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  1. What does a "die casting machine" do?
  2. How does a die casting machine work?
  3. Who supplies die casting machines?
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What does a "die casting machine" do?

Die casting machines are used for the efficient mass production of metal products. The die casting technique is known for being quick and direct. The advantage of the die casting process is that the product can be manufactured in only two steps. From liquid metal up to the end product, there is only a transport and a production step necessary. This means that it is a particularly efficient process, especially in relation to products made from steel, which first have to be cast, ground, cut and stamped before they can be reformed. The disadvantages are the restricted mechanical capacity and the restricted choice of materials that can be processed with die casting.
  • They are used for the efficient mass production of metal products
  • The die casting technique is known for being quick and direct
  • Aluminium pans are usually manufactured using die casting
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Only materials with a low melting point can be used, otherwise a permanent mould out of steel cannot be onset. Products typically processed through die casting are components of machines and motors, toys and kitchen tools. Aluminium pans are usually manufactured using die casting. Due to the high melting point of steel, it cannot be processed using die casting.

How does a die casting machine work?

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One has to decide between hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting. During both processes, a liquid material is injected into a permanent steel mould. After the hardening, the mould separates and the finished product can be taken out. During hot-chamber die casting the melting chamber component of the machine is particularly close to the die casting tool. The advantage of hot-chamber die casting machines is their very high clock speed, productivity and efficiency. A disadvantage of the hot-chamber die casting process is the high strain that the mechanical components, which are in contact with the melting, are under. This leads to high levels of wear and tear. The hot-chamber die casting machines get very hot and should be shielded when in operation.
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Cold-chamber die casting machines are separated between refining production and die casting units. They do not heat up to the extent that hot-chamber die casting machines do, and do not have the equivalently high production rate.

Die casting products have high levels of dimensional accuracy and even surfaces. Because of their fine-grained inner structure and the material used, they are not set up to withstand highly static or dynamic power. An exception to this is the production of aluminium wheels. Through special designs and the strength of thick-walled material, they can take up the cross and shear force through acceleration and cornering. Mechanical pressure die casting is still treated afterwards, to increase their mechanical properties.

Generally, both machines work fully automatically. Assistants can only be hired for the transportation of full containers containing the end product, and for the preparation of empty containers. But workers should be briefed about the safety requirements before working in the vicinity of a die casting machine, even when conducting these simple tasks. The maintenance of die casting machines should only be conducted by specialists

Who supplies die casting machines?

Well-known providers of die casting machines are OSKAR FRECH, COLOSIO and BÜHLER AG.

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