of new and used bed-type milling machines.

The Swiss company REIDEN is worth mentioning and a notable brand from France is HURON. Many of these machines are CNC bed mills with steering devices, available from SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN or FANUC.

A used bed-type milling machine made by some of the above-mentioned brands can often be found in good condition on our website, while we also occasionally offer second-hand bed-type milling machines in our industrial auctions, at a competitive price.

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