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Reliable wood chipping for use in industry & craft 1 Item
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BIALBERO Shredder Chippers
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,500 x 1,000 x 1,500 mm
Year of manufacture unknown
Weight approx. 1,000 kg
Item available from By appointment
Delivery terms FCA Zona Industriale di Calcinato, loaded on truck
Security deposit Credit card required
Zona Industriale di Calcinato Italy, 25011 Zona Industriale di Calcinato
12/11/2021 11:07
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Definition: Chippers

Whether solid wood or sawmill waste, nothing can resist the sharp knives of a chipper - also called wood chippers or wood shredder. In the wood industry, there is always residual wood that has to be shredded for disposal or recycling. Other industrial sectors also use shredders, which shred rock, plastic waste, refrigerators, electronic scrap, etc. according to the same principle - and the list could be continued at will. Used chippers, e.g. from Vemac, Jenz, Eschlböck or Heizohack, can be found at Surplex - even the recent models with few operating hours!



  1. Chippers in the woodworking industry and other branches of industry
  2. Areas of application and examples of chippers
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of chippers
Used chipper 01

Chippers in the woodworking industry and other branches of industry

Chippers are used in all sectors where materials need to be chopped. These machines can be found in the wood, mining and recycling industries. Various materials can be processed using these machines. In the woodworking industry, they are most commonly used to break up waste wood, which cannot be used for other products. The chopped-up finished product can then be further processed.
  • Used in all sectors to chop up material
  • Mainly used in the wood, mining and recycling industries
  • Allows for recovery and processing of "waste" material
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized In the mining industry chippers are used to break up stones, in order to send them for further processing or use them directly. Similar machines are also used for the construction of roads, in order to break up old broken surfaces so they can be reinstalled as a new base layer. This process saves on transportation, because transportable chippers are now available, which can recycle the waste material on site. However, the full capacity of chippers has not yet been realised. The plastic processing industry uses chippers to produce granulate. This granulate is then processed into a new finished product by using warmth and high pressure.

Used chipper 02 In laboratories, chippers are used like ball mills. In the mining sector and the manufacturing field of construction materials, high-quality cone crushers and high-pressure mills and grinding rollers are used. These are implemented, for example, for the production of cement and limestone. Special grain mills (considered a type of chipper) are used in the food industry. A hammer mill is used to selectively separate course and rough material. Tough materials can be made into pebbles using a hammer mill. The hammer mill is commonly implemented in recycling plants due to its high efficiency. Chippers contain a stable, enclosed frame, within which the chopping tool or mill is found. Chippers are operated by a powerful electric motor, which is coupled with a gear to provide the necessary torque. The tools are interchangeable, which is important because they are subject to wear and tear.

Used chipper 03

Areas of application and examples of chippers

Under the category of mobile devices in recycling technology, the metal shredder is of great help. Eccentric discs and a shredding rotor with a pre-stressed perforated basket allow final grains to be produced with high levels of precision. Additionally, magnetic drums are used to separate ferrous from non-ferrous materials. This highly effective chipper uses less energy than the conventional large shredding machines. The tools on these machines have a very long life. Special recycling machines, which are based on the design of a chipper, are used in industry in a variety of settings. Special machines are available for the recycling of metal, refrigerators, old tyres, rubbish, cardboard and paper.

Brand names and manufacturers of chippers

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of chippers. Some of the most recommended suppliers include RETSCH, SANDVIK MINING, WEIR MINERALS, HOSOKAWA ALPINE, ILLIG, BRABENDER, METSO, BEUMER, DREHER, DÖPIK, GERHARD DÜCKER, ZENO ZERKLEINERUNGSMASCHINENBAU, MERCODOR, DHB, SMB and REINBOLD.

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