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Cylindrical grinders are subdivided into internal and external cylindrical grinders. The combination of both is known as universal cylindrical grinder. They are used for the abrasive machining of cylindrical pieces. A cylindrical grinder consists of, amongst others, a workpiece spindle, a wheel spindle and in most cases a tailstock too. In common external grinding machines, the workpiece is fixed between the centres. However, there are also centreless grinding machines. Internal grinding machines are used when the workpiece has bores or an internal cylindrical surface. In modern CNC universal cylindrical grinders "noncircular" grinding is also possible. At Surplex you will find used cylindrical grinders with different distances between centres, centre heights, grinding lengths and grinding diameters!

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JONES & SHIPMAN 1300 X /1000 Cylindrical Grinding Machine
03/04/2019 10:17
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SCHMALTZ R.4/3000 External Cylindrical Grinding Machine
03/04/2019 14:13
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WMW SA 5 U X 1000 External Cylindrical Grinding Machine
03/04/2019 14:14
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WMW SI 4/1 Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machine
03/04/2019 14:04
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BUDERUS CNC 245 Cylindrical Grinder
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KELLENBERGER R 200 x 1500 External Cylindrical Grinding Machine
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02/04/2019 14:15
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LANDIS 4R 179-3 Cylindrical Grinder
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28/03/2019 12:16
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KOLB PDJ SBSR 1878 Rotary Table Surface Grinding Machine
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BAHMÜLLER ASP 650 CNC R External Cylindrical Grinding Machine
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02/04/2019 14:14
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BELING & LÜBKE SU Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine
27/03/2019 14:59
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  1. Design and method of operation of a cylindrical grinder
  2. Development of cylindrical grinding machines
  3. Fields of applications for cylindrical grinding machines
  4. Overview of cylindrical grinding machine manufacturers
Used cylindrical grinding machine - working area

Design and method of operation of a cylindrical grinder

Cylindrical grinders are divided into two types: internal cylindrical grinding machines and external cylindrical grinders. The two types can also be combined to form a universal cylindrical grinding machine or CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine. Cylindrical grinders are used to manufacture cylindrical-shaped workpieces in industrial settings. With external grinders, the workpiece is clamped between tips and propelled by a flanged sleeve. The tips are located in the seats of the headstock and tailstock. For pins and fully cylindrical parts, centreless grinding is also possible. This involves laying the workpiece onto a support or guidance rail, which is only a few tenths of a millimetre away from the grinding disc.

  • Divided into internal and external cylindrical grinders
  • Can be combined to form a universal grinding machine
  • Finishing of cylindrical workpieces
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The grinding disc presses the workpiece onto the support through its rotary movement and simultaneously rotates the workpiece. If bore holes or other cylindrical interior surfaces are being finished, the internal grinding machine comes into play. These devices possess a swivelling grinding head and cylindrical abrasive bodies. These abrasive elements are smaller than the hole being finished and are powered at high speed.

Development of cylindrical grinding machines

Cylindrical grinding machines were developed to perform the tasks which turning machines were incapable of performing.

Cylindrical grinding machine KOLB in operation

These primarily involve the processing of hardened materials in accuracy ranges of 1/1000 mm. Older machines were operated manually and only external grinders were automated for feeding and laterally moving the table. Nowadays, modern cylindrical grinders feature CNC controls, which enables highly precise, cost-effective work and are thus also termed ‘CNC cylindrical grinding machines’.

Fields of applications for cylindrical grinding machines

Cylindrical grinding machines are used to finish workpieces whose surfaces must be precise and evenly sanded. Even hardened materials can be finished with ease using these machines. Cylindrical grinding can also be used whenever a lathe is reaching its limits. These machines are used for producing individual items and industrial-scale serial manufacture. Cylindrical grinders are used wherever there is construction of machinery, plants and tools. One possible application is the machining of circular punches for cutting tools. These circular punches are made from hardened tool steel and must feature an exact length and precise circular dimensions, which is difficult to achieve cost-effectively using a lathe. Used cylindrical grinding machine prices are often greatly lower than that of new devices.

Used cylindrical grinding machine in a factory

Overview of cylindrical grinding machine manufacturers

A selection of companies have focussed on manufacturing cylindrical grinders. These particularly include the following recommended cylindrical grinding machine suppliers: ABA, DANOBAT, KARSTENS, MSO, STUDER, SCHAUDT, WMW, and TOS and other conventional or CNC cylindrical grinding machine manufacturers. Used cylindrical grinders for sale from these and further prestigious manufacturers can frequently be found on at attractive prices. We have a continually expanding range of CNC cylindrical grinders for sale in our numerous online auctions. So, if the used cylindrical grinder you wish to buy is currently unavailable, visit the website again to see whether it is now available. You can also contact Surplex Customer Care, there is a skilled team on hand and they will gladly answer your queries and clarify any issues.