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Robust machines for manufacturing briquettes & pellets
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Co.MA.FER IDRA 100 Briquette Machine
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ECOCUT-TECH ECP3-L1 Briquetting Machine for Metal and Aluminum Shavings
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Briquetting presses and pellet presses differ technically, but lead to the same result: wood waste (chips and so on) can be better stored, transported and used as heating material after compaction. During the briquetting process, wood briquettes are produced, whereby each briquette - unlike pellets - has a diameter of at least 25 mm. Briquetting presses work using the piston extrusion principle, while pellet presses force the material through a die. Surplex offers used briquetting machines such as WEIMA, COMAFER or SCHUKO as well as other used machinery.


Briquetting machines are very important for large-scale manufacturers that have a lot of waste to dispose of on a regular basis. A briquettes machine turns waste material such as chippings, dust and polystyrene into equal-sized briquettes that are easy to store. In many cases, companies can sell their briquettes to generate extra revenue. For businesses that produce a huge amount of waste, these machines provide a cost-effective solution for storage, transport and disposal.

  • Presses waste material into compact and transportable forms
  • Can also be used for other materials
  • The extrusion press process is commonly used
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A quality briquette press is capable of processing a range of metals, including steel, copper and cast iron. A hydraulic briquette press can press metal chippings into blocks that are far easier and safer to store. A wood briquette machine performs the process in a similar way, and can create briquettes that are suitable for use as biofuels.

An industrial briquetting machine is usually powered by a hydraulic system. Larger manufacturers will usually add a range of additional equipment to a briquetting machine in order to make the entire process of processing sawdust and wood chippings more efficient. Devices for feeding and transportation can cut labour costs and increase productivity substantially.

The average briquette press is located inside a stable frame, which contains the press and the hydraulics needed to apply the necessary pressure. Briquetting presses are available in stationary and mobile designs, depending on the specific type of wood briquettes and pellets being produced.

There are several different ways of processing waste material using briquetting equipment. Egg-shaped briquettes are made through the roller pressing process, and stackable briquettes are made using the press chamber process. The most common method used, however, is extrusion pressing. Extreme heat is applied to waste wood, which causes the release of a natural glue called lignin, which binds chippings and sawdust together. A quality briquetting press can then compact the material to around 10 percent of its original volume.

Any large-scale manufacturer that produces a significant amount of waste metal, wood, paper or biological material can use a briquetting system to make waste management easier, safer and cheaper. Everything from hay to sawdust can be compacted using a hydraulic briquetting machine. This method of processing waste can significantly reduce a business' cost base, which makes the purchase of briquetting presses a cost-effective endeavour. There is a further opportunity to reduce costs through the purchase of a used briquetting machine.

Briquetting presses are used widely in metalworking and woodworking. Manufacturers that use significant amounts of wood have a unique opportunity to make extra money from the waste they produce. The chippings and sawdust that was once simply discarded can now be pressed into pellets and used as fuel for fires, stoves and boilers. This is an ecologically sound way to heat homes and commercial premises, which is why an increasing number of manufacturers are investing in a used briquette press.

If your company produces a significant amount of waste, the cost of managing it could be harming your bottom line. Investing in a briquetting machine not only makes the management of waste more economical, it introduces another revenue stream into your business. Purchasing a used briquetting machine will give you all the same benefits for a fraction of the price of a new model.

At Surplex, we are often sourcing machinery from some of the most respected briquetting machine manufacturers in the World, including METSO, TOMRA, RUF, ADELMANN, LANNER, BUTECH and STRAUTMANN. By purchasing used machinery at a auction, you can cut your capital expenditure considerably. If we don't have exactly what you're looking for right now, keep coming back, as we're always finding used metalworking equipment from trustworthy sources.