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ZIPPEL Rema-K1 13000 2 LB Cleaning Machine
on request
ZIPPEL REMA-K 1-300-2 LB-SO Cleaning System
on request
ARAU 2-R/S/TV-800 Cleaning System
0 Bids
5,500 €
19/12/2018 10:57
ITS Vario Cleaner 1250-1 cleaning system
Monheim am Rhein
4 Bids
1,000 €
19/12/2018 11:27


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  1. Cleaning machines belong to every type of production
  2. Types of cleaning machines
  3. Suppliers of cleaning machines
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Cleaning machines belong to every type of production

Cleaning machines are steps within the industrial production process, where products and pre-products are cleaned. This is particularly necessary when operating cutting machines or oily work processes. Cleaning machines are generally used before coating, where for example, paint lines are added. In order to ensure a consistently high quality of packaging and coating processes, workpieces need to be cleaned beforehand.

Types of cleaning machines

  • There is a large variety of industrial cleaning machines available
  • They are extremely practical
  • They belong to every type of production
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There is a large variety of industrial cleaning machines available. At cleaning stations, circular cleaning machines for incredibly dirty workpieces have been introduced, which allow for manual cleaning. When using these handheld machines, the workpiece is placed in a basin and supplied with a cycle of cleaning agent. The cleaning agent flows directly through the hand guided brush and after the cleaning process, flows through a filter. These extremely practical stages are increasingly being used in all industrial sectors. In the production chain there are a large amount of constructive approaches being adopted, that are all very different from one another. Drum screens used for small pieces are a good tool for fragile products. Basket systems are used for products that are heavy, unwieldy and susceptible to scratches. This applies to all types of mechanical components such as waves or gearwheels. For this, the products are individually placed into fitted baskets to be taken through the cleaning process.

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For the construction of heaters and generators, chain systems are used and for every workpiece they are individually put through a rinsing and cleaning machine. The chain led cleaning system is often used as the primary step of powder coating machines. The problem with cleaning machines is the high levels of cleaning materials used, as they can rarely be recycled. Therefore, the disposal of these materials has a high cost factor. The companies VIBRO-TEC from Unna have dedicated their operations to dealing with this special problem. The cleaning machines of these companies are mainly mechanically operated. Workpieces are cleaned by using strong vibrations to get rid of the dirt particles. The remaining dirt is then removed using the standard industrial cooling lubricant. The use of chemical cleaning materials can be avoided using this vibration process. The cleaning process used in the field of food containers and mechanical products is especially complex. The full process of removing adhesives that result from industrial processes requires sterilisation.

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Sterilisation machines are therefore first class industrial cleaning machines. Even for this process, there is a large variety of approaches. Common sterilisation processes used in Germany include UV-radiation and superheated steam. In the food industry, it is illegal to use hard, radioactive rays. However, in England this process is very commonly used.

Suppliers of cleaning machines

The company HOBART has established itself as the supplier of cleaning machines for food packaging and industrial products. Other suppliers include WALTER CLEANING SYSTEMS, BRITSCH ANLGAGENTECHNIK and GLOGAR UMWELTTECHNIK GmbH.

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