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Belt conveyor belts and other conveyor systems for material flow

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  1. The conveyor belt in industrial production
  2. History and background of conveyor belts
  3. Areas of application and examples of conveyor belts
  4. Brands and manufacturers of conveyor belts
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The conveyor belt in industrial production

Conveyor belts and processing belts are commonly used in industry to provide a good flow of materials. This allows for efficient production processes. Conveyor belts are mainly used to transport bulky goods such as cargo, but can also be used for individual products. A conveyor belt is made out of a basic body, which is usually a welded construction. The track and guiding rollers, which hold the conveyor belt, are located within this body.

  • Provides a good flow of materials
  • Movement of cargo and individual parts
  • Widely used in a all commercial sectors
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There is usually a rubber protector placed on the sides to protect from its sharp edges. These are usually electrically powered and they can be manually or automatically controlled. Some of the most important characteristics of conveyor belts are that they: are dimensionally stable; have minimal operational noise; are flexible in the longitudinal direction and rigid in the transverse direction; are very light; have good wear and tear resistance; and are inflammable. Polyester fabric with varying elastomer or plastic coating is commonly used. Certain processes require special mechanical, chemical and physical characteristics. Powerful conveyor belts are currently indispensable during production. The structure of the belts depends on their use. Anti-slip and textured coatings are commonly used.

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History and background of conveyor belts

Since there has been cargo, conveyor belts have been used. The first models were still mechanically operated. Modern conveyor belts are usually electrically operated. The growing industrialisation made it necessary that many sectors of the automatic processing industry contain conveyor belts. Conveyor belts are usually built specially for each application.

Areas of application and examples of conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are commonly used in the food industry, logistics, tobacco industry, textile industry, paper industry, letter distribution, sorting of packages and in industrial production. Conveyor belts are also used in the automobile industry, tyre industry, machine building, energy industry and metalworking.

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The most common example is metalworking when using presses and reforming techniques. Complex sheet metal structures allow conveyor belts to be installed into the press line, in order to transport away the finished sheet metal. They are usually also responsible for the route between the transport belt feeder or robot and the press system.

Brands and manufacturers of conveyor belts

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of conveyor belts. Some of the most recommended suppliers include STEINBACH, BERNDORF BAND, DOUBRAVA, POLYTETRA, ALPHAMATIC, LUTZE, AXMANN, ALATEX, BANDTEX, BIENEFELD, AFS.

Used conveyor belts from those and further manufacturers can mostly be found in our numerous industrial auctions. As our machine offer is constantly updated we recommend visiting our used machinery platform regularly to not miss any interesting offers. For further assistance do not hesitate to contact the Surplex Customer Care at any time. They will always be glad to answer your questions.

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