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SPÄNEX SHB 250 K1 Briquetting Machine
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  1. Briquetting in industry
  2. Areas of application for briquetting
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of briquetting machines
Used briquetting machines

Briquetting in industry

Everywhere where raw materials like chippings, dust or polystyrene waste is found, it is economical to compact these materials into a transportable form using a briquetting press. Specific materials like wood can be transformed into briquettes, which are then used for heating. Excess steel from machining processes can be transformed into briquettes and then used again. Pressing these materials into the smallest size possible reduces the amount of transportation capacity required.
  • Presses waste material into compact and transportable forms
  • Can also be used for other materials
  • The extrusion press process is commonly used
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Briquetting machines are usually hydraulically operated. This makes it possible to produce large amounts of power, in order to achieve the right level of compression. Various peripheral devices for feeding and briquette transportation are regularly integrated. Special chutes are also integrated within these machines. A briquetting machine is made out of a stable frame, which contains all the components, such as the press and the press hydraulic. Briquetting is undertaken with mobile or stationary machines, depending on the desired application. Various processes are commonly used for briquetting. The most common form is the extrusion press process. Pellets are produced using a special tool head and a parallel press channel.
Detail of a used briquetting machine
A further process is the roller press process. This is mainly used for the manufacturing of egg-shaped briquettes. A third common process is the press chamber process, where stackable briquettes are produced. This process requires cooling and is not as effective as the other two processes. Briquetting is used to process waste material into secondary raw material in briquette form. In addition to volume reduction, the storage and transport of briquettes is possible.

Areas of application for briquetting

Briquetting is used in industry for all non-ferrous metals, wood, paper and biomass, steel and cast iron, dust, grinding debris, organic waste like wool and hay, chippings or sawdust with cooling lubricant and other materials. There are machines available that can work fully automatically. Briquetting is widely used in the woodworking industry. Here it is possible to use chippings that result from sawing or planing processes to produce energy. Wood pellets now have a large customer base and are a type of ecologic and affordable method of heating. Special ovens that contain a fully automatic combustion chamber can work maintenance-free for up to one year. The pellet quality is standardised and this can provide a plant with an additional income stream just by using their waste.

Used briquette pressing plant

Brand names and manufacturers of briquetting machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of briquetting machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include METSO, TOMRA, RUF, HÖCKER, ADELMANN, LANNER ANLAGENBAU, BUTECH, STRAUTMANN, WEIMA, GROSS, REINBOLD, ATM, MHG, LUWA, ZERMA, BORNEMANN, DHB, LANNER, EUROPRESS, FAUDI, ALS, BALDUF, HEGER, and IPE.
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