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IXION TL 600 SVA 900 Deep hole drilling machine
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SAMAG TFZ2-1000 Deep Drilling Milling Center
LOCH TB 4-52-2000 CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine
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WOHLENBERG B1000 (TLB) CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine
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Deep hole drilling primarily takes place in the manufacturing, construction and mining industries. A deep hole drilling machine drills very deep holes into metal or the ground with the use of a large metal tool. Where most potential uses for a deep hole boring machine are concerned, the need for accuracy is of paramount importance. Not only does the drillbit need to maintain a straight path, the cross-section being used must be precise and consistent.

  • It is made out of a drilling machine and a clamping device
  • It consists of a metal piece of machinery drilling very deep into the ground
  • Large variety of uses
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Deep hole drilling is often a very complex process. There can be several different substances to break through, which means accuracy, quality equipment and planning are all essential. The same level of accuracy is required from a gun drilling machine, which is used to drill large holes into metal. Gun drilling involves a fluted solid rod with a hole that runs through the centre. It differs from standard deep hole drilling because coolants are injected through the tool, instead of around it.

Deep hole drilling machines consist of a clamping device and a drilling machine. As the process of drilling usually takes place horizontally, a great deal of space is required. A drilling mill is fitted with a tool to cut very precise holes, and in modern machines, a CNC control centre guides it with exceptional levels of accuracy.

CHALEASSIERE Deep hole drilling machine in operation

After a standard drill reaches a certain depth, chippings start to emerge from the entry point - carried up the tools spiralled shaft. But when drills are reaching significant depths, these chippings can accumulate and cause blockages.

To tackle the problem of blockages caused during deep hole drilling, manufacturers developed "single lip" deep hole drilling machines. Instead of featuring a spiral design, they have a channel that runs along the entire length of the deep hole drilling machine. During the drilling process, coolants are forced down the channel under pressure. These lubricating coolants push the chippings up to the surface, where they can be removed as drilling continues. Unlike drilling with lathes, deep hole drilling machines require large facilities for the storage and filtration of coolants and lubricants.

The addition of specialist tools can make deep hole drilling machines more versatile. For instance, different configurations can be created to incorporate a thread or a finely polished surface. Companies in the automotive, aeronautical and marine engineering industries often rely heavily on deep drilling machines. They are often used for drilling drainage canals and cooling channels in big engine blocks and generators.

Smaller companies making relatively modest component parts often turn to a used gun drilling machine in order to keep costs down. But there is another advantage to buying a used deep hole drilling machine. By purchasing a unit that has been delivering accuracy, speed and efficiency for several years, you can be reasonably sure that you're getting equipment that is already calibrated for success. There is a chance that a deep hole drilling machine might require calibration and a degree of tweaking before it can start performing efficiently.

Whether you are the managing director of a large-scale manufacturer looking for a CNC deep hole drilling machine or a small local operator in search of something more basic, you can save money by purchasing used machinery at a significant discount. is an online auction house that is continually sourcing used metalworking and woodworking machinery from companies going into liquidation or upgrading their production lines. In the past, we have sold used deep hole drilling machines made by some of the World's most respected manufacturers, including BOEHRINGER, IXION, SUHNER, DEGEN and KRAMATORSK. While we may not have the ideal deep drilling machine for sale today, there is a reasonable chance that one will become available in the near future. To be sure you're the first to know of our next sale, sign up to the Surplex newsletter.