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Carcase Presses

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Definition: Carcase Presses

A carcase press quickly and efficiently joins the load-bearing and pre-glued parts of a piece of furniture together. The unit is fed to the machine manually or automatically. Then the workpiece is fixed with clamping elements and finally pressed exactly to mitre. Depending on the type, the pressure is generated either by an electric motor, pneumatically or hydraulically. Carcase presses are available as compact machines for manual furniture production up to fully automatic industrial machines. Large and small carcass presses can be bought as used at Surplex. With a little luck also some recent model!



  1. What is a "carcase press"?
  2. How does a carcase press work?
  3. Working with a carcase press
  4. Design of a carcase press
  5. Tips for buying a carcase press
  6. Providers of carcase presses
Used carcase press front view structure Front view of carcase press

What is a "carcase press"?

A carcase press is used during the manufacturing of furniture. The separate elements of a piece of furniture can be glued together into one unit using this machine. They are particularly useful when used on individual pieces of furniture. Carcase presses are above all good at aiding in the production of high-end cupboards, shelves and chests of drawers.

  • A carcase press is used during the manufacturing of furniture
  • The mechanically powered carcase press is the simplest design
  • These are best used in carpentry
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How does a carcase press work?

A carcase press contains a massive frame that can be adjusted in a variety of ways to fit the measurements of the piece of furniture. This ensures that the edges and corners of the wood are not damaged. The use of a carcase press can ensure that the pieces of furniture are perpendicular. First one must align the machine, secondly put in the glued furniture body, and then pressure is placed upon the glued area by the carcase press using either a pressure cylinder, spindles or levers. Once adjusted, the carcase press can also be used for mass production. Collapsible furniture that needs to be self-constructed would not need a carcase press to be manufactured. However, they are much more unstable and do not last as long as furniture that has been built with a carcase press.

LIGMATECH Carcase press in use

Working with a carcase press

Because a carcase press is normally used for high-end furniture, it is important to have the necessary training before working with this machine. A carcase press is simply designed, but it can produce a very high amount of pressure. Depending on the value of the wood, if the machine is used incorrectly, damages to the piece of furniture could quickly occur. There is also a crushing hazard associated with this work. The equipment that comes with the carcase press also requires several safety considerations. Depending on the dimension and weight of the furniture, help of equipment such as a crane or a lifting table, could be necessary.

Design of a carcase press

The mechanically powered carcase press is the simplest design. These are best used in carpentry, where bespoke furniture is produced according to the customer's wishes. The most technically sophisticated carcase presses are electrically powered and geared towards mass production, by being part of a production line. These machines only work efficiently when under continuous operation and therefore, they are able to be used to efficiently to produce large batches of furniture.

Used carcase press detailed view of press unit

Tips for buying a carcase press

One should take note of a few things when considering buying a used carcase press. The frame should not be distorted and it should still contain full perpendicularity. The clamp and the corresponding guides should not have any visible damage and should be standing at right angles in relation to one another. By hydraulically operated presses, there should be no oil leaks. Mechanically operated presses should be easy to maneuver without any audible or noticeable trouble.

Providers of carcase presses

Established providers of carcase presses are: HESS, KUPER, LIGMATECH, COMIL, HOFFMEISTER und GANNER

Used carcase press general view of supply control unit

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