Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry 3

Used machines for separating & mixing substances
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FAMARTEC RM250 Blister Packaging Machine
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FAMARTEC RM250 Blister Packaging Machine
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OMAR BF50 PLUS Blister Packaging Machine

The products manufactured in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries could not be more different from one another. They range from auxiliary materials such as lubricating oil or cleaning agents to highly effective medication and other medical products. The diversity of these products mean that there are a large choice of machines, with which they are produced.
  • Very comprehensive range of chemical and pharmaceutical products
  • Focussed on the accurate mixing of raw materials
  • Cleanliness is an essential criterion of production
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The chemical and pharmaceutical company is all about the precise mixing and processing of raw materials. It doesn’t matter whether the final product is a solid, liquid or gas, but the two most important characteristics of production process is cleanliness and precision. The machines and equipment used in this industry are all very high quality. The machines belong to the category of specialised technology: autoclave, melting machines, mixers, table presses, drying ovens, granulators, detectors, laboratory equipment, dryers, evaporators and centrifuges. This list only encompasses some of the machines used in this industry.

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Chemistry is mainly about separating and mixing materials. Separating is done in a centrifuge, where materials are put into a container and spun around at very high speeds. The individual substances then separate within the container in relation to their mass, which is how they are separated. The precise mixing of substances is done mainly with dosing systems and mixers. These are made out of several tanks and pumps, within which the substances are mixed together with extremely high levels of precision. The market for machines used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is under high pressure to be as innovative as possible. Machines change very quickly over generations and are constantly upgraded in terms of their efficiency, power and ability. Additionally, it is important that an inspection and cleaning process is done before working with a used machine. It is also necessary that a comprehensive document outlining the tasks formerly undertaken by the machine is available. It is particularly useful to find out, whether there are manufacturer specifications for the further use of a second-hand machine. Generally, many pieces of equipment have to be replaced due to health and safety reasons, for example, seals. With the necessary technical knowledge, a used machine can be transformed into a fully functioning machine.

The world of chemistry is generally only suited for workers who have the relevant training and qualifications. The handling of all kinds of chemicals should only be done with specialist understanding and knowledge of the risks and safety regulations. Depending on the requirements of individual work spaces, basic in-house training could suffice. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry world offers a wealth of training and continuing education opportunities, so that untrained workers can further develop themselves as chemical technicians or laboratory assistants.

Leading manufacturers of machines for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are NETZSCH, DEUTSCH, ETW, BOHLE, JOHNSON, BAUSCH+STRÖBEL, HERBST and HEIDOLPH